Does Alan Pardew ‘get it’?

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Pardew is after some hope and belief.
I think it’s fair to say that Alan Pardew was not the first name on the lips of fans when it came to finding a replacement for Chris Hughton.

Well he soon was the name on the lips of those fans as he was appointed as Hughton’s successor and was given a long-term contract, whatever they mean these days, to boot. Pardew doesn’t have the full backing of the fanbase and some view him as a mouthpiece for Mike Ashley, a puppet if you like. I personally think that is harsh and will get behind him, as will the vast majority of Newcastle fans.

I actually think he has done alright. He’s had to cope with a horrendous injury list aswell as the loss of our main striker, but he has still helped guide the team to comfortable safety. Would Hughton have done that? We’ll never know and, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

This summer is the key period for Pardew. He has a chance to put his own stamp on things and spend money transforming the squad in the hope of making sure the club progresses up the league. To do that though he’ll need the backing of the men upstairs.

That is the main thing that is worrying fans more than anything in my opinion. Will Ashley give his man the tools to do the job with? Pardew seems to echo that sentiment when he spoke about the fans after the draw at Chelsea.

“You can’t take that support for granted. You’ve got to give them hope and belief,” Pardew said. “They saw a few young players today, and they’ll be waiting for a few big new players to come in.”

“A performance like that will give the owner belief as well, that we’re doing things in the right way. If I was the owner, I’d think my investment was a bit more secure.”

“Newcastle is a big, big club. We want to attract one or two big players and bring on one or two young players. Those are the advances you need if you want to be successful.”

Now you can kind of forget figures, forget numbers, forget names. That is all guesswork. What I am interested in is the very first line of that quote – “You can’t take that support for granted. You’ve got to give them hope and belief.”

I think, despite his misgivings, despite all the accusations of talking too much, despite all the accusations of being a puppet, that Alan Pardew actually gets it. I think he is one of the only managers who understands us and knows what we are looking for.

It’s a stark contrast to the likes of Graeme Souness, Kenny Dalgish and Ruud Gullit. None of those ‘got it’. None of them really understood what we look for in terms of football at St James’ Park. It’s a theatre of dreams and, as Pardew says, if you don’t give those who pay to watch the team a bit of hope and belief then they will soon resent you.

Time will tell whether Pardew can make do. Time will tell whether or not he can persuade the owner to back him, but at least he seems to be on the right track. Being the manager of Newcastle United is not easy, but if you can keep the fans on side and give them a little bit back they will get behind you.

This season has been a backs against the wall, us against the world kind of affair which has unified our support. It’s been turbulent at times, but stadium protests have been few and far between and we have remained behind the team on the whole. Next season is different though. The expectations will be that bit higher and this is where Pardew must make do on all of these words.

If he can do that he’ll be fine by me!

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62 thoughts on “Does Alan Pardew ‘get it’?

  1. Fair post and a reasonable assessment of the reality of the corridors of power.
    Of course Pardew’s right in saying he’s got to give Ashley hope and have faith in any transfer proposals he makes.
    He’ll be after spending a lot of money and in any business, he’ll have to put forward a strong business case to do so. He’ll need to convínce Ashley that any investment will produce a return in terms of improvement in on-field performance – value for money.
    We’ve got to hope his judgement is sound and that’s the real unknown.


  2. Agree, was def on the Pardwho fence when he replaced Hughton and still think he likes the sound of his own voice a bit much. On the flip side he has us playing decent football and it looks like we actually go out to win every game
    Like you say, he has a better relationship with Llambias and Ashley so we can only hope they’ll back him in transfer window
    Not very nice of you bringing up daglish, souness, gullit and the like, dreadful football memories before my breakfast, poor show


  3. @hitman

    He should be arrested. He claims it was a replica.

    Oh right Nile, we’ll believe what you tell the club.

    As if he’s going to say it’s real !

    He’s an idiot!


  4. Anyone else think Ameobi (Shola) did well when he dropped back to midfield?

    He seemed to mop every loose ball up – and it must have been a proud day for his folks to have both their sons on the pitch at the same time. I was chuffed for them


  5. Booby

    I just looked idiot up in the dictionary – it says “one who finds the worst, drunken, short sighted tattooist in the world and then pays their shakey hand to scribe “Newcastle FC United” on their arm with a knitting needle when drunk.

