Baffling from Steve Bruce as he comments on double injury blow after Man Utd defeat

Steve Bruce has confirmed that both Isaac Hayden and Karl Darlow are set for scans after picking up injuries in last night’s 1-4 defeat to Man Utd.

Darlow was clearly in pain and struggling badly, making it baffling to see Bruce decide to leave him on the field for so long, however it’s equally infuriating to see what the NUFC boss has had to say about Hayden.

Bruce admits that the midfielder felt his hamstring before half-time, but decided to take a risk and send him out for the second 45…only for the injury to inevitably get worse as he limped of FOUR minutes into the restart.

Here’s what Bruce has had to say on both:

“Unfortunately, he (Hayden) nicked a hamstring in the first-half, just before half-time.

We thought he was going to be OK for the second but obviously he wasn’t.”

“He’s (Darlow) took a hell of a blow.

We hope that he’s not too bad.

Until we see the scans we won’t know how it is but he’s very sore.”

Considering how vital Darlow has been in Dubravka’s absence, it was absolutely baffling to see Bruce keep Mark Gillespie on the bench.

Maybe Darlow said he’d play on, but he was grimacing every time he kicked the ball and is likely to have only his apparent groin injury even worse.

As for Hayden, he could be a big miss as our only tackling midfielder, yet that’s another example where Bruce has asked for trouble – and ultimately paid the price for sending him out in the second half.

This isn’t the first time the boss has managed injuries poorly and probably won’t be the last, making his claims that he has no luck in this department all the more frustrating.

I suspect we may be forced to do without them for a week or two!

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7 thoughts on “Baffling from Steve Bruce as he comments on double injury blow after Man Utd defeat

  1. ” We HOPE they’ll be ok ”
    What a knacker…typical Bruce with his hit and hope strategies…


  2. Sorry Olly but by saying “ let’s hope they are both ok for Wolves “ you completely ruin your argument


  3. Its now not about if you dislike or like Bruce!


    The numpty has blagged his way into management – if he really loved the club he’d leave now!


  4. 95% of the time the decision to come off injured rests with the player, not the coach. The coach asks for the player’s opinion and takes it from there, so it’s more likely that Hayden and Darlow decided to stay on.

    As for Darlow, Bruce had Gillespie stripped and ready to go, so that suggests Darlow made the decision to carry on.

    I appreciate it doesn’t support your ” let’s all slag off Bruce” agenda, but hey, some fans try to support the team.


  5. Why no Almiron? This is a disgrace, outplayed, outclassed, outfought, bad management


  6. Why did Lascelles or Schar not take Darlow’s late kick-outs? They still used Darlow as a backpass option even though he was struggling when our defence were too indecisive to clear their lines or make a forward pass. Leadership my backside. Gets harder by the week not to believe Joelinton comes with ‘play the brazilian no matter what’ caveat. Cup matches, Prem games, makes no odds, he is a starter. Baffled.


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