RIP Nigel Stockley.

Rest in peace Nigel.
It’s with great sadness that I’m bringing you the news that Marktoon’s Dad, Nigel Stockley, sadly lost his battle with cancer and is no longer with us.

It’s only fair that I let you guys know as it means that Mark probably won’t feel like being around for a bit as he and his family come to terms with events of the last day or so, so to stop questions being asked I decided that this was the best way to go about it. Plus it gives me a little chance to give Nigel my own little tribute.

Nigel was responsible for me an Mark actually meeting each other as I used to work with him whilst I was on the Royal Mail. Nige taught me how to do all of these rural routes and introduced me to some of the more colourful characters that hang around these parts, including a strange man in a village called Willoughby who wanders around only in his pants! I found this strange, but Nigel just shrugged it off and told me that I’d get used to it.

Mark’s Dad knew that I went to Newcastle matches sometimes and asked if I would be kind enough to take Mark to a Newcastle match for his birthday as he hadn’t been to a game for a while. I agreed. Usually I don’t like sharing cars with strangers and that, but as it was Nigel’s son I thought ‘why not’ and off we went.

It was Mark who introduced me to blogging by first pointing out Ed’s blog. Of course I quite liked it, then I wrote for .org, and now here we are on In a roundabout way, if Nigel had never introduced me to Mark then I’d probably never bother with blogging and this place would more than likely not be here today.

Nigel was a Sunderland fan (boo, hiss, but he’d expect that off me) but he never stopped Mark from going against the grain and supporting Newcastle. Unlike other Mackems, Nigel actually wanted us to do well as it would make his son happy, apart from when the two sides were playing each other of course!

He was a top man who was kind and considerate and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He was one of Mark’s idols and I count him as one of my greatest friends from my hedonistic youth where I used to roll in to work on the way home from a night up town. He helped people out and adored his family, his wife, his son, his daughters and grandchildren very much. Top class.

Nigel wouldn’t want a fuss made of him and he certainly wouldn’t want a load of sympathy, so don’t let this thread detract from the footy banter. If anything Nigel would prefer that.

I just wanted to use this opportunity to pass on my condolences to Mark and his family and tell them that my thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

RIP Nigel.

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32 thoughts on “RIP Nigel Stockley.

  1. Condolences Mark to you and your family.
    Nice sentiments Toonsy, sounds like he was a top bloke.


  2. Really sorry to hear that Mark. Sounds like a top bloke.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


  3. After seeing him for Blackpool I wouldn’t mind him. Has pace, nice left foot and is direct which I like, wouldn’t say no for a million or so. 😉


  4. TOONSY well done m8.

    mark had my trouble lately too, but cannot say i know how you feel only you know that,but my thoughts are with you and yours.

    all my condolences mate


  5. Mark, So sorry to hear about your Dad. Sounds like he was a great guy and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. Big friend hug from me.


  6. Mark, so sorry to hear about your Dad being taken from you, he was obviously a great person. Deepest condolensces to you.


  7. Always difficult to find the words in these situations Mark, all I can say is to look after yourself man and hope to hear from you soon.


  8. thanks toonsy. i saw that pic of my dad and broke down in tears.
    my dad was the best, the way he fought reminded me of sbr.
    he was a sunderland fan. it was either or in my family with the 2 clubs. my dad was just chuffed i got into football.
    thankyou guys, im struggling but i’ll be strong. i know he’d want me to go to stoke on saturday, my mum agreed.
    guys your amazing!


  9. I had a good old dig around on your Facebook, Mark 😉

    I found some “other” pics as well 😯 is all I’ll say 😉


  10. Sorry to hear of your loss, Mark.

    The cycle of life – a real pisser!

    But keep your chin up – you’ll never forget, but it’ll get better with time.

    Hopefully the lads will give you a win on Saturday…


  11. MarkToon
    Sorry for the loss, my thoughts are with you and everyone in your family. Let’s have a win on Saturday for your Dad ey!!


  12. mark you know what i think m8 🙁 >>> also you have too gan too stoke toonsy owes you 30 quid 😉


  13. Condolences to Mark and family – even though you know it’s coming it never makes it any better when it happens
    Best wishes


  14. Mark
    I’ll say a prayer for you and your family. Deepest sympathies.
    Remember all the good times and even the sad times. All are equally as good in the course of time.

    Whoever said life was fair.

    Do we go five at the back on Saturday and try and take a point hopefully sneaking a win or go 4-4-2
    What position does young Richardson play. If Barton and ireland are out I would rather see him than Guthrie. Best up front with Nolan given licence to roam


  15. Mark, My deepest sympathies also, he is obviously a great friend to you as well as a great dad and a football fan.


  16. thanks again to everyone on behalf of myself and my family.
    these past few days have been the hardest of my life, but i appreciate your words of support!


  17. Mark was thinking about you today mate and it got me thinking about my Mum and Dad and how hard it was to cope at the time but it will get easier.
    The Pain will fade but the memories will grow, and he will always be with you.
    Look after yourself and eachother 😉


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