BBC reporter says £300m Saudi takeover “will go through” – but hints at ‘strings attached’ deal

Speaking on 5Live breakfast this morning, Dan Roan – the Sports Editor for BBC News – has made some bold claims regarding a £300m Saudi-backed takeover at Newcastle United.

He claims that the deal ‘will go through‘, suggesting there’s no longer any doubts hanging over the buyout, with him expecting it to all be confirmed this week.

Interestingly, he also explains why accusations made against Mohammed Bin Salman are ‘no relevant’ to this takeover bid, insisting that the deal will be approved by the Premier League – even if there ‘maybe be some strings attached’ regarding the unresolved piracy complaints.

Here’s what he’s had to say:

“It should be soon, possibly this week. It will go through. Certainly speak to those close to the consortium and they’re not too concerned.

The PiF have declined to comment but it’s understood their position is that although MBS is chair of the organisation he’s not involved with the day to day running so the accusations against him are not relevant to this bid.

The owners and directors test doesn’t have much to say about character. It refers to unspent convictions. The Saudis will argue they cannot be held responsible for a bootlegging operation of the Qatari broadcasts.

This deal will be allowed through but there may be some strings attached to improve the situation with piracy.

The last line could well explain why there’s been a delay, with this clearly being a complex deal that landed at a complex time as we all try to come to grips with the current global crisis.

Roan then talked about the controversy surrounding the deal after issues relating to sportswashing, human rights and piracy have all flagged up in recent weeks:

“It’s arguably the most controversial takeover in the history of the Premier League.

“It’s highly political so it must be a dilemma for them, especially given the wider crisis they face and one they could do without, you’d assume.

“Not just because of the allegations of sportswashing and the human rights abuses but also because of piracy. There have been concerns about that, plus the fact a Saudi prince already owns Sheffield United – could that be a reason for an exerting of influence over another club?

“Having said all that, the Premier League may just be pleased that a country as wealthy as Saudi Arabia are willing to invest in a club at this time and will be happy to welcome them in. Most Newcastle fans are happy and believe it would be transformative and the consortium would invest in the city and bring in jobs in the way the Qataris have in Manchester.

“Of course it is a headache for the Premier League.”

Some key points highlighted here that we must consider, but all in all another VERY promising piece, with Roan being the latest to all but confirm the deal will finally be announced over the coming week.

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5 thoughts on “BBC reporter says £300m Saudi takeover “will go through” – but hints at ‘strings attached’ deal

  1. I thought it was emiratis who bought man city and thus bought jobs into Manchester. …bbc need to factcheck better. Deal will be announced by Friday as exclusivity period ends by that date.


  2. Questions.
    Why should the takeover be a ‘headache’?
    Why should little Sheffield United take precedence over such a huge club as Newcastle United?
    Why didn’t anyone ‘flag up’ problems with the Sheffield United takeover in the first place?
    Why didn’t anyone ‘flag up’ the various dealings Saudi have had with Manchester United over the last TWELVE years?
    Why do the papers give so much coverage to Kashoggi’s fiancee yet never mention her associations with Bin Laden?
    Why does our Government do so much financial dealing with the Saudis but nothing is said?
    When is someone going to point out that the chairman of Bein Sports is now being accused of fraud in a European court?
    If we stop all dealings with the Saudis what are we going to use for our petrol to drive our cars?
    When are people going to admit that Richard Keys has a blind personal hatred of Newcastle United (why?) when bleating about piracy for Bein Sports who he works for?
    When are all the media going to admit honestly that the problems being put forward to the Premier League about this takeover is not about human rights, piracy etc. but more of a fear of a North East club gatecrashing their beloved ‘top six’?
    Sorry but there’s no headache – only, I hope, the one the Saudis will give to all of the opposition when this finally goes through.


  3. What I find very strange is no one outside of newcastle gave a ****e that Ashley was underpaying workers and breaking laws 24/7 yet now there’s talk of us having a lot of money everyones become an activist….


  4. Awais – according to the well respected and in the know journalist George Caulkin – the exclusivity is ‘irrelevant’.


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