More injury madness.

Andy Carroll
Carroll out for longer than expected?
Newcastle have been dealt a double blow today with the news that both Andy Carroll and Dan Gosling face an extended spell on the sidelines.

Carroll has been out of action since the back end of December with a troublesome thigh injury, but it was thought that the Geordie colussus would be fit to return to action in a couple of weeks. Apparently not, as the club have now decided to send Carroll to Sweden to see a specialist.

As for Gosling, well he has suffered a setback to his knee which is likely to keep him out for a month. The ex-Everton player has been out for nine months after damaging his cruciate ligament, so it is understandable that the lad has suffered a glitch in his recovery when you consider how much football he has missed.

It’s a shame for the pair as I’m sure all they will want to do is play football. Carroll will no doubt be itching to represent his home-town club and to put on that number nine shirt again, whilst Gosling will just be eager, and grateful, to be playing again. The fact that the pair are going to be out for longer is a blow for them, the fans, the players and for Alan Pardew.

“We brought him here (to Portugal) to start running, and the disappointing news is that he hasn’t,” Pardew told the Sheilds Gazette when asked about the fitness of Carroll. He continued:

“His injury is in the muscle, just above the tendon where it joins the knee, so it’s not an area that gets great circulation, and therefore doesn’t heal quickly.”

“We’re hoping we can turn him around quickly, but now I have to say that Fulham is definitely out, and possibly even Arsenal. We can’t rush him back.”

Bad bad news. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the team have coped admirably so far in the absence of Carroll, but we look a much better team when Carroll is in the side. Put bluntly, if you take your top scorer out of the side it will have an impact at some point.

Moving onto Gosling, Pardew revealed this:

“It’s such a shame, because our medical team worked really hard with him,” said Pardew. “Anyway, we’ve brought him back, and in all this time there was a slight swelling that wouldn’t go away.”

“The surgeon suggested we carried on the treatment, and now we think we need to perhaps have a look in this knee. If you’ve got swelling, it’s not right. Unfortunately for Dan, he’s going to have to be patient, and we are too because we got all excited when we thought he was ready to come back.”

The rumour is that Gosling will be out for another month as he continues to recover. Carroll could be out for less than that, or he could be out for more than that. I just hope that the rumours I hear about Carroll’s injury being with him for the rest of his career turn out to be false. The worrying thing is that the same bloke told me Carroll was off to Sweden before it was widely known, and he got that spot on.

Still, fingers crossed!

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52 thoughts on “More injury madness.

  1. Somehow i am starting to have a bad feeling about this latest injury crisis coming up again,maybe is due to the stress in ASP.NET coding,giving me errors. 👿

    I feeling bad events might soon come for the team. Here’s hoping nothing else happens. 😥


  2. Off topic and not nufc related ( or is it ? 😆 )
    But the special one is apparently coming back to the prem. Maybe Liverpool? Can’t see any managers from the top 4 clubs getting sacked except maybe anchelotti but surely he wouldn’t go back to Chelsea. I doubt he would go to a smaller club.


  3. Moreno, so you’ve been saying it for a while so it must be true? What will you say when we do sign someone?


  4. Haven’t seen this mind of injury crisis for a while, and its absence was nice while it lasted. 🙁
    Still, let’s not get carried away. Gosling was a long-termer, so another month (as long as it is just that) is disappointing rather than disastrous. Also, we have plenty of cover in the middle – although I think he was AP’s backup for Joey, so we’re more exposed now.
    AC is certainly a big miss, but we’ve shown that goals can come from a lot of sources, not just strikers. Joey, Nolan and possibly Guthrie will, um, chip in.
    I still think these guys should be obliged to do 4 hours of Ashtanga a week as well as their main training – it has a huge impact on the resilience of players – just ask Gary Speed.


  5. Fergie won’t retire; he’ll just smile knowingly and disappear during a fight with Wenger, leaving a pile of empty clothes and some old chewing gum. He will become more powerful than we can possibly imagine…


  6. Is done deal that Special one will replace SAF once Special One wins everything with RM.

    SAF will keep staying on,till Special one is ready to leave RM. 🙄


  7. Let’s hope that if The Spaccy One does come back, he messes up at SJP like he did with Chelski: use all his subs at half time for no good reason, watch them get the living spudge bashed out of them and end up with eight functioning players and zero points 😈


  8. Must admit, it would make sense for him to take over at Manure. And let’s face it, he is entertaining. An arrogant little berk, but an entertaining one who does actually know what he’s doing most of the time.
    Mind you – he did learn from the best. 😎


  9. I like Mourinho and I think the PL is a worse place without him to be honest.

    At least he will speak to the press unlike Fergie who sends his assistant. Petty ****.


