“I love him” – Howe names struggling NUFC player he plans to get ‘back to his best’

Eddie Howe has revealed that he has no issues with Ryan Fraser following his appointment at Newcastle, saying he “loves him as a lad” and hopes to get him “playing at his best level again” soon.

Scottish international Fraser infamously downed tools in the final chapters of Howe’s reign at Bournemouth as he seemed a move away, with the Cherries ultimately getting relegated at the end of that season.

In an interview with BBC Radio Newcastle, our new manager has opened up about their relationship and says that they met up and talked “a long time ago” to set their differences aside and make up.

Howe also says that he “loves him as a lad” – comments that have left any naysayers eating their words after claims the pair fell out following his exit at the end of the 2019/20 season.

This is what he said while speaking to BBC Newcastle’s Matthew Raisbeck:

5 thoughts on ““I love him” – Howe names struggling NUFC player he plans to get ‘back to his best’

  1. It’s brilliant how when Owen did it with us he was ‘protecting his career’ and not risking injury.
    But Fraser did it and he downed tools.
    A case of faces fitting in the football world again.

    Fraser had been overlooked all season and whether they stayed up or not, Fraser was not getting offered another contract.

    Howes handling of this is first class again. Good on Fraser for sticking around this fortnight to get things sorted – though he’s now getting bad press in Scotland for it like.

    The kid was pulling out stats on par with Eden Hazard at one time – if Howe can get him playing anywhere near that again then we have a cracking player on our hands – if not, move him on. But Howe is right to give him a chance and deal with the matter the way he is.


  2. Howe has been impressive with his media skills and has a reputation with his man management skills.
    I understand he has to bring everyone on board but this public backing of Fraser worries me, he seems to be injury prone and when the opportunity arose his performances have been lack lustre to say the least, if you add that to the Bournemouth situation into the mix it doesn’t look good.
    Almiron for example works his socks off, plays with a smile and probably needs some guidance, if I was a squad member he is the type of player I would rather have around than a sulk!


  3. Fraser went through a purple patch for Bournemouth but hasn’t been able to repeat that for us. Suspect character, not good enough on the pitch, get rid asap.


  4. This is exactly what I feared = he’ll play Fraser simply to try and show there’s no animosity…

    ..big mistake

    Others players ARE a lot better that Fraser and keeping him in JUST highlights it’s a buddy set up – with just old Bournemouth players being brought in at the expense of TEAM

    Repeating what you did at Bournemouth will only get you sacked but take us down!

    THESE are the reason you got relegated and the reason Bournemouth owners knew they needed someone to get a grip of the player’s!

    Focus on ASM, Joelington, and replacing Richie as LB with Lewis = bring back the back line-up that kept a clear sheet against Burnley in the cup


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