Nolan wants to “kick” Carroll!

Nolan wants to kick Carroll!
Newcastle don’t actually have a game until next Sunday, which is a good thing in hindsight as it allows the team a bit of rest which will surely help the “tiredness” that the players suffered from against Blackpool on Saturday.

The problem is that the next game is against Liverpool. Now this will surely be a spicy encounter as they seek revenge for the 3-1 defeat they endured at St James’ Park earlier on in the season. They are in a very good run of form at the moment and put five past Birmingham in their home game at the weekend.

Going to Anfield is still a tough proposition, but my utter hatred and contempt for Liverpool leaves me desperately wanting a victory for NUFC. Even a point would do as a point away from home in the Premier League is still a moral victory.

Now to clarify, I’ve always hated Liverpool. I despise them and everything they stand for. I despise their hypocricy and self-righteous actions. I despise the way their fans act. I despise the media fawning over what is essentially a club that just feels sorry for itself. I hate them. And now they have Andy Carroll, I hate them even more!

Which is why it’s nice to hear our Captain saying how he wants Carroll, who is an injury doubt for next Sunday’s game, to play specifically so he can kick him!

“The big man missed out because of an injury, and he doesn’t know how long he will be out,” Nolan told the Shields Gazette. “Hopefully, he’ll be back so I can kick him!”

“I don’t know if I want him to play or not. I do so I can kick him, but I don’t want to him to play because of the threat he can pose.”

“He’s clicking into gear, and he’ll be desperate to play against us. You will see the best of him next year.”

Now the last kick I remember Nolan giving Carroll was on the Gateshead lads arse as he whispered sweet-nothings about Liverpool FC in Carroll’s ears. This was shortly before Nolan appeared on Liverpool TV saying how it was a great move for the lad and how he was really chuffed for him and other such bollocks.

Not what fans, who were gutted at Carroll’s departure, really wanted to see from the club captain in all fairness.

Still, the ultimate way to get one back is to go to Anfield and pick up at least a point. We haven’t won there since 1994, which is a long time ago, so the omens aren’t good! We’ve had some crackers at Anfield over the years though, and I’m sure you all know what I am referring to. The result may not have gone our way, but it was an honour to have watched the following game.

That game is widely regarded as one of the best games the Premier League has ever seen. Everything about it was top notch, apart from the result of: Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle. Amazingly, the very next season, it happened again!

We played crap in that second game as deservedly went 3-0 down, only to somehow peg it back to 3-3. Those were the days!

Trip down memory lane over.

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198 thoughts on “Nolan wants to “kick” Carroll!

  1. I could of joind the game, I was on MW2 and actually contimplated it but couldnt be @rsed with S’n’D 😆


  2. follow me back mate, we might have to meet up for a pint next season if thats what you get up too on your away days 😆


  3. At least we know Barton as an evertonian will be right up for it, desparate for a win in this fixture i’d sacrafice losses in every match afterwards if we got it, would love our defence to strangle Carroll, and maybe get Raylor on to break a few bones as smiffy won’t be here 😀


  4. I’m not sure it’s such a great idea for Lee Hughes to have a Twitter 😕

    One of them “not thought out properly” moves IMO 😆


  5. Ah ha. The Wide Awake Club is wide awake.
    I don’t think any footballer should have a twitter page. Recipe for disaster. If I was a manager I would bam them.

    By the way, I’m off to Whitley Bay today, apparently it’s free to have a look around St Marys Lighthouse. Is that the done building in Spanish City?


  6. I think Twitter can be a good thing. I mean Jose used to crack on with fans, and other players do the same. Lee Hughes though…….. I mean a lot of people are still pissed at him for his incident a while back. Understandable if you feel that way of course, but surely he must know that he’ll get stick from it?


  7. I’ve never really followed them toonsy. Do they not get asked poignant questions like, “what’s the wage cap at the toon” how do they answer those type of questions or do they just answer matters like, directions to St Marys Lighthouse from the town centre?


  8. Bobby – Juts general stuff really. Nowt too incriminating 😉

    Still, it’s nice for the fans to have a bit of contact with their idols IMO 🙂


  9. Toonsy – I’m being serious, how do they answer pertinent questions or do they just ignore them and answer mundane questions like, how do you think you played today?


  10. bobby….hope ya’ve packed ya sarnies for ya day out at St Mary’s, and remember to go to the toilet before you leave! 😉


  11. bobby….I suspect they’re only allowed to answer mundane questions, just a guess tho as I’ve never been on it.


  12. @Richie
    Aye, my lunchbox is huge, two big apples and a banana stuffed in.
    I’ve never seen the light flashing on the Spanish Dome but they reckon it will be operating today.
    By the way, don’t mention Liverpool today in case Toonsy sees it. I mentioned it once yesterday but I think I got away with it. He never noticed!


  13. I think Toonsy is drafting up another thread. He’s been Liverpool, very touchy lately.
    Oops I mentioned it again! Don’t think he’ll notice Heysel notice.
    Doh! 😕


  14. bobby.. 😆 aye I read that last night.

    Yes the light on the “dome” is a beauty to behold, it’ll go with the gleam in your eye as you look at it in awe 😉


  15. Imagine that. Toonsy pulls into a bus station with his coach to pick up a load of tourists. Upon arrival he sees that his new passengers will be 51 Liverpool fans in full red regailia with one Ryan Taylor to make up the numbers

    😯 😯 😯


  16. Bobby – Nah, Megabus. Stagecoach basically. Less hours, closer to home (saving money on travelling), better benefits.

    It’s all part of my pla of being able to drive anything on UK roads. After this I just need a motorbike license 😉


  17. @Richie
    I’ve found Toonsys Achilles heel.
    Anything to do with Liverpool !
    He’s currently chewing the table trying not to bite!

    To be honest Rich, I thought the Heysel disaster was exactly that. Unpremeditated disaster with later tribunals finding guilt of 14 Liverpool fans and football authorities.
    Liverpool fans the world over must not take the blame for a mindless minority.
    If it wasn’t for modern policing and modern stadia then these disasters would be a common occurrence and many clubs would be in the same boat.

    Don’t mention it to Toonsy though, he’ll go off it if he knows I’ve brought it up again. 😉


  18. It would be ******* class if it was 😆

    If I get a red bus if I go do the olympics I’ll take a pic of it just for him 😉


  19. Bobby…disasters were waiting to happen and eventually did. I remember being away to Man utd in the 80’s and after the match we were pouring of the terraces and down the tunnels to leave, not knowing that the cops had shut all the external gates. There was a huge crush under the stands as people still pushed in from the terraces. Eventually the sheer weight of bodies caused the gates to pop open thank f*ck……. mind the police then thought we’d delibrately broke thru the gates so the mounted coppers came flying in swinging their batons…..God I miss the 80’s 🙄


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