What is going on at NUFC?

What's going on with these two?
Apologies if anyone feels like this is old news, but due to work this is the first chance I’ve had to have my say on the whole Joey Barton contract saga.

It appears that the bottom line at the minute is that Joey Barton will see out the final year of his contract before leaving on a free at the end of the next season. With news also circulating that Kevin Nolan is now stalling on a new contract is has left me, and I’m sure many others, wondering just what is going on at NUFC.

You see to me it isn’t as cut and dry as some are making out. Quite a few people are blaming the club for the situation that we find ourselves in at the moment. Fair enough, each to their own and that. I personally feel that there is blame on all sides. I mean didn’t Barton and Nolan themselves say that a deal had been agreed between them and the club not so long back? So what happened?

I think at least a part of all this is just the game between agent, player and club when it comes to contract negotiations. We saw a very similar thing with Steven Taylor not so long back and he ended up signing a new long-term deal. If Barton and Nolan really love the club, the fans, the city as much as they say they do you can be pretty certain that this won’t be the end of contract talks.

Just when things look like they are going alright there is something that crops up to bring us back down again. I don’t know all of the details so it’s hard to apportion blame, but I’m willing to bet that agents and the club have come to a head again. We know that Llambias can’t be trusted, but neither can Barton’s agent Willie McKay – remember he was banned from acting as an agent at one point due to ‘irregularities’ concerning deals that he was involved in.

So while things may be at an impasse at the moment I don’t believe for one second that everything is done and dusted and that it’s as black and white as it seems. There are many permutations that could happen from here on in and I guess as fans we have to hope that some of those permutations end up in our favour.

Just on a sidenote, I see Joey Barton has opened up his own Twitter account where, judging by some of his tweets thus far, he’ll be having a go at people. Must be this new mature and level-headed Joey Barton kicking in again! Mind you, does anyone actually know whether or not it’s a real account as yet? I know I don’t….

It’s good for entertainment though…

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37 thoughts on “What is going on at NUFC?

  1. There are some huge ego’s involved here so it could take a while so I agree, it’s far from over.

    I just get frustrated with the ‘this is the end of world’ view & the hysterical responses at such an early stage.

    Okay they might be right which gives them the opportunity to say ‘I told you so’ but ain’t nothing anyone can do to influence what will happen.


  2. I’ve managed to find him on twitter (if it is him). How do you tweet? Can’t work that bit out?


    I know Barton said he was ready to sign up in January until it all went pete tong with the sale of Carroll.
    Again, we don’t know whether he had been offered a contract but just expected a better deal than transpired.

    I know I bleat on about the regime but it suggests to me, listening to 3 of our top players in, Carroll, Jose and Barton and ex manager Keegan, there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes which causes anger, resentment and feelings of being betrayed and let down.

    I don’t think it’s a way to run a successful club.

    What do you think? 😕


  3. @bobby

    Despite you seemingly ignoring my comments to you yesterday but didn’t Barton’s agent come out & say the club had been extremely supportive when he was having issues. Doesn’t sound like betrayal to me…Nolan also stated the club had been fantastic.

    And I think Keegan is a very bitter man (rightly or wrongly) so I take his comments with a pinch of salt.

    For me, the main issue & where I agree with you is the players concerns regarding ambition. Well the club can do something about that…


  4. @witters

    Sorry mate. No I wasn’t ignoring your comments. I was very busy yesterday, flitting in and out and did read but never had enough time to comment on individual posts.

    Do you not think Bartons agent has to play the party line? He can’t slag the club off yet until he knows there’s no chance of them renegotiating?
    Barton has already indicated he’s annoyed and will reveal the truth on twitter.
    Jose has openly said the club have not kept promises and Carroll has stated they lied to the fans regarding his sale.
    The tribunal at Keegans departure stated the club had lied to them.

    There’s a big pattern emerging.

    Carroll, Jose and Barton. 3 of our best look like they are gone and all in their prime.


