Steve Bruce deluded & arrogant as ever as he responds to 95% of NUFC fans wanting him out

Steve Bruce has told us that “certain individuals are entitled to their opinion” – despite the fact 95% of 14,000 fans voting in The Chronicle’s mass survey said they wanted him gone.

I’m trying to figure out currently if I’m one of those “certain individuals”? Is anyone who writes on this blog? Anyone on twitter? Or journalists? Or anyone who has eyes? Because apparently the only people that Steve Bruce seems to put any stock in are the people who put him up on a golden football pedestal.

Let’s be clear here, Bruce was asked to comment on the overwhelming response to a poll put forward by The Chronicle about whether people want him in the job and 95% said no. If I thought Bruce were a clever man, and not a petty man taking swipes at the fans and Craig Hope, then I would perhaps consider the idea that he’s saying that he’s entitled to his opinion but what he really needs to understand is that his terrible record as manager isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact.

By the way, check out Craig Hope’s response to Bruce here:

Bruce’s words about allowing opinions are complete and utter rubbish. As Hope mentions, he has been banned for his (correct) opinion and writing true stories that fans deserve to know. A good and honest journalist has been banned for simply reporting the truth and the club deserve all the blowback from that.

This pettiness isn’t new from our sham of a manager either, his complaints of “histrionics’ and “keyboard warriors” really showed you where his mind was and is at. He’d rather point the blame at people being “hysterical” than actually do the hard work necessary to have success.

Steve Bruce is not a football manager, he is a man who plays victim whenever he finds himself in a tough position which, ironically, is quite often due to the fact that he’s awful at his job.

Here’s another quote from his recent press conference: “It has been tough. When you take the Newcastle job there is no shying away from it. You rely on your family and staff to put it right, and you draw on experience. To do 980 games there is experience there. In some people’s eyes you’d have thought I’d done half a dozen.

Ok, first, you can’t shy away from any bad form in football, Steve. If you play badly, then you get rightly criticised and that is the same at every club, as you know because you’ve had this exact same reaction at other clubs.

Secondly, saying you’ve managed “980 games” isn’t a defence. If you lost 980 games then would you still claim that as a defence for being a good manager?

I had a look at his 983 games as manager and these are his results:

  • Games won – 371
  • Games drawn – 249
  • Games lost – 363

This means that out of Bruce’s “980 games” of experience, he has failed to win 612 of them. 62.25% of Bruce’s games are either a draw or a loss and 37.75% are wins… I’m sorry but that “experience” doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Steve Bruce has “experience” with losing and being an awful manager and he’s displaying it to the very best of his ability.

3 thoughts on “Steve Bruce deluded & arrogant as ever as he responds to 95% of NUFC fans wanting him out

  1. And you can bet the vast majority of Bruce’s wins were in the championship with a side that outclassed most in terms of money spent and players.


  2. Agree with everything said,

    It’s your article Johnny so I’ll let you go on transfer market and put in his premier league games and results,
    Turns out he’s not as experienced as we think at the top level nor as good 🤣
    Happy Easter lads,let’s hope we’re rid of him soon


  3. Bruce’s middle name must be Cressida like the police chief, and we all know what the surname is , !!!!


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