I can’t believe what I’m reading about Allan Saint-Maximin…once again

Not for the first time over the past week, I saw quite a few on social media pointing the finger at Allan Saint-Maximin after last night’s late defeat at Everton.

Granted, he didn’t make much of an impact from the bench and was similarly ineffective when coming on against Chelsea on Sunday, but some of the comments I saw on Twitter were baffling.

Here’s a few that appeared on our timeline after last night’s game:

Not sure we can afford to have lads who need 45 mins to ‘warm up’ into a game and are developing a habit of not tracking back/conceding possession.

‘We can’t afford to carry him any more’

‘If Maxi had as much enthusiasm about his football as he does Helios we might get something out of him.

‘He’s vastly overrated and his attitude reminds me of Sissoko who only played when he was in the mood to.’

So many of us now see him as a weakness, I honestly think something has been said between ASM and Howe and ASM hasn’t liked it, he is a huffy little ****** and looks like he is in a strop.

‘Rapidly falling out of love with Maxi. Hasn’t looked the same since he scored that goal.’

Can’t wait for a summer clear out. Maxi, Almiron, Murphy, Krafth and Joelinton all have to go for me.

‘Maxi couldn’t give less **** if he tried. Comes on the pitch and just gives the ball away. Peddle that moron in the summer. Total rotten attitude and pathetic performances.’

‘Think it’s time to move on from Maxi, that’s another really poor performance tonight, too much focus on him when he comes on, too many defenders have sussed him out and he has no answer!’

Twitter can be a toxic place at times, full of overreactions to defeats – especially when we’ve just gone nine games unbeaten – but some of these comments on ASM are just ridiculous.

Has he failed to make an impact over the past few games? Yes. Did he cost us the game? No. He may have lost the ball in the build up, but you can’t put Iwobi’s winner down to him when Burn dives in and the three defenders around him don’t do enough.

Howe also revealed after last night’s game that he’s trained just twice in four weeks due to him managing a calf injury and illness, meaning it’s no major surprise that he’s struggled to make an impact. This revelation also makes suggestions he’s ‘fallen out with Howe’ all the more laughable.

As for those calling for us to sell him this summer, it seems an odd suggestion when you consider all of the following:

  • No Newcastle player has been involved in more goals (8) this season (5 goals and 3 assists)
  • No player outside the PL’s ‘big six’ has created more chances from open play this season
  • No Newcastle player has completed more dribbles
  • No Premier League player has completed more dribbles!
  • No Newcastle player progresses the ball up the field more than ASM
  • No Premier League player carries the ball further on average per game (14.13m) than ASM
  • No Newcastle player wins more fouls
  • No Newcastle player creates more chances than him (2) against Everton

It’s true that he has plenty of things to work on if he wants to achieve his dreams and remain a key part of this Newcastle United project if we’re to live up to our lofty ambitions in the coming years, but those suggesting he is the problem or our weak link need to give their heads a wobble.


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8 thoughts on “I can’t believe what I’m reading about Allan Saint-Maximin…once again

  1. The only weak link is that Donkey called Wood.I say he can’t believe we purchased his Services?What service a complete lemon.Dont like his attitude on the pitch.Its in his name WOOD!He has as much movement as a Tree.Useless.


  2. Olly: I said much the same earlier on the match thread. Twitter is a repository for the angry and insane. If you can’t see what Maxi brings then you don’t know much about football. Of course he has some issues. I said on the thread that he needs to play the odd first time ball to make him less predictable. But, if he is taking up 3 of the opposition’s players that has to create space for our other players. When we get a couple more in of the calibre of St Max we will see him at his best as they will not be able to mark him out of the game.

    My main gripe with him is that he stays down after he is fouled expecting the Ref to change his mind. Eddie needs to fix that.


  3. Second half performance was poor last night, St Max is not 100% fit, personally I would have played the team that lost at Chelsea, it may be our best chance in away games with a back five, until we get some quality up front.
    We have two players in Almiron and Wood who give everything but lack the quality required.
    I wouldn’t get to hung up about St Max as we actually have done ok without him recently.


  4. Hopefully this is bit more balanced view regarding wood yes should have done better with the two headers in first half but on the whole he has been feeding off scraps at times and to be fair he has been good focal points for us at times now to maxi said loads he has to release the ball lot quicker than he does and it’s not the odd time it’s regular this is his 3rd season now and the worry is he’s not grasping it and we’ve had Wilson and trippier coming out and saying they’ve mentioned it to him so there comes a time if there is no sign of him improving it do we put up with it are get rid because if we stay up and sign a top striker can you honestly see a top striker putting up with it shame because if he can start to play the ball quicker got hell of a player on our hands


  5. Clearly some of these people don’t have a clue. They said they want rid of Joelinton as well. We are where we are, we will have good and bad games, but as a hole it’s getting better, and Maxi is a legend, so he’s had a couple of low key games. He’s coming back from an injury, give him time. The vast majority of us love him, trust him and don’t want to loose him. He doesn’t track back but that’s not who he is, let him be who he is at sit back and enjoy the man.


  6. Jamie if one of these some people is me can you read my comments bit more clearly I always try to be constructive with my comments it’s more a frustration with me not nasty criticism like some post on other social media sites with maximin I’ve said plenty times got hell of a player on our hands if he starts to release the ball quicker instead of ball hogging and wanting to beat the player two are three times so will put this to you would man City Liverpool are Chelsea sign him


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