Chelsea 2-2 Newcastle – Video highlights.

Some video highlights of the 2-2 draw with Chelsea for you all to enjoy now. Fill your boots!

Branislav Ivanovic gave Chelsea the lead before Jonas Gutierrez deflected a Ryan Taylor free-kick past Petr Cech to level the scores.

Alex gave the home side the lead again seven minutes from time before Steven Taylor popped up in stoppage time to nod home and grab a deserved share of the points from a ground where we traditionally struggle.

For a more detailed account of the game you can read the match review or you recount the reaction minute by minute by reading the busiest Chelsea v Newcastle match thread on the net by clicking here.

Howay the lads!

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187 thoughts on “Chelsea 2-2 Newcastle – Video highlights.

  1. TBH I have never really seen owt on this blog that warranted a red, maybe just a quiet word to tell someone to wind their neck in, which is one of the things that I really like about this Blog.
    I just think that Toonsy is that close to the blog as its his ( Baby) that he takes it as a personal attack but I dont really think it is personal 🙁


  2. Toonsy I dont really need to tell you what I think of you or the Blog mate, but sometimes I think you should turn the monitor off and go for a smoke and something to eat maybe 😆 and dont let it get to you. maybe even see if Troy can get you some of them funny smokes as he said he would do you a discount 😀 😉


  3. dave divent start groviling now that you have upset him 😆 if iam truthfull bobby i do think DJG directs it at toonsy where you just do it for a laugh like the rest of us


  4. Just caught the first few posts there…Drogba or Berbatov? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Christ I am going to have to go for a lie down I must be seeing things. Imagine we had won today? Ronaldo and Messi!


  5. Oi oi big Dave !

    Hoo man ! Proper cush words of advice that like Dave!
    That DJG and Shinton seem pure proper top charva’s like so if a was Toonsy a would promote them to admin staff or even generals!

    Tell yi what am ganna dee. Pop doon Toonsys on me BMX and drop some tack off.

    Here Toonsy al be roond yours in 20 mins. Divvent worry cos am surveillance aware like and the bizzies cannit keep up with is when am on whizz and a use me short cuts thro the dene!

    Pure liberty takers the bizzies like!

    Toonsy am on route noo!

    Toon ! Toon!


  6. Batty I get what your saying but Toonsy and DJG have always been at eachother and I think that will always be the case 😕 , but I was just answering Bobby that I didn’t think he had said owt to warrant a red thats all I was saying 😉


  7. @batty & Dave

    I haven’t watched closely to their banter but I think Dave summed it up pretty well.
    Toonsy seems to take things personally but maybe cos it’s his blog.

    I think everyone on here appreciates the effort he puts in.


  8. been watching WHam v Wigan on sky.
    Parker = wank
    Ba = wank
    Nzog = wank
    C Cole = wank
    I dont want any of these players (back) at the toon next season


  9. Beardsleys Boots

    If Ba scores 2 when he is playing wank then surely that bodes well for when he plays well. Don’t you think a £5m is even worth it?


  10. Ba – 1st header was a good one. 2nd was going in anyway, nowt special, just bundled it in. Rest of the game utter garbage. There is some underlying knee problem too. So NO not worth £5M.
    WHam are relegated for a reason. Thier players are not good enough.
    NUFC can and will find better than those no hopers.
    I’ll go ****ing ape if N’sulk comes back here 👿 👿


  11. To be fair to Toonsy – when I first helped start the now renamed “.wankytissue” I used to want to ban a few that only came on to criticise the thread or me – luckily I didn’t know how to ban folk nor did I get any support from Mr SpendFraudulentlyRaisedBlogMoneyForRentBoysinThailand – so it went by and I realised it for me. Its just you do these things for the benefit of others and its tough to take when criticism is directed at you as its a lot of work – and I had done hardly anything and compared to Toonsy I had done 0.0000001 percent

    So in the interest of fairness and balance – Toonsy – please ban Booby 😆


  12. @167

    Zog wank? Scored two good goals…

    I’d love to how Zog back its what we need, a winger who can cross, score goals, take set pieces and if Wigan go down we could get him on the cheap.

    When people say he was moody etc, to be fair I don’t blame him he was playing under Joe Kinnear 😆


  13. Beardsley-Agree on Parker and Cole, absolutely shocking players, let em rot at WH. Ba is good, but we have enough crocked players to go and spend on more.

    Zog though, absolutely quality,i’ve no doubt if it wasn’t for him Wigan would be on about 20points this season with relegation confirmed weeks if not months ago. Taking him back depends on personality though..


  14. nzog is a nob mate , he hates newcastle so i hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the lil ****


  15. Army he doesn’t hate us, he wanted out but I wouldn’t say its the same thing like


  16. why did he want out? 2 be at a bigga club!! wigan lol , hes a silly boy that didnt like playing for the toon mara


  17. True, but was Kinnear your proper cup of tea? If Zog were to appologise to Newcastle United as a club and to its fans would you take him back? Its a question on whether he’s matured and he doesn’t seem to have caused much fuss in wigan despite it being a sh1te club.

    Plenty of people would like to see Bellamy back and he was a *******. Seen people wanting Given back and he abandoned us. Not saying we should defo be in for him or anything, but its worth consideration.


  18. Pardew had a great game, btw. Just thought I’d mention that as nobody else seems to be saying it.

    Played the tactical cards right, even to the point of withdrawing Ameobi into midfield when the young ‘uns came on.


  19. Bris – I’ve got a thread coming up about that. Nit do much his tactics, which I agree he got spot on (Jonas has made a case fir never playing on the left again after the way he performed yesterday in an unfamiliar role), but about pardew in general 😉


  20. @newkie

    The only difference between bellamy and the others, Bellamy was kicked about by the idiot souness and never wanted to leave. (just like Carroll ).
    The others made it clear they wanted to leave.


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