    Know anyone like that? 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  6. I thought seeing Kaz and Sami confirmed to me how well Shane Ferguson is doing. Not saying the lads didn’t do well but in comparison to Shane….
    I feel he is well ahead of them in development. Fergie plays with total confidence

    Pardew is methodical in his approach to everything (except public speaking) and I think the players will be thoroughly scouted and assessed before bringing in reducing the chance of the club getting it wrong. None of this, wasn’t Pqtrick Kluivert mint at Barca? Let’s sign


  7. Agreed Stardy and it’s interetsting that the Gruaniad gave Shane Ferguson Man of the Match too. It’s a shame he took the clattering he did and let’s hope the damage’s reparable.

    The lad appears to have so much potential but I hope that MA doesn’t lose sight of the fact that he, like Sam Ameobi, Tavernier et al are youngsters who need to be nurtured and not assume they’re the finished article.

    A superb result and way beyond any expectations I was harbouring.

    Let’s hope we get the oustanding contract issues and transfer business sorted quickly.


  8. Stardust-I thought Bambi was alright actually, when he drops back he can dispossess the opposition fairly effectively and then distribute a decent ball, unlike loven who just sprints around 😕 Genuinely thought Shola was underrated as a link when we were playing him behind Carroll all those months back now.


  9. you acctually think hes doen alright??????/ what were expecting from alan pardew like , top 6? mate hes done mint for the squad we have , well done pardue , you have kept us up and up well


  10. @stardust

    Which dictionary are you looking at? I’ve got the Oxford English here and Idiot is defined as;

    Person who last season rated Nile Ranger as a top striker expected to push Carrolls nose out.
    A person who wanted to sell Carroll for £2m.
    A person who spent months on end professing his undying love for Mike Ashley on this blog, only for you to be the last in the world to realise as Ashley is a ****.
    A person who changed his name by deed poll from Smith to Stardust.
    A person who wears Lee stone wash jeans to go clubbing as recently as January 2010 only to be laughed out of the place by his mates.
    A person who polishes the bald patch on the crown of his head only for it to smear and run when it started to rain.

    I’ll check the Collins dictionary shortly. 😛


  11. get ranger out of newcastle united!!! in every way its pointless him playing for us , there shudnt be pics of him in the sun with a gun , thats disgusting plaus the lad aint gud enuf 4 us!! sell him!! simply not gud enuf 4 us


  12. Batty – nah but Booby has a RabC double scoop these days – he dresses like a 16 year old – especially crop tops and sleeveless tops – its horrendous


  13. @batty

    He’s got spikey black hair with a bald crown which he polishes with boot polish ! 😛

    If that picture is recent I would sell him immediately. He’s already been convicted for robbery which involved a gun which resulted in a custodial sentence.
    I don’t want my money spent on a little waster like that .
    He’s allegedly on £8k per week. Well that’s £8k a week too much in my opinion.


  14. @stardy

    Batty knows different. He’s got access to my facebook. 😛


  15. The club didn’t have the balls to sack Barton when they should have, so I doubt they’ll get shot of Ranger when he hasn’t actually broken the law.


  16. I’m usually pretty critical on Ranger’s behavior but if i’m honest I don’t really see the big deal, the Sun is just trying to make a big deal out of it.


  17. yes stardy me and bobby are aranging a littlt surprise for you ,were best buddys now and always talk aboot you on facebook 😆


  18. Toonsy.

    I see the Sun’s giving a free Lego toy with each paper.

    What reader inducments have you got planned?



  19. Ranger’s a young kid who got in with a bad crowd, the kid needs to be supported not villified.


  20. I’ve always stuck up for Ranger, its a shame because you can see he has the ability…Shame he thinks he’s some gangster wannabe. A Premier League footballer cant be seen holding a gun, whether its fake or not.

    Loaning him out next season could be the best thing for him.


  21. Peope are pathic, like none of us have ever posed with a gun. Its done as a joke.
    I covered a story here in South Africa where the Shaolin Monks came over for a show.
    They had a police escourt and they all posed with the police holding the unloaded R4 rifles.

    Yes, he’s had a bad past, but he’s still a kid just having fun.


  22. my son has pics with him posing with loads of guns ,even a rocket launcher and hes not a thug 🙂


  23. Nile Ranger whether he likes it or not is a role model, posing with a hand gun sends out the wrong message and says all there is too about this guy…………an idiot who admires the gangland culture.


