Premier League manager responds to rumours linking him with the Newcastle United job

Once again there’s speculation around Steve Bruce’s position and who would replace him if he went, with The Mail claiming that we’re eyeing up a summer move for Burnley boss Sean Dyche.

Sadly, it’s clear Bruce is here until the end of the season at the very least, however I’m a firm believer his position will become untenable soon after fans return to St James’ Park.

I do believe that Bruce will go with a golden handshake if we stay up, and if that occurred and there was NO takeover then Dyche could well have a shot at the job – which is why he may well have chosen his words carefully when being asked about the link.

Here’s what he had to say about reports linking him with the NUFC job:

“It is a sign of respect from outside of your workplace. I value that, whether it is fact or fiction it is still nice to be spoken about positively, or generally positively.”

“But it has happened to me many times, it has happened to my players many times, which is a positive in a sense that there must be some value to what we do here.”

“But I am still here and I have said that for many years over many different connections in all sorts of situations, but I am still here and I focus on what the next job in hand is and that is working hard with these players to make sure we continue our journey in the Premier League.”

Like I say, picking his words very carefully and it does sound like he’s a man that might well be open to a move plus it is rumoured that he’s far from happy about what is going on behind the scenes at Burnley.

Plus, the way he manages on a shoestring or has had to manage on a shoestring would no doubt appeal to Ashley and I have no doubt in my mind that if Dyche had the choice of managing Burnley or Newcastle in the Premier League he’d choose us.

Why am I convinced about that? Simple. Anyone coming in after Bruce even if they are not people’s first choice is going to be given a bit of time as we’ll all be honestly so pleased that Bruce is gone. That’s why it may not be as hard to replace him as some think.

But for now, just like transfer speculation and rumours that’s all it is and it’s merely another talking point created to give people food for thought. Once we know then we’ll probably get even more!

3 thoughts on “Premier League manager responds to rumours linking him with the Newcastle United job

  1. It just goes to show that you can read anything you want into anything.

    I read it to mean he’s not interested, has shown no interest and will show no interest.

    At a time when the economy is crumbling, and EPL revenue decimated why would he leave Burnley – a club he’s been with 9 years – to take up the poisoned chalice of the Toon?

    But more to the point, why would we want him?


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