Saudi takeover U-turn suddenly arrives from BeIN Sports’ Richard Keys – Shock…

BeIN Sports’ mouthpiece Richard Keys has backtracked on his belief earlier in the week that our proposed Saudi-backed takeover will be completed today.

Keys originally stated via his personal blog on Monday that he had been told the Premier League would ‘give the nod’ this week to approve the takeover, leading to the whole deal to be finalised on Friday.

This, however, has proven to be more sputter from the beIN sports presenter, who has been a vocal opponent of the takeover.

Here is what Keys said on Twitter, ironically in the early hours at just 00:12am!

Incase you’re wondering, here’s what Keys said earlier this week:

“Any day now the PL will nod through the Saudi bid for Newcastle.

“This is not for the Newcastle Chronicle because they promised some time ago not to quote me – but I’m told it’ll happen Friday.”

All bias aside, it is plausible that rumours circulating in the press this week about Saudi’s decision to block beIN Sports from the country could have delayed the situation further.

The delay surely can’t go on much longer – we’re TEN days away from the transfer window opening – however this feels like the latest roadblock which could scupper a resolution.

Another possible reason for his latest flip-flop, is that he was talking utter splutter about having inside knowledge the whole time – which is extremely plausible too.

Have Saudi Arabia sacked the whole thing off and thrown their toys out the pram after banning BeIN from broadcasting in their country? Surely not after months of pursuing this big money deal and paying a non refundable £17m deposit, but who knows. One thing’s for sure, Richard Keys has proved once again that he’s all talk, with this being the third time in a few monhs where his takeove prediction has proved to be false.

The whole scenario has become ludicrous, and is now becoming tiresome, with the excitement fans originally had well and truly sapped out of our souls by now.

10 thoughts on “Saudi takeover U-turn suddenly arrives from BeIN Sports’ Richard Keys – Shock…

  1. Just waiting for pl to get a few more back handers they must all be at it only reason for delays greedy *******s never was going to be easy


  2. ‘BREAKING NEWS ‘ FA BUY out rights to Where’s Wally books, replacing wally with Richard Masters balls if anyone can find them ,please return ‘soon’or within the next 16 weeks so decision can be made in NUFC Takeover. !!!!


  3. What do they do at the premier league HQ (FA AND i DONT MEAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION) 16 weeks of it will be announced soon WHOS TELLING LIES AGAIN???????????????


  4. The Russians at Chelsea, Murdering civilians by poisoning in Sailsbury
    The Chinese at Wolverhampton worst human rights in the world for torture and abductions of citizens
    Bin Laden family with money in Sheffield Utd responsible for 911
    and numerous other countries with poor records on human rights with money in Premiership clubs
    Surely before you try and make excuses for not making any decisions hoping the KSA WILL WALK AWAY BECAUSE OF THE TIME SCALE TAKEN BY THE INCOMPETENT PREMIER LEADERSHIP all the clubs with any ties listed above must be also sanctioned by banning there owners from owning them also? LETS ALL PLAY FROM A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD


  5. At the end of the day all the big clubs are against this takeover they don’t want Newcastle to become the richest club in the world. And become another Man City.


  6. It’s not that long ago that you were all so sure it was going through – after all people keep harping back to the 17 million quid deposit and how the deal will go through because of that, and, what was it that was said, “don’t you think that Staveley and the Arabs would have considered this?”

    First of all the Saudi’s didn’t pay the deposit – Staveley did, and secondly, even if they did, 17 million is sod all to them.

    Ashley’s coming out of this looking pretty intelligent!


  7. Why don’t the NUFC blog contact and ask him when the next line of complaints will be arriving on his desk to delay this takeover again and also ask him if this takeover Is happening as there are over 50 people going to be made redundant due to the fact our club is rudderless

    I have emailed him


  8. Why does this testical get airtime on this subject? He has no say in the takeover, end of the day its down to the Premier league


  9. I’m not a Newcastle fan but stumbled across this blog.

    Some of the comments here are way wide of the mark. Laughable conspiracy theories.

    As with everything in football, this is about money. The proposed investment in Newcastle is state money…it’s the Saudi government. The same government has sat on its hands for 3 years and allowed pirate broadcasting of the PL across the Middle East (BeOutQ), when Qatar’s BeIn Sport owns the rights and paid a huge wedge for those rights to the PL. It’s linked to the blockade imposed on Qatar by Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt in June 2017. This has led to a court case, the latest round of which Qatar recently won.
    So, if your prospective owners crack down on the broadcasting rights piracy they are allowing on their own soil, it would definitely help.

    It would be an odd situation if the PL let a government undermining the PL product and broadcasting then let that government buy a club in the PL.

    Hope this helps people understand the situation.


  10. The whole thing stinks of jealousy corruption and double standards. There are an awful lot of people to whose lives this matters.Give us closure. Toon Army forever


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