Will Forster’s Celtic charm pave the way for Krul?

Forster looking elsewhere for footy?
Yesterday Fraser Forster waxed lyrically πŸ˜† about his loan club Celtic. However suspicious minds may start to think that he is trying to conjure a move north of the border.

Our goalkeepers have generated great debate over the years, especially right now as we have two up-and-coming lads who are roughly the same age and will go head-to-head for the number one shirt at some point in the very near future. Unfortunately there will be a loser in that battle, and in my mind the loser will soon be leaving St James’ Park.

Neither Fraser Forster or Tim Krul are going to want to play second fiddle for years like Steve Harper did. Both of them are bright prospects and both of them would attract interest if they were available. Forster has received glowing reports wherever he has been while Krul is earmarked to be the next great Dutch ‘keeper. Neither are the finished product yet, but both of them could have an excellent future in the game if they continue to grow.

Which is why I feel Fraser Forster is hedging his bets by lauding Celtic. This is what he had to say on the matter.

β€œCeltic’s a fantastic club with a fantastic history and with the chance to go and play in Europe. This is a chance to go and win stuff.”

β€œSo there’s a lot of positives about this club, it’s definitely a team on the up. The manager’s been brilliant and everyone in the place is all pushing in the same direction.”

β€œBut I’m a Newcastle player at the end of the day, so I’ll just see what happens.”

Interesting words there. It seems as though Fraser has half an eye on a move to Celtic again next season, or perhaps even permanently. Granted he may win stuff at Celtic, but winning anything in Scotland is only an achievement if you play for a club outside of the Old Firm. It’s a bit like ten people running an egg and spoon race but only giving two teams an egg.

No word of trying to fight for his place, which is most disappointing in my view. Fair enough he probably enjoyed his time at Celtic, but as he rightly states, he is a Newcastle player so should be looking at trying to make an impact at the club who actually owns him rather than fluttering his eyelashes elsewhere.

Of course there is nothing to suggest that Forster won’t come back and claim the No1 jersey for himself, but if he is mindful of moving away from the club then perhaps that will affect his game and consequently his performance in his push for the No1 spot.

Which could mean that Tim Krul’s time could come sooner rather than later.

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36 thoughts on “Will Forster’s Celtic charm pave the way for Krul?

  1. I can understand his sentiments. He’s playing regular football at Celtic and that wouldn’t be the case at the Toon. Celtic are a huge club who play European football every season.

    It would be a shame to see him move on but if the coach and manger don’t see him breaking through in the next couple of seasons that I wouldn’t blame him for moving North of the border.

    I know fosters dad is a north east judge but with a name like Fraser Foster he must have Scottish roots.


  2. Celtic aren’t as big as the toon, they get into Europe every season by virtue of being in a 2 club league and promptly get knocked out at first stage
    win stuff – wtf wants to win Scottish cup, it’s on par with inter toto and winning Scottish league is no better than winning championship imo


  3. He comes across generally as someone very sensible and should have a decent career whether it is at Newcastle or not is a tough decision. You can go through all the options for next season and ahead and come up with a different solution each time.

    Missed the threads yesterday but my thoughts are that Ranger has been let down by his reptile mates and he should choose his friends more wisely.

    And congratulations to the young guns on Sunday and to think the best of the bunch Harris Vuckic wasn’t amongst them


  4. Forster’s had 2 seasons as a first choice keeper even if it’s been at league 1 and lower level πŸ˜‰ so it’ll be hard for him to come back and be number 2 let alone number 3.


  5. @Toby
    Don’t bring the ranger issue up again. πŸ™„

    I informed the police in case none of them read The Sun. I saw their armed response surrounding his house this morning holding the newspaper I lent them. πŸ˜†

    The fact of the matter is, if the Toon really believe in Forster then I can’t see them letting him go without a fight.


  6. Forster has not been tested very much at Celtic this season. He has had an easy ride thru, mainly due to the poor opposition in that league.
    Many games he has kept a clean sheet, but has never had a save to make. But when he has been put under the occasional pressure he has conceeded goals.
    Seriously he aint that good people. He is a bit of a lurch due to his sheer size, and he’s not as agile as Krul nor as commanding in his box as Harper.
    Head to head he isn’t fit to lace Harpers n Kruls boots and if Celtic really want him then I would offload him in an instant.
    Plus have you seen the size of his skull, and bottom jaw ffs the blokes a freak 😯 lol.


