‘Big six’ must now face fines, bans & points deductions – If that’s ‘unfair’, please explain this…

I’ve noticed a few pundits state that it would be ‘unfair’ on fans of the ‘big six’ if their clubs were handed points deductions or European bans for their involvement in the shameless Super League, insisting nothing should be done as a result.

In 2009, Crystal Palace were handed a 10-point reduction by the Premier League after falling into administration. This was unfair on fans.

West Ham were punished with what remains a world record fine for their dodgy business with Tevez and Mascherano. This was unfair on fans.

Numerous teams such as Bolton, Coventry and Portsmouth have experienced financial difficulties and have received point deductions etc. because of that. This was unfair on fans.

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Every single time that club owners get up to some sort of mischief or mismanage the club, the fans suffer. This is unfortunately part of football that sadly needs to exist so that it deters greedy businessmen from taking advantage of the clubs and damaging the livelihoods of fans.

Quite frankly, these rules are a necessary evil. I don’t agree with all of them and the fact that teams like Bolton, Coventry and Portsmouth have suffered the way they have, proves that the rules aren’t perfect but the general idea of the rules in place is that teams can succeed and thrive in some sort of way.

The problem that has arisen is that the Super League proposal has shown how against the rules, the owners of these top clubs are.

These owners have tried to pull the clubs away from their fans and into a non-competitive system so that they can line their own pockets. It’s unfair on the fans of the clubs and it would be unfair to fans of the clubs if they were to be docked points, banned from transfers etc. etc. It is however, a necessity.

I feel bad for those fans and I applaud the ones who so fervently fought back against it but the owners need to feel the consequences of their actions.

Florentino Perez has been quoted recently saying “The Super League is not dead, it’s on stand-by and we’ll work on the project. All 12 founder clubs signed the same contract.”

We should all be wary of this.

For too long, the owners of these clubs have tried to take advantage of football in the most underhand and disgusting ways.

We, as Newcastle fans, have experienced the corrupt manner in which they lobbied against our proposed takeover and helped thrust us all into a distressing limbo.

If the six Premier League clubs of The Super League are punished then it will be unfair to the fans, but it is a necessity and I’m sure there are a number of fans from those clubs that would agree with me.

These owners need to know that they can’t mess with our game, our love, our passion.

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11 thoughts on “‘Big six’ must now face fines, bans & points deductions – If that’s ‘unfair’, please explain this…

  1. The big six
    spurs ??
    Were shown to have less power than the other 14 this week the Premier league must punish them,
    Uefa must also do the same

    Let’s see how big spurs are when the bank starts asking them to pay their debt


  2. Although I agree with all you said, I would like to play the devils advocate just to get the conversation going. First you have to understand WHY the ‘ big’ clubs wanted this super league…… MONEY. now one of the problems we have today is players wages, we have players earning half a million a week some like Bale earning even more. Have always been surprised the the ‘ Fans’ never protested against these ridiculous sums of money in wages. Another thing I would like to bring up is the huge bias UEFA always had against English teams ( remember when they banned ALL English teams from European football because of Liverpool hooligans) also I remember than UEFA president Platini saying Man City are ridiculous for trying to pay god knows how much for some famous player but saying nothing when PSG bought neymar for 222 million. There was also the instance when England wanted to organise the world cup but got absolutely no support from UEFA. I would have liked a European super league just to get back at the arrogance of UEFA. one of the most corrupt organisations on earth. Now with this back lash against the big clubs it seems UEFA has become more powerful.


  3. The difference between all those cases you’ve cited as comparisons as the Coventry etc actually did what they were punished for

    Whilst the ESL is probably in breach of contract and did bring the game into disrepute, it’s more of a protest against UEFA and upper echelon boardrooms fighting.

    They hadn’t considered the fan backlash would be this huge quite clearly as they all backed out within 48 hours

    You are comparing apples with oranges here but just because it’s all fruit it still isn’t the same


  4. How many clubs would have said no if they’d been invited looking at the money involved? UEFA are not suddenly squeaky clean most corrupt lot with fifa so don’t think UEFA are looking after football or the prem league they just saw loss of money


  5. The premier league has got to issue points deduction to all 6 clubs involved and transfer ban for 2 years (that should help them keep there overhead costs down) plus a fine , which should be shared by the lower leagues to help them through the Covid Crisis if they do not act they will be complicit in assisting the 6 clubs yet again . With the 14 other clubs to vote this should be passed TODAY


  6. When the 6 greedy arrogant clubs have been punished we should then move on to Richard Masters as he assisted these clubs but seems to have been stabbed in the back when they cut him out of the deal?


  7. If it was the other way around, teams from the 14 tried to break away, you bet they’d be sanctioned and the big 6 would be pushing for it. So, yes, they deserve to be penalised.


  8. Is it not equally unfair on the fans of the remaining 14 clubs if the ‘Big 6’ go unpunished.
    The Scottish league demoted Rangers a few years ago – maybe a similar punishment for the 6 will act as a deterrent !


  9. UEFA Should ban the 12 from european competition for 5 yrs and from facing each other at all for a similar period. Individual FA’s should relegate or at the very least a 50% point deduction. Obviously they will not be punished (fines are irrelevant to them anyway) so theyll just get off scott free.


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