Alan Shearer reveals what Saudis must do if takeover is resurrected & opens door to NUFC return

When the great Alan Shearer speaks we all need to listen!

However you interpret his words it’s always clear to see that first and foremost he’s a fan and understands NUFC like no other pundit.

Here’s his latest interesting comments, with him saying this on the Gallowgate Shots podcast when asked if he’d return under potential new owners:

“You look at the vast majority of big clubs, they all engage with their former players,”

“Why wouldn’t you? The guys who have played for our football club, whether it’s me or Rob Lee or Les Ferdinand or whoever that may be, all the big clubs engage and they send their players abroad to promote the brand of Man United or Liverpool.

“Why wouldn’t or why shouldn’t Newcastle United do that? Send players abroad to go and promote Newcastle United.

“I’ve been all over the world and, up until the last 12 months, travelled the world with the Premier League. I’ve been to India and America and I went on a regular basis before the pandemic happened.”

“The support for Newcastle is ridiculous. The number of people that are living abroad or support Newcastle albeit they’re not as big as Man United or Liverpool or all these clubs who have been hugely successful”.

“But there’s a huge market for someone to tap into but Newcastle never do that. They haven’t engaged with former players and I think they’re missing a huge trick there to go and promote their brand so there’s a role there for someone to do.

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“So, yeah, absolutely I’d be open to talking and see what could happen through that if it was to ever happen.”

The last line is particularly interesting. It seems too confirms he’d be keen to talk to any new owners re. getting back involved with the club. As an ambassador perhaps and would probably like to get others involved as well.

What he’s saying makes sense and is perhaps a nod to what might happen, as his proposals/thoughts are virtually impossible to see happening under the current owners and regime.

If I was a new owner looking to get the fans onboard I’d do three things. Invest in the playing side, change the manager and look to speak to people in the public eye like Shearer that understand this wonderful football club of ours.

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