  5. the daily fail are saying we have had a 5mill bid rejected for the zog..that carnt be reet. 🙄


  6. @hitman

    Where are the articles on Nolan ? I haven’t read his comments.


  7. hitman
    Posted May 27, 2011 at 7:57 AM

    “the daily fail are saying we have had a 5mill bid rejected for the zog”

    At £5 million I can’t say I’m surprised 😆


  8. Bobby @ 7 – There are no comments as such, no quotes if you like, but The Mail seem to reckon that Nolan is stalling on a new deal.


  9. aye toonsy more false bids so it looks like there really really trying 😆
    boby the daily fail and the dikheads site .org


  10. For me, it’s no good Pardew stating publicly, he wants and needs to keep his best players and then the club giving them naff contract offers and selling them.

    If this continues, Pardew is going to be the next to blow up.

    How do we attract potential players when they see the current stars exiting?

    Recipe for disaster unless some compromise prevails.


  11. Apology accepted Bobby! 😉

    Didn’t Barton’s agent also say he’d stay but only if the club were sold…that’s not towing the party line?!? It’s hardly going to endear him the Ash & Dekka…


  12. As soon as Barton’s agent said that to me it makes it pretty cut and dry that Barton will be gone this summer. Now I know people will say “fair play Joey” for speaking out etc etc, but like it or not they are his bosses. I’m sure many people don’t like their boss, but at the end of the day you just keep quiet and get on with it because you know that if you speak out it’s likely you’ll be out of a job and will have to find another place to work.


  13. Off-topic but I bought a car off Bonnie Tyler the other day.

    Never again. Every now and then it falls apart.


  14. Bobbyshinton, Yes the pattern is sell all saleable assets, just because we had one promotion and a survival season, a lot of fans refuse to see what is going on. We have just been shafted in the last window with our best forward sold and spent the last half of the season watching the remaining pathetic forward line labouring, now the same fans are coming down on the side of the board against Nolan and Barton even before they know the facts.
    Where is Pardew in all of this, surely he cant want a team full of cheap alternatives like Perch, Rtaylor, Ameobi, Lovenkrands etc because thats where we are heading.


  15. Cashley is gambling with the club again. He just cant help himself the fat ****.
    He is hedging his bets that he can sell these lads on against them staying another year and leaving on a free.
    Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to see new contracts being offered to those that have stayed come the end of august.
    Then it will be all over the papers how bad the players are for rejecting new contracts. I wouldn’t blame them all for running down their contracts and leaving for nowt.


  16. For me it looks pretty simple. The club are just trying to get the big wage earners off their books, whether good players or not.

    Jose, Collo and Jonas could be their next targets.


  17. As for bidding 5m for Nzogbia wtf!

    It cannit be right. We would be the only club in the world who thinks a player who gets better once he leaves is worth less!


  18. @toonsy

    You say;

    sure many people don’t like their boss, but at the end of the day you just keep quiet and get on with it because you know that if you speak out it’s likely you’ll be out of a job and will have to find another place to work.

    That’s in our real world. Not footballers who are financially secure no matter what, but I agree, if Barton slags off the club there is no comeback.
    It looks like he’s made his mind up he’s leaving. The damage is already done.


  19. Bobby WHERE do you get your information from?
    The only current avenue we have for Joey’s ‘voice’ is his unverified Twitter account.
    Who cares what his agent says, they always stir up trouble.
    And also Steve “Carroll on a 5yr contract was forced out” Wraith talks so much sh*t it’s untrue.

    If you are going to believe what Wraith has said her then surely it contradicts what you think about Carroll? Barton has said he’ll play here next season regardless, why didnt Carroll do the same ….(answer=he eiter wanted more money or he was off)


  20. I dont know, I think JB may yet sign the 2 yr extension, and take it from there.
    Its a bit of a sick joke all this 👿


  21. @solano

    The quotes about Barton came from Steve Wraiths talktoon website not twitter.

    If Wraith is lying then it would be foolish as he relies on these players for charities etc and only last week Wraith and Barton were together at one.