  24. Selbymag – 😛 HAHa, thats right and he rarely hits his target. 😆 😆 😆


  25. I havn’t seen the pics of Ranger above but I seen pics a couple of yrs ago of him posing with a handgun.
    I know its not right but he is only a youngun, and like it or not younguns think guns are cool.
    It could be worse he could have been like Tino and I cant remember people baying for his head.
    Bobby when are you getting us them pics of Stardust 😉


  26. Ranger is safe with a gun man. People have obviously seen goal exploits and know there is no danger of him finding the target 😆

    TGS – its going alright mate. 45 Minutes late and en route to London. I’m only passenger though so its not my fault 😆


  27. My kids pose with guns all the time, got a few pics of them shanking some people as well, kids will be kids – give Ranger a break


  28. I am starting to warm to the idea of N’Zogbia possibly coming back, he has been superb for Wigan this season.

    Naturally there are doubts surrounding his attitude etc, a lot of it was down to JFK playing him at LB and preferring Duffer on the wing.

    Scope for a thread maybe ❓


  29. Toonsy,can you help create some rumors by saying this.



    I would love him to give quality competition for the spot of DM. 😆


  30. Can’t believe the excusal attitude of some of yous regarding Ranger.

    This is a person who openly admits he loved gangland culture.
    He’s been in a young offenders institute for his part in an armed robbery.
    He’s been kicked out of Southampton for bad behaviour.
    He’s been warned time after time about his behaviour by hoots and the players.
    Pardew has had to warn up.
    He then is seen holding a gun. How does anyone know he hasn’t committed a criminal offence as one of you suggests?
    How do you know ifs a replica? Because he said so?
    That may never be known but he needs arresting and the opportunity to prove it was a replica because I would hate to think it was one of his friends and someone gets killed by it.

    He’s almost 20 yrs old. With his background, position and knowledge of guns, he should be setting an example to others by disassociating himself with guns and stop glamourising them.

    Shame on yous who have that excusal attitude. It stinks! 😥


  31. As someone has said: if that pic is recent then they should look further into it, but even then you have to apply some realism.
    If a club with a strategy based around bringing through teenagers is going to start sacking players that do things like that, we’ll have no squad inside of a year.
    My guess is that this is from a while back and that the Sun is just doing more ****-stirring.


  32. Anyway – back to AP. Am I right in thinking his win rate is one of the worst in our history, while CH had the best?

    Means nowt, but it’s interesting. I’m yet to be totally convinced, but I generally like the way he conducts himself and I think he’s done well to keep momentum going through some very difficult times.

    Next up is for him to prove his transfer credentials, which didn’t start well in January. He’s got a great scouting team out there; I hope he can work with them to bring us more Bennys and Cheiks, with some Willos and Simpsons thrown in too.

    (Anyone else think Defoe needs a change of scene?)


  33. BS9 – I would agree with you IF you had any reason to believe that it’s a real gun and a recent pic. If it is, he deserves to be dragged over the coals, but it’s a world away from the stuff Joey’s done. Chances are it’s a pic taken on a phone by some woman years ago of him with a replica gun.
    Bad choice, but it’s hardly on a par with kicking some kid half to death, is it?


  34. @whumpie

    You say;
    If a club with a strategy based around bringing through teenagers is going to start sacking players that do things like that, we’ll have no squad inside of a year.

    Eh? Sorry? Have I missed something? Name one other player who you have seen brandishing a gun? 😕
    Recent or not, I am contacting the police.


  35. @whumpie

    I fail to see how you dismiss it and miss the point.
    How do you know it’s not a real gun?
    He says so?


  36. I’ve left a copy of the sun on the front counter of the local nick. 😆


  37. Whumpie,

    There are some mitigating circumstances for Pardew’s win rate – he’s been without Carroll, had hoorendous injuries, didn’t get any support in the transfer window and had some god awfully difficult games.

    Summer will be his biggest test.


  38. Stuart – Plus hughtons win rate is boosted by having a team thatlook like it will finish in the top ten in the premier league playing in the championship 😉


  39. Whumps Steve Harper also hold our clean-sheet record but would you consider him our best ever goalie? The championship season threw up some pretty complimentary stats to be fair


  40. Bobby did you say hi to troy while you were at the nick, or is that why you were there.
    Re Ranger as I said I dont know if its a recent pic because i havn’t seen the pic in question, but as I said I seen one couple of yrs back.


  41. @big Dave

    I remember the one from a couple of years back but that had Batty standing with Ranger holding a colt 45 each. That was taken before they robbed lloyds bank on gosforth high street. 😛 🙄 😯


  42. BSN9,
    I commend you on your post regarding Ranger, he is an absolute knacka and needs his wings clipped. 😉


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