Jamie Carragher says the writing is on the wall ahead of £300m Saudi takeover at NUFC

Jamie Carragher believes it is inevitable that Steve Bruce will be shown the door should a Saudi takeover be finalised.

It is widely reported that the Premier League are conducting their ‘fit and proper persons tests’ on our potential new owners, with many fans speculating what a change at the top will mean for Bruce.

Speaking about the potential changes this week, here’s what Carragher’s had to say in his latest appearance Sky Sports‘ Football show:

“I think everyone in football, when something like this happens, feels like the guy who is already there should be given a crack of the whip.

“He has been managing under financial constraints under Mike Ashley, like lots of managers before. I think he has done a really good job under difficult circumstances.

“But if these new owners are coming in with a lot of money, they are very aware of not upsetting the apple cart and changing managers straight away.

“But I think Mark Hughes stayed in the job for about six months at Manchester City and it was inevitable there was going to be a change.

“I don’t think it is unfair on Steve Bruce to say if a manager who has a better CV, or has won the Champions League if that is how high Newcastle are thinking, will eventually come into that job.

“Rather than give the man who is not your man and who is probably not universally loved by the Newcastle fans, rightly or wrongly. If you give him £200-300million in that first summer when you are not committed to him being the man further forward, is he then going to use that money to buy players who you or the next manager think are going to take the club forward?

“You don’t want to be doing that as a new ownership. You don’t want to see managers go but I think any manager, and even Newcastle supporter, know that if a new owner is coming in he may want to bring his own man in.

“I know that will be difficult for Steve Bruce. If they think he is the right man – back him. Massively. If not, it is your club. Make the change. You call the shots.”

The Liverpool legend is saying what everyone is either privately or publicly thinking – that Bruce’s days are numbered should a takeover happen.

Carragher actually urged the Saudis to stick by our gaffer just a few days ago, but he concedes that he will be on borrowed time should Mike Ashley finally decide to cash in and sell up.

What would you like to see happen with Bruce should a Saudi-backed buyout be finalised?

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4 thoughts on “Jamie Carragher says the writing is on the wall ahead of £300m Saudi takeover at NUFC

  1. I’m sorry, but Bwooce is simply NOT UP TO THE TASK. Get him out as soon as possible is my view. I’m sick of watching him standing and scratching his head (literally) on the sidelines wearing a pathetic tracksuit. No tactics, zero attempt at strategic subs, awful to watch. GET RID.


  2. what is the issue here? what’s not to like !!
    Man with no morals
    30% possession football
    30% possession football awful to watch
    zero attraction to top-flight footballers / staff
    Won nowt
    buying track record dismal
    EX SMB
    Yes man to the Round people
    Give him the savings book you’re ❓ ❓ the chosen one Steve nowt to loose


  3. Newcastle were a shambles under Rafa, u talk about possession under Steve Bruce FFS, at least he sets his team out to attack and try and win games.

    How many goals did Miggy score under Rafa? Who ****** Mitrovic off? ? Who plays 5 at the back, home against relegation rivals??? How far did we ever get in the FA Cup before Brucey????

    Your all so deluded and brainwashed by Rafa the snake that Steve Bruce could win the FA Cup and you’d still say he was hopeless.


  4. Give the man a go he’s a geordie and loves the club its the lads dream to manage newcastle .and he’s not doing a bad job under the circumstances


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