    Catch up fella. 🙄


  22. Barton will sign.. The club is right to play hardball as it’s just his agent stirring up the cr@p. Tell Barton that after 4 years playing 60 odd games for 60k a week he has 3 options.
    A) sign on and be happy that he gets to play in front of 50 000 fans who have forgiven him.
    B) play out his contract carrying water for the reserve team and see how much wigan/stoke or any other smaller team will pay 40k wages for a player who has been a 30 yr old waterboy for a season.
    Or C) be transfer listed and sold this window… And watch as Willie McKay tells him to sign on as he can’t be a part of the negotiations after being part of the sale from man city as per fifas regulations. Just like he was stung and banned from transfer activity by breaching this rule with Benjani’s transfers.

    McKay is looking out only for himself and will realise that option A offers the best guaranteed payday for himself.


  23. Morning lads. Why do we always take the difficult route. After just being promoted, we sack our manager, then as things start to settle, we sell our best striker. Fair enough it was for very good ,money and that can be invested in this window.But then we rock the boat again and refuse to get our vice captain nailed down to a new contract instead of looking to add to the squad. Yet we wonder why we can’t win a cup!


  24. Incredibly naive if you believe things Steve Wraith say. Didnt he say yesterday that Barton would be speaking live on the show?

    The man who says he cant quote him but then proceeds not to give an overview of the situation but 5 seperated quotes?
    The man who champions the idea that Carroll was pushed out he door yet suppots the idea that Barton cannot be forced out whilst under contract.

    Well one of his quotes say “I am starting a twitter account this week so every fan will know the truth. ”
    So why dont we all stop listening to Willies and C*cks (Wraith) and just wait till we hear it from Joey Bartons mouth


  25. Sorry lads thats me venting some frustration. I’m still hoping Barton signs a new contract so that Nolan signs one too and then we can build again from there!


  26. Depite statements to the effect that we’ve done our homework on targets and a desire to get players in early, have the squad in place to allow for a full pre-season, this is going to turn out like other windows under Ashley.

    Why I say that? Because we’re apparently negotiating with Lifterpool over Jose, Jonas is rumoured to be on their radar (who isn’t!), Barton’s likley to be away, Nolan’s not commited yet.

    Why? Because we insist on pi$$ing about in negotations, bargaining instead of making realistic offers which we’re confident would be acceptable! Nzog’s a clear example in that according to the press, we’ve offered £5m for him instead of starting with a more realistic offer. Where’s that dead-cert Larssen?

    These negotiating games go on and on and on until we’re left with burger all and the last minute scramble begins.

    So much for having next season’s squad in place for pre-season.



  27. Also Steve Wraith claims to have been at an event with Barton last week, and then leads on to reel off the quotes, if he had known sooner why the hell wouldnt he have said anything beforehand?!


  28. Yes, Joey Barton’s twitter account is real 😯 It’s gonna be an entertaining disaster 😆


  29. I have a nagging thought that Nolan, Joey and Enrique will act as one to pressure the club.

    Won’t be a smooth ride me thinks – I don’t think Ashley will allow himself to be bullied. He will try to divide and conquer – won’t be pretty


  30. Journal reports that Barton said this:

    “Once my contract’s up my hands are tied but hopefully someone buys the club by then. I love this club and want success. We should buy the club like they did at Barcelona.’”


    Sounds right to me! And sounds like Barton loves the club & fans but hates the management. Gee, where have I heard that sentiment before?


  31. @solanostrumpet

    I think you wouldn’t see a double decker bus heading straight at you from 10 yards away. 😛

    Howay fella, wake up and smell the coffee.
    Do you really believe Barton is happy about the situation and said nothing 😕


  32. Stardust- Unfortunately player power rules. Ashley may win the battle but will he win the war?

    Unfortunately for him he seems to be on a one man crusade to change football, but no other other clubs are following suit.

    The fans will be the losers as we could be a pretty mediocre side.


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