This alleged wage cap business…

Wraith talking on behalf of the fans again.
I saw that a few of our regular lads got involved in a bit of Twitter fracas with none other than “voice of the fans” Steve Wraith yesterday.

The source of the verbal tennis match was the alleged wage cap in place at Newcastle United, and indeed the level at which the wage cap is located at – Wraith is adamant that Newcastle will pay no more than £20,000-per-week in wages whilst I, amongst many others, think that is just a laughable figure plucked out of thin air to somehow stir up yet more bad feeling towards towards the club.

Rest assured that if there is good Newcastle news about, Steve won’t be. Well that’s how it seems to me anyway. In contrast if there is something worth badmouthing the club over then Wraith will be all over like cheap leather in a whore house. In fact it’s a trait which I see in a few Newcastle fans to be honest.

Anyway, back to the wage cap….

Wraith believes that signings such as Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheik Tiote are on no more that £20,000-a-week. I guess you can also include Sol Campbell in that aswell as he was signed last summer.

Apparently players like Steven Taylor are above the wage cap as their deals were signed before this cap was introduced, which is contradictory as I’m sure that Steven Taylor signed a new deal halfway through last season…….

Anyway it’s jolly nice of Hatem Ben Arfa to drop Champions League football, and then drop his wages to half of the level that he was on in France just to join Newcastle. Jolly nice indeed. Now as Wraith says, Ben Arfa is no Henry, which is true, but he is highly thought of in France is is touted as one of their brighter prospects of the next generation.

It’s also jolly nice of Cheik Tiote to commit to the next six years of life at Newcastle for a bargain £20,000-a-week. It’s just not true what they say about footballers is it? Maybe they aren’t all greedy money grabbing sods after all….

It’s nice to see Steven Taylor taking a drop in wages from his previous contract aswell. Top man. Also Yohan Cabaye is extremely generous, in fact as generous as Ben Arfa is, by telling his current club that he is moving to Newcastle and passing over Champions League football again for a bargain wage of no more than £20,000-a-week.

Now seriously does anyone expect all of those players to fit under Steve Wraith’s wage cap? I don’t…

I do believe that there is a wage cap in place, but not at the level that is being insisted upon by Wraith. It just doesn’t tie in with ANY reports, but then again the entire French and UK press may be in cahoots and may be lying about it all.

I’d really like to hear what other people think about our wage cap: How much is it? Is there one? That kind of thing. As ever leave us your views below in the ‘comments’ section.

Besides, in the unlikely event that Wraith turns out to be right it does give us another positive point to look at. I mean all of them players willing to sign for much less than they could have got elsewhere just shows that perhaps it’s not all about money after all and that the club have done really well to secure those players on a wage of £20,000-a-week each.

Let us know your thoughts.

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60 thoughts on “This alleged wage cap business…

  1. I’ll have a word with my gaffer to see if he will impose the wage cap at £20k pw.
    oh f**k – I am teh gaffer 😳


  2. Aye 20k a week would be nice for us normal folk, but for Premier League footballers it’s pocket change.


  3. what a load of sh1te the players you have named have no ties at all to the club so why would they give up so much to be with us.
    I do believe there is a sort off wage cap for general squad players, but I honestly believe if the right player is available money wont be an issue aslong as it’s not silly money of £60k+ .
    I would be ok with that if it is the case, because if the player is only after Owen money they wont be the right type of player for us.


  4. I have him blocked on twitter now, I can’t stand him, he thrives on being negative about everything and anything to do with Newcastle.

    I agree certain players like Guthrie, Ranger, Perch will be on no more than 25 and are classed as squad players but to say Ben Arfa and Tiote are both on 20k is laughable.

    When I questioned him about his quote “Under Ashley we will finish no higher than fourth bottom” he said to me “Relegation next season is a big possibility”…

    People wonder why we get branded fickle fans etc when it’s Steve Wraith doing interviews on Sky News etc 🙄


  5. When this was discussed before I said how ******* it was, it’s just impossible for the aforementioned tiote and ben arfa to be on so little. Would Kevin Nolan also be on 20k if he signs a new contract? Dropping from 40k odd? Doubt it. Our wage cap is, I would imagine 50-55k, but obviously Ashley is a hell of a lot tighter than FFS and he won’t give out massive wages to just anyone.


