Listen as Mackem sends absurd message to NUFC fans live on talkSPORT after Man City loss – Video

Definitely unbiased Micky Gray decided to go on the wind up after we had put in admirable display against Premier League champions, Manchester City.

The former Sunderland man has bizarrely used last week’s 4-3 loss to the newly crowned Champions as proof Steve Bruce can’t afford to play attacking football.

Listen to his ridiculous take here:

The idea that playing “entertaining football” is simply going to equal losses is ridiculous.

Last I checked, we had managed to stay threatened by relegation the whole season by playing dire “defensive” football that resulted in an abysmal losing record.

In fact, it was our complete lack of attacking intent that led to us dropping out of a quarter final to a championship team, losing to the worst team in the league and not laying a finger on the team that has caused Micky Gray to spurt out this nonsense.

In the last four games against Manchester City, this match is the closest we have got to beating them. In the other match against this season, we easily lost 2-0 where loss was simply accepted.

The season before we lost 5-0 and, in the FA cup quarter finals, we rolled over and allowed ourselves to drop out of our best cup run in years.

The point is, we might not always get a result against the likes of Manchester City but we give ourselves a much better chance when we approach the game positively. Benitez and Bruce have managed to get a result against them and on both occasions we weren’t simply negative for the sake of negativity.

Football is supposed to be entertainment. Arguing against the entertaining side of entertainment is oxymoronic and moronic.

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4 thoughts on “Listen as Mackem sends absurd message to NUFC fans live on talkSPORT after Man City loss – Video

  1. Talkshite Radio only exist to wind up fans.
    Don’t watch or listen to it..
    It’s very simple.
    I used to like Him White but he’s just another wind up merchant looking for reactions with clickbait bollox.


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