  7. “Sunderland look to have lost the plot on the pitch with 11 defeats from their last 13 games… claiming just four points from the available 39 since January”


    “Bruce’s side has lost seven out of their last nine home matches, and one of those was a scrambled injury-time draw against Newcastle.”

    Priceless :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  8. Talking of the sweatys – where’s funky jesus – not seen him since his “other team” lost out on the title?

    Maybe it all got a bit much for him and he threw himself in a deep fat fryer. πŸ˜†


  9. I think Forster will be loaned out again next season.

    Got my first A level exam today, just want to get them all done and out the way.


  10. Back in gods country for a couple of days while
    I’m off sick and wides working at Newcastle
    college. If anyone knows someone who works at the college can they persuade them to give my wife a job so we can move up here and I can get
    my season ticket back!


  11. send him back next season on another full-loan. If necessary do the same thing again the year after that! Maybe try him in a few foreign leagues


  12. fraser is mad if he wud rather play in a division of that calibre , the prem is the way forward for him in everyway and imo he will learn more if he cums 2 newcastle and the prem.


  13. off topic but I seriously hope wet spam give blunderland a good stuffing on sunday.
    Best finish to the league ever :mrgreen:


  14. BB – agree totally. This is actually more fun than walzing the CCC last year (and that was pretty good – especially my first pitch invasion).

    Incredible that we’re going into the last game with the possible end position varying from 14th to 8th! So much to play for.

    Hate to say it, but I hope Citeh nick 3 points off Stoke tonight. Can’t stand the money boys, but we need Stoke to not increase their tally.

    “9th”. Doesn’t that sound nice? :mrgreen:


  15. Q Why do seagulls fly upside down over Sunderland.
    A There is nothing below worth crapping on. πŸ˜†


  16. I know Bruce is not a bad man, but I have to take the piss out of this wonderful quote:

    “I keep telling you, without seven or eight first teamers, and your back four, you simply can’t do it. It is like going to war with a pop-gun.”

    Yep. It’s not like you could lose even more than that, field half a dozen teenagers and go get a point at Stamford Bridge. πŸ˜†

    Ok, below the belt. But it does go to show just how brilliant wor lads were on Sunday. Total respect for all concerned. :mrgreen:


  17. Andrew, are you sure it wasn’t for the one we had last season because it says 10/11 season at the top?


  18. If we do announce another friendly I hope it’s at home!

    On Thursday the whole squad are going to be at different NUFC stores signing the top which comes out.

    Shame am not getting it till August πŸ™


  19. Hoping we can get Krul a good loan club next season-Maybe Norwich? Think it would really help his development, and then allow Forster to get some first team experience which would make him keener to prove his worth I reckon. Then we’d probably know by the season after who wants it most/who deserves it. Be brilliant if we could keep them both but can’t see either one doing a harps πŸ™


  20. BB – I’m nit paying for something I don’t like. It doesn’t change my support of the team one bit but I don’t see why I should just blindly purchase a shirt I dislike. Call it my protest against shoddy **** if you like. I didn’t buy the last one either!


  21. Got you Toonsy, I thought you were refering to the driving 😯

    I’ll make my mind up when i get to see it properly.

    I keep thinking about that yellow thing from last season, but actually it was quite a lucky shirt for us lol

    Could be a similar thing this time too, you never know. πŸ˜€


  22. NewkieBrown Norwich have been rumored to want Foster back at their place for next season , i think that would be the best move . A season long loan move to a club he already knows and in the premiership , best for all parties and krul can stay with us and try to force his way past Harper .


  23. At comment No. 2

    hahaha! Celtic aren’t as big as the toon????

    Lets look at that….

    Celtic are established as a club with an estimated 10M fans throughout the world, Newcastle have three quarters of Newcastle supporting them. Newcastle isn’t even a big city!

    WTF wants to win the Scottish cup? The better question is what have Newcastle ever won? Post wars, you’ve won the championship! The Championship! It’s been 56 years since you won the FA cup!

    Or what have celtic done in Europe in the last 10 years? UEFA cup final, the quarter finals, last 16 of the CL twice and the CL groups a further 3 times. Where did Newcastle go? The Intertoto cup? Well done lads.

    It’s easy to patronise the Scottish Leagues, where they only get by with the income they generate from their fan base, not the TV money that get squandered in the EPL. If Newcastle played in the SPL, do you think you’d win it with the same resources? Or would Celtic have a better crack at the EPL with your resources?

    Good luck next year lads.


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