Sky Sports flag up incident VAR missed at Man Utd – Dermot Gallagher gives shameless verdict

Sky Sports have today flagged up a potential penalty incident that VAR missed during last night’s 3-1 defeat at Old Trafford, showing Man Utd’s Harry Maguire clear out Jamaal Lascelles just three minutes into the match.

Speaking on The Football Show this morning, Sky pundits Stephen Warnock and Sue Smith believe the Red Devils skipper has “got away with one”, yet former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher insists it wasn’t a penalty…somehow.

In fact, he even reveals that VAR did check the incident but saw nothing wrong with it, claiming Maguire just ‘blocked off Lascelles as players do in the penalty area’ – ignoring the fact he looks at him and cuts off his run with an elbow!

See Dermot Gallagher’s verdict on both incidents below, with him also discussing Joe Willock’s ‘trip’ on Marcus Rashford:

I don’t mind VAR if it’s used right, but the Maguire incident is a stone-wall penalty for me and potential red card given he throws an elbow at Lascelles.

Yet that’s looked at, ignored and described as ‘nothing’, while Willock barely touches Rashford and that’s not overturned. Don’t get me wrong, it looked a clumsy tackle, but when you look at both incidents again there’s only one that shows obvious contact and a clear foul!

Put it this way, if that was Lascelles blocking off Maguire, I think Man Utd get that penalty.

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6 thoughts on “Sky Sports flag up incident VAR missed at Man Utd – Dermot Gallagher gives shameless verdict

  1. There was another one as well where a man u player got fouled but kick the Newcastle player in the stomach where was var


  2. Man Utd have always been treated special by referees. How can a cheater be so popular and in all probability receive a knighthood which I believe is his plan.


  3. You cant possibly give a penalty against Manure, at home, in the THIRD minute for Christ sake….!
    What the hell is the world coming to…..!


  4. So Rashford is the saviour of kids school meals but at footbal he is a cheat no doubt about it that was not a penalty and Rashford conned the ref and VAR is a total waste of time


  5. James Ross
    That’s exactly how I would have percieved that also in fact I’m surprised there is no one else mentioning that ( well done )


  6. So your headline says its an incident that VAR missed but in your article you say that VAR actually checked it and didn’t think it was a penalty?

    Is this some new kind of reporting?


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