Amanda Staveley, Mehrdad Ghodoussi & Jamie Reuben – The personal touches that mean so much

It was never going to be difficult for any new owners to be viewed more favourably than Mike Ashley at Newcastle United. The only way anyone could be more hated was if they doubled down on Ashley’s ambition-starving policies.

But it’s safe to say that our new owners are turning out to be even better than we imagined. For the purposes of this piece, I’ll be exclusively discussing Staveley, Reuben and Ghodoussi’s actions that specifically relate to the club and not any outside factors.

Naturally, the promise of huge funds and title challenges was always going to whet our appetite. But it’s about a lot more than just that.

The persistence of Staveley et al to acquire the club despite the deal being shot down by Ashley and the Premier League on multiple occasions showed us in advance that they genuinely cared about the club and they’ve certainly continued to show it since it became a reality.

Ever-present at matches

Granted, Mike Ashley did this at first too. But I don’t recall ever seeing him celebrate the way Ghodoussi, Jamie Reuben and Staveley do.

I don’t think there’s been a match that at least one of them hasn’t been at since the takeover and their reactions and celebrations when we score and win are genuine and sincere.

Social media engagement

Mike Ashley never had social media and that was probably for the best. I can’t imagine he’d be the most engaging. But Ghodoussi and Jamie Reuben certainly are.

We win a game and they’re straight on the socials thanking us for our support and celebrating with us. Even Ghodoussi’s tweet about how far we’ve come after being disappointed at losing to Liverpool is refreshing. They’re saying what we’re thinking and it’s great to feel like we’re on the same page as them.

Investment in the women’s squad

For a long time, the women’s squad was isolated from the men’s club. They were essentially affiliated by name only. No facilities were shared and there was no information available on the main NUFC website about the women’s team. Compare this to the way Manchester City and Chelsea treat their women’s teams and you see how appalling it was.

This past Sunday was a historic moment and hopefully the first of many. While the lasses might not be able to play every game at St James’ Park, hopefully there’ll be plenty more in the future, especially with turnouts like that. This is for a fourth-division side, too. Imagine how the lasses can fly up the leagues and compete with some investment, too.

The fun appearances

Staveley, Reuben and Ghodoussi aren’t just showing their faces at the matches and in the media. They’re also popping up on the pitch for a post-match kickabout and even getting stuck into those team photos that we all adore. I’ve seen a lot of supporters meet them and nobody has a bad word to say about them.

I get the impression they don’t take themselves too seriously – even if they’re taking the club’s fortunes very seriously – and in a world of billionaire owners, that’s a breath of fresh air.

The serious appearances

Mike Ashley and his cronies did everything they could to avoid direct engagement with supporters – in fact, they also avoided most indirect communication too.

But Staveley and Ghodoussi actively brought members of the NUST to the club for a discussion about the club’s future and the feedback from the NUST was fantastic. Chair Greg Tomlinson said it was clear that they are ambitious but that they also have their head screwed on, which is encouraging.

Long may it all continue

There will undoubtedly be people out there telling me to take off my rose-tinted specs. It’s easy to be wowed by money and public gestures, some might say. Of course you’re going to think they’re amazing compared to Ashley, others will shout. It’s all a publicity stunt, a few will insist. I’m a sycophant, chant a small minority.

But you know what? My gut is telling me that those naysayers are wrong. There’s too much evidence to ignore – all of this is a long way to go for a simple publicity stunt.

So here’s to Staveley, Ghodoussi and Reuben – for embodying the passion and ambition we’ve long been missing at the top of the club.

One thought on “Amanda Staveley, Mehrdad Ghodoussi & Jamie Reuben – The personal touches that mean so much

  1. Great article and for me says everything about how lucky we are. I’m 72 and was resigned to never seeing my team being a force again. Have to pinch myself(you should see the bruises lol) at the wonderful future there is for NUFC.


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