Is the Joelinton love-in justified?

There used to be a kid’s toy called Johnny Seven that was a gun/weapon that had seven separate ways to shoot at people. Remember it was a kid’s toy! None of the seven were dominant and each had its own uses.

Can you see where I’m going? Me neither or….

Our very own blog chief Olly Hawkins has long since championed the Toon’s J7. Even back in the days when he was J9! Olly was able to strip away the price tag, ignore the lack of goals and judge him on effort, potential and application, insisting he’d been Bruce’d after shining in Germany under Julian Nagelsmann.

It seems that a few others are now catching up on this including his new Manager Eddie Howe. I read with interest Liam Kennedy’s excellent ‘love letter’ to Big Joe after Tuesday night’s 1-1 draw with Norwich and found myself agreeing with every word and sentiment.

Far more than I did with Lee Ryder’s ridiculous 6/10 mark in The Chronicle. Even Alan Shearer gave Big Joe Man of the Match on Amazon Prime. An award he deserved as he just pipped Fede Fernandez for me. He gave 90 minutes of blood, sweat and tears for the cause and was also the clear man of the match against Brentford as well and he scored in that one.

Joelinton has, in my own opinion, since arriving from Germany suffered from many things. First that price tag, secondly he’s Brazilian so is supposed to play in a certain way and thirdly not being bought by a Manager…who had no idea how to use him.

It was no secret that Ashley wanted to buy him. Given our former owner’s reluctance to splash cash that makes me wonder about the deal. Rafa looked and said no. He had his reasons. Rafa went and in came Bruce who was presented with Joelinton whether he wanted him or not.

Cue Bruce showing his tactical unawareness by consistently picking Big Joe as a lone striker. Anyone can see that he’s a forward but not a central striker that’s going to bag twenty goals a season. It all meant that Joelinton’s performances were not good enough and confidence was shattered.

When we finally started playing him in his best position he started to get better and more consistent. Then along comes Eddie Howe and his staff and they see what he can bring to the side and what worth he has for the side. The transformation is happening.

Now look, performances against Brentford and Norwich aren’t going to change everyone’s opinions or even some at all but you have to say that his power, pace and all-round effort has definitely been there since coming back into the side.

Plus, there’s another side to his game. His attitude. He genuinely looks like he cares, gets what NUFC is about and want to be part of the revolution. It’s taken a while and remember he’s still young and had to settle his family but the signs, finally, are very promising.

Howe believes in him. J7 seems to be starting to believe in himself and has also started turning fan’s opinions. Love-in? Perhaps not quite yet but the affection is growing that’s for sure!

3 thoughts on “Is the Joelinton love-in justified?

  1. No idea if the lad will ever make it, but he wouldn’t be the first to become a better performing and more effective player by being moved position. He wasn’t that great under Nagelsmann either, hence him being loaned out again.

    Bale started as a left-back. Kompany as a DM. Aubamayeng as right-sided MF. Do I think Joe is their level – no. But it doesn’t mean he can’t show more potential if played in a new role and the last couple of matches seem to indicate that’s possible.

    If not, then we have to cut our losses and make room for a better player.


  2. What’s the point of this article? Just let the poor lad have a bit of credit ffs he deserves the praise. Always someone wanting to inject a bit of negativity


  3. Ste Simmo:
    What’s the point of this article? Just let the poor lad have a bit of credit ffs he deserves the praise. Always someone wanting to inject a bit of negativity

    Seems you haven’t read it…


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