Toon fans send message to Steve Bruce, Saudis & NUFC as £300m takeover edges closer

I was thinking about doing a piece about how disjointed the fan base was and how certain factions of it are expending endless energy sniping at each other.

It’s all energy that should be coordinated and UNITED, as surely we all want the same thing for NUFC – and it seems we may just be getting that in the form of this long awaited Saudi buyout!

Before we get to that, the NUST Survey results came out earlier this week and WOW, WOW, WOW…and then some. Whatever you’re opinion of NUST to run the survey they did and then present the results has definitely had some effect and possibly one of the best headlines of the present press era.

I refer to The Mirror’s “When The Vote Comes In.”

Let’s analyse and also have a bit of a tongue-in-cheek look as well. The results are pretty damning.

92.4% believe we got the planning for the new season wrong. Does that really mean that there’s 7.6% who think we got it right!?

93.8% are in favour of the Saudi backed takeover. A high percentage, but perhaps a surprise that 6.2% of members voted no…

95.9% believe we will not stay in the Premier League. I’d like to know what convinces the other 4.1% that we will! Seven games without a win and just look at our fixtures after the International break. No wonder Halloween is just around the corner.

Before the season started Steve Bruce had a massive vote of confidence with a huge 10.1% believing he was the man for the job. Since the start he’s lost 4.4% of that support and now it appears only 5.7% feel he’s the man for the job.

A massive vote of no confidence at all. I would image there may even be some Bruce sympathisers in the 94.3% that want to see him walk away. The man looks defeated and beaten. Just like his team. They say a change is as good as a rest. Well, someone needs a rest and we need a change.

Steve Bruce is not an impoverished man. He’s made a fabulous living from both his playing and managerial days. If I had as much money as him, was facing the abuse he’s getting and knowing over 94% didn’t want me I wouldn’t so much as walk away I’d sprint.

As I write this the “Takeover” fervour is rocketing through the roof. Another clear sign that Bruce should go.

He has 0% chance of keeping his job if it finally does go through. It probably won’t! But really what sane man wants to continue in a role where he is so vilified?

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