Steve Bruce says 4 Newcastle players to blame – Another piece of expert ‘man management’

If you were wondering why Newcastle conceded against Wolves and only ended up with a draw then you needn’t worry because Steve Bruce has answered this for you already.

Bruce’***** list of blame for this match covers Ritchie, Lewis, Dubravka and Joelinton.

Don’t worry though because he’s a man manager specialist and, despite numerous reports of players falling out with him, this sort of behaviour won’t come back to bite him.

Blame #1: According to Bruce, Matt Ritchie wasn’t able to pass instructions “to the team quick enough on how we were doing it” before the equaliser.

Of course, the main issue for this goal was the positioning of players with Hayden being dragged into the right back position and players being shifted around. Maybe, if it was vitally important to get this message across, shouting instructions from the sidelines could have helped? It’s not like the crowd was particularly loud at that point…

Check out this interview with Lascelles about the issue with instructions. The interviewer notes that everyone can be heard in an empty stadium which raises the question about why the instructions weren’t clear:

Of course, this isn’t a one off situation in Bruce’s tenure and this is infamously happened in his first game when Jetro Willems was confusingly deployed in a midfield role.

Blame #2: Young Jamal Lewis was also at fault and, in Bruce’s eyes, he can’t even manage to accomplish his basic job as he says “First of all, we should stop the cross, that’s the basic for a full-back”.

Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with analysing what led to conceding a goal. As a manager, I would expect him to look at the build-up and understand what went wrong but the last comment is the one that is disrespectful especially when compared to how he softens his blame of Dubravka afterwards.

Saying that Lewis has failed to do as basic thing doesn’t really promise a detailed look later on, does it? If Bruce believes that Lewis should be to block a cross because that’s his basic job, then it’s hard to see how they’ll be anymore of an inspection of how Lewis was beaten and how he can improve from it.

I guarantee that Dummett will start the next match. I personally think that’s a good idea but only because he’s capable of working more independently from Bruce’s management.

Blame #3: Bruce makes sure to throw blame on his goalkeeper once again by claiming he could “have done better”…

He’s not going to drop Dubravka because, according to reports, he might’ve burnt bridges with Darlow so he softens his criticism while still maintaining blame.

Note that he doesn’t tell us how Dubravka messed up on a “basic” action for a goalkeeper like he tells us that Lewis messed up on something “basic for a full back”.

Blame #4: This one reeks of knowing a player’s unpopularity and deciding to further scapegoat them.

Bruce’s comments on Joelinton’s near goal was this “He should score. It’s a big, huge opportunity.”

Now, I fully believe that this was a case of great defending over bad striking. In this instance, Joelinton did everything right that he has been criticised for bar actually scoring. He was in the box at the right time, he found space and he beat the keeper. It just so happened that Saiss pulled off a fantastic piece of defending to clear it off the line.

Even if it were Joelinton’s fault, what does Bruce’s comment actually achieve?

As it stands, it looks like we have our first choice three of Wilson, Saint-Maximin and Almiron unavailable for a significant amount of time.

Jacob Murphy and Joelinton combined to create a very good chance and, instead of being encouraged by their manager for this to go forward into our next match, Bruce’s response is to ignore Murphy and blame Joelinton.

Bruce was presented with a golden opportunity to think long-term and praise the players who will likely be the only ones available for future games so that they could go on with some confidence, but instead he decided to deal with the short-term and try and shift blame away from himself again.

We play West Brom next Sunday and I firmly believe that Bruce is going to carry out his blaming on both Lewis and Ritchie.

The only reason that I think Dubravka and Joelinton will start is because there’s no other options available to him.

12 thoughts on “Steve Bruce says 4 Newcastle players to blame – Another piece of expert ‘man management’

  1. This is getting funnier by the day.

    One minute we have writers on here slagging Bruce off because he’s too optimistic and never holds his players accountable.

    Next thing you know when he holds his players accountable he’s “blaming others”.

    We know all the writers on this site hate Bruce and thrive on pandering to the masses but it’s really wearing a bit thin.
    Can’t you just come up with something original?


  2. In FACT there’s only ONE **** soaked drunk to blame for where NUFC and themselves!

    Breath tests needed before press conferences!!


  3. This is so biased and is basically just slagging Bruce off as you know how unpopular he is, at the same time accusing him of doing this with Joelinton.


  4. WE NEED a MANAGER – Bruce hasn’t a clue!

    And we need action NOW – please don’t leave it too late – like every other relegation


  5. Even Bruce can see he,s lost it now,he was talking over the person doing the interview,you can tell by his face and body movements he knows the sack is coming, unfortunately for Newcastle this is too late,he should have been sacked at Xmas or at the latest after the Sheffield United debacle


  6. Steve Bruce hasn’t a clue , no plan A , no idea with tactics, these players under a new manager, (Eddie Howe) would have a chance of saving our club from a certain relegation, under Bruce. He is clueless, a lost little boy , in a mans environment. Change it Mr Ashley, or the club sinks with him at the helm.


  7. Seems fan’s are split club is fractured no direction from above or from the manger this great club is sinking fast I just hope we do not go into free fall through the divisions please bring someone in to try and turn this around


  8. Any excuse to have a go at Bruce, everyone knows he is not doing a great job, but slating him for being critical, when you normally skate him for not being critical enough is really taking the **** out of your readers, make your mind up what you want him to actually do.

    Your point about Dubravka ffs it was people like you who pled for Darlow to be dropped so if Bruce has burnt his bridges it’s fans like you who have caused it. You just continue to write hypocritical click bait stories knowing you will appeal to the masses.

    Yes Bruce shouldn’t be there but as Ashley is unlikely to sack him until it’s too late, at least don’t call him out when he does what you have been clambering for him to do


  9. I would suggest you take a look at most of the goals we’ve conceded this season because of not stopping the cross. this criticism is long overdue,and yes this is basic defending


  10. I think the buck should stop at the idiot manager and his coaching staff.
    Bet Bruce forgot he signed two of the players named. I can’t wait for the supporters to return and see the reaction Bruce receives


  11. Lewis should not be playing when you have Dummet an experienced full back sitting on the bench by the way Darlow was dropped for missing a near post shot Dubravka did exactly the same thing will he be dropped,I don’t think so, its the managers responsibility to tell the players where to play they can hear instructions.


  12. every time joelinton plays we are playing with 10 men he is the worst number 9 ever and does not deserve the famous shirt get rid!!!


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