  10. JG,

    ”Moreno, so you’ve been saying it for a while so it must be true? What will you say when we do sign someone?”

    Very pedantic. Just expressing my opinion and belief that we won’t sign anyone, as I have since the window opened.
    What would I say when we do sign someone? Probably ”I wasn’t expecting that, I had thought we weren’t going to sign anyone. By Jingo what a pleasant suprise!”

    The fact you added to this thread with a story about Mourinho apparantly coming back to the prem doesn’t really give you any credibility in my eyes anyway. I could fill this thread with un-related stories about what people are ‘apparantly’ going to do….but I just don’t.

    Got your shoes on?


  11. I’d rather watch an interview with Morinho in any day. I’m always worried that Fergie’s nose will explode all over the camera. And it’s like listening to Rab C Nesbit on Rohipnol.


  12. I can see Mourinho at ManU replacing SAF. The way he has spoken about ManU ine has to think that i his dream job. I could seem him at LPool as well but their supporters are in love with Danglish at the moment.

    i think I’m finally becoming a believer thta we need another striker. Ranger and AC are the team of the future but I don’t think Ranger is yet ready for 90 minutes week in and week out. As for the others, I just don’t think they are good enough to be regulars.

    Shola, Loven, Best for me are all 4th choice type strikers- good for depth but not to be relied on regularly.

    i would like to see AC, a good parnter, ranger as the change of pace/player of the future, and one of Shola/Loven/Best as the 4th.


  13. I would like to see Mourinho to go to a lower league club or small club with nowt to spend and make a success out of it and show us how special he is, Until he does that he will always be behind the likes of Ferguson and Clough IMHO.

    I also admire O’Neill and Wenger more for showing their ability either in non league (MON) and in the arse end of nowhere football wise IE Japan (AW)

    Until then i will always regard him as no better than Dalglish who had success dumped in his lap, until he had a actual job on here which required skill and made a complete fcuking mess of it….


  14. CC
    Posted January 27, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    I would like to see Mourinho to go to a lower league club or small club with nowt to spend and make a success out of it and show us how special he is…

    aye give him hooters phone number & he can give him a few tips on how it’s done.


  15. What is is with websites saying that Ben Arfa’s career could have been ruined?

    Would this not be reasonable to have assumed anyway? I mean the lads leg was flopping all over the place, so until he had the operations of course his career was in the balance.

    It’s like me chopping my thumb aff and saying, ‘well, my thumb movement is in the balance’. No **** Sherlock.

    Headlines for hits 🙄


  16. further to benny boy’s bad leg – carroll & the other lad probably wont play again the season.


  17. Toonsy – yep. Sad. It’s all about the stats and ad revenues for some.

    CC – spot on with Morinho. No doubt he can hold an expensive team together well, but we’ve never seen him deal with anything less than a £300m squad. His idea of tactical genius is taking off one £25m player and putting on another £25m player. Amazingly, it seems to work a lot of the time.
    Let him have a crack at the prem with Blackpool’s squad and see how he measures up to Holloway. 😈


  18. The one thing I got right but didn’t want to, knew it was too similar to the Taylor case of affairs last season 🙁


  19. Roy – It’s one of the things I’m working on. A lot of sites just use a plugin to do it, but I can’t so I have to program it manually, which is frustrating as it’s all trial and error.


  20. well he won the champs leauge with porto ,did the treble last season with inter who arnt the best team in europe if ya kna what a meen


  21. If SAF can still hold on for next few years,Mourinho is always welcomed to NUFC for a short period of wild success before taking Man Utd hotseat 😛


  22. batty – mr chamois leather – can only count to 14.

    the number of rungs on his ladder 😆

    1 to 14 then 14 to 1 – he’s got it off to a t


  23. toonsy – i should move into this – IT – palaver.

    technically it appears i’m a natural. 😎


  24. TOONSY good old roy,its a idea get blogers to put a number on before comment,save ye a heed-ache like 😉


  25. Rest assured Ice, numbers are planned. I’m just waiting for a time when I have some spare time and a couple of articles that are ready to publish so I can crack on with some improvements 😀


  26. Blackpool fined £25,000 by premier League for fielding a weakened team 😯

    So it isn’t a squad game then?


  27. hoy the towel in ? – no chance.

    he’s just the same as the other money grabbers – full’a ****e.


  28. It’s a joke. Why bother having a squad of 25 then if you get fined for playing them? I mean at the end of the day, they are named in the 25 so surely they must understand that those players will get used at some point?

    Blackpool only just lost aswell I think.


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