The rantings of a fed up Newcastle United fan dreading tonight’s game at Aston Villa

To be totally honest, I’m sick, tired and not far from throwing the towel in.

I said before Christmas if we beat West Brom, Fulham and Sheffield Utd we’d be virtually safe and probably relegate those three. I cared not about the other games. I had them down as defeats but not the aforementioned three.

But we didn’t get those three wins and it’s just spiralled ever downward since then. I can hardly bring myself to ask if I’m worried. I’m beyond worried I’m desolate. This manager does not have a clue. Any Premiership quality players we had before he came, he’s destroyed.

Any that he bought that we had hopes for he’s now destroying. Even Wilson is now looking lost!

Now, I accept that the players themselves have to take some of the blame and are not beyond criticism but put yourself in their boots. Would this Manager inspire you to want to play for him and the shirt?

I think, massively disappointingly so, we all know the answer to that. Yet, he’s still here and returns to one of his former seats of “triumph” tonight against a side who’ve improved no end since he left. Remember this is a Villa side that escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth last campaign and who we looked streets ahead of.

Yet does anyone have any feeling that we can beat them with the current set of circumstances? We’re vastly inferior to them right now and will remain so whilst this muppet stays in charge.

He’s a disaster. Why is he still in charge and ruining our Football Club? I’m completely mystified, or am I? After all we know it’s going to cost Ashley a tidy sum to sack him and I’m not completely naïve. I suspect that they may even have sounded out a successor and no-one will come.

Why would you want to manage a Club that the owner doesn’t want, won’t back and is letting drift? Also is the takeover on or off. I suspect there are those inside the game that have more of a clue than we do. If you take the job and along come new owners where would that leave you.

We may have played unattractive football under Rafa but we had much better justifiable reasons for that. Rafa’s squad was nowhere near the class of Bruce’s on paper. They had a team spirit that made them want to play for each other, the Manager and The Club and they got forward when they could.

What all these so-called pundits and friends of the current manager forget is that when Rafa finally got his man in Almiron and teamed him up top with Rondon and Perez – aka “The Three Amigos” – we were SIXTH in the form table for the second hald of 2018/19.

All then Rafa wanted was to be backed and we’d have moved forward without any shadow of a doubt. But perhaps Rafa was getting too popular and big for Ashley. Somehow, we managed to lose Rafa and then haven’t moved forward at all.

Yes, perhaps Rafa was off anyway BUT can you blame him? He’s a realist. He knew where it was heading and perhaps jumped ship rather than try to battle/swim against the tide. Never forget that Rafa didn’t want Joelinton and made it reasonably public.

He’s hardly out of the door and then wham, bam, thank you Ma’am the Brazilian arrived. It’s a moot point but Joelinton was not Bruce’s signing either. He was an Ashley/Charnley acquisition. Goodness knows how much money the pair of them made in the shady dealings behind the transfer.

When 11th choice Bruce arrived for a few million quid in compensation to Sheffield Wednesday he’d have been told who was coming in and that he had no choice in the matter. Bruce is a puppet, nothing more. If he was anything other or had a spine he’s be gone.

Also, if he was truly a NUFC supporter he’s resigned and give someone the opportunity to come in and at least keep us up. He may well be a fan but he’s clearly a fan of the money he earns more. If a member of my staff were as clueless as he is and performing as badly, they’d have been long gone.

But Baffling Bruce bounces along in a world of his own seemingly oblivious to what’s going on. This can’t be true. He can’t be happy; he must understand that every single ounce of criticism is justified and I can’t begin to understand why he’s still going to dust himself down and go again!

I’ve put out two tweets today. One about switching the game off after 8 minutes at Arsenal and I’m happy to be criticised myself for turning my back on my team, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I told the Missus it’d be 0-0 at half time and we’d concede two in the second. I was wrong it was three! I saved myself the inevitable pain.

I also called out Shelvey, shook my head at Joelinton and Krafth and I hate having a pop at players but again I’ve had enough. Every single pundit tells us Shelvey is creative and has the ability to turn a game. Really? When was the last time he did that? He looks totally disinterested to me.

Krafth and Joelinton I’m not really criticising. Simple fact that from day one Krafth has not looked both good enough at either end and like someone that will ever be. Not his fault though that he’s seen as someone that Bruce can rely on when he clearly can’t.

Big Joe!!! What a shame that we’re destroying this young man. At £40m we expected a lot but he’s not delivered. We’ve all been patient and given him every chance and time and time again he’s come up short. That will always be the case under Bruce and we need to end his torture and ours by not playing him again.

As for Bruce his tactical ineptitude and lack of ability has never been greater shown in last night’s team selection. He threw the toys out of the pram and made 8 changes! He put out what was supposed to be an attacking line-up that the fans wanted and then still defended.

He’s clueless no matter what his friends and so-called pundits say. You know sometimes when you ask yourself could you do better and realise that you can’t? Well in this case I think I could, I honestly think I could.

So, like I say I think I’m done until something changes and that pains me enormously.

Dreading tonight’s game, but perhaps a heavy defeat could be a positive if it forces Mike Ashley to finally see sense.

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