Luke Edwards issues contrasting Saudi Arabia update amid rumoured mid-season trip

The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards claims the Newcastle squad are ‘unlikely’ to travel to Saudi Arabia for a planned mid-season trip.

The Daily Mail reported last night that the first team were set to travel to the Middle East for warm weather training and to introduce the club to the country of our new mega-rich owners.

A trip to Saudi Arabia is inevitable at some point but it remains to be seen whether the visit will go ahead as early as this month, with Portugal another destination that’s said to have been discussed.

Here’s what Howe had to say about it all when speaking ahead of Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Watford:

“Nothing is confirmed. 

“We’re looking at various options.

“We want to try to take the players away to build spirit and forge the unity we need to stay in the division. No locations are confirmed.”

Now, the Telegraph’s Luke Edwards – who broke the news that we were looking at signing Chris Wood – has added further context, even saying it is “unlikely” that the squad will go to Saudi this month.

This is what he tweeted this morning:

6 thoughts on “Luke Edwards issues contrasting Saudi Arabia update amid rumoured mid-season trip

  1. They don’t deserve to go anywhere bar the training ground!
    What happened to Howe’s on the front foot style of play, I didn’t see any evidence of it in the second half against Watford, are the players even listening to him?


  2. How about making them understand that they are supposed to be professionals, and show it on the pitch. Giving them a kickabout in the sun is pandering to them and solving nowt.


  3. We need to buy the 4 players everyone knows we need this week.
    And going away to train will cost us 2 days travelling that should be spent getting all those new people used to playing together.


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