  6. Steve Wraith is the worst at arguing to, cause i called him a prick he claims i lost.

    Toonsy- causing trouble on FM, which swearing and sexual comments. tut tut 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  7. truble =trouble 😆
    Jobey its ok to abuse Owen, Morgan etc on twitter but if your trying to debate a point try hard not to abuse them, cause then they can take the moral high ground 😉


  8. I don’t think there is a wage cap – that’s too simplistic.

    The club will weigh up lots of considerations when deciding what to offer a player:
    – Transfer and agents’ fees
    – Remaining liabilities and sell-on clauses
    – Merchandise and brand value of the player (shirt sales etc.)
    – How much we need their skills and the impact they could have on the club’s position and therefore finances.

    It’s never as simple as setting a single figure. And as for £20k – it’s like my dad thinking fish and chips still costs a couple of quid!


  9. Agree with Wumpie.

    There maybe a policy of saying that players that cost over say £50kpw are out of our league in that we can achieve our goals with players on less than that. I do not mean that there is a cap, merely that we are looking for a new striker in a wage bracket that suits us rather than one currently on £220kpw. eg Rooney 😆


  10. To be honest, I don’t know how they’re doing it. Looks like the club will make a profit while signing and re-signing players like Benny and Tiote. I can’t imagine they’re too far off the going rate on salaries, but they’re certainly doing something right.

    I’m just looking forward to the day when player salaries and transfer fees become realistic again. It would also be nice if some of them looked beyond their wallets and realised that yet another million on the bank is worth nowt compared to living in a good part of the world, playing for a club that looks after them, and playing in front of one of he best fan bases in the world.

    You listening, Joey?


  11. Cheers Jobey and toonsy.

    I’m still none the wiser as to why anyone gives a sh1t about what he has to say.

    As far as I can see he has no actual connection to the club apart from being a “fan” like the rest of us.


  12. does this bloke honestly think we could lure benny here with 20k on offer no chance,i reckon the wage cap is somewhere in between 40-50k a week..still a fkin cracking wage like..


  13. To be honest, I think £100k+ pw players are a pretty poor idea. How many actually justify their cost? Rooney – only half of the last season. Berbs – finally came good after how many years of mediocrity? Torres… haha. Owen? Carroll? Don’t – I’ll wet meself.

    I’m not saying they’re not worth more than the Bests of this world, but there is no way they come good often enough to justify several times the cost. More often than not they just tick along scoring 1 in 3, and Loven can do that. Shit – Saylor can do 3 in 3, and he’s a defender! 😆

    Get me more of these young, exciting, semi-unknowns. It’s a lot more fun, for a start.


  14. DJG @ 28 – The sad thing is that I actually agree with Llambias. I can’t make that a habit 😆


  15. I don’t think there’s a wage cap.
    I think the club set a budget for the year and try and work within it.
    If they say we won’t pay over x amount in wages, I think it’s do to the total budget on wages and not to a singular specific number.


  16. On Steve, he’s such a doom monger the other day he was going on about how Benny was limping during the lap of appreciation and he’s probably damaged goods and will never be affective again. Toss pot…. 🙄


  17. I don’t think there’s a wage cap either. It’s more of a policy to not sign players to big contracts that won’t a) be worth the wages by the end of the contract and be completely unsellable due to age


  18. I see the lad from United For Newcastle has piped up saying that we are moaning again…….. 🙄

    Wonder how their latest club meeting is going……


  19. Is looking forward to seeing Bobby Shintons views on this matter?

    Personally, I think each players wage will be taken on it’s own merit & agreed accordingly.

    Out of interest, does Wraith say when this wage cap was implemented? Llambuas confirmed we offered Owen under keegan £140k a week…


  20. MDS – Who? The UFN guy?

    Krishan Turner-Dave
    @stevewraith went on a similar rant about @UtdForNewcastle a few months ago. I doubt anyone read it …

    Makes me wonder why they message this place for publicity really, if nobody reads it….. 😉


  21. The prick is not worth the time it takes too slag him off , so i am not going to bother slagging the cnut off , 😆 What it does show is that he is yet another that can’t take it that we are starting to be run in an economically friendly way ,thus they can’t slag us off any more for wasting 10’s of millions every transfer window on no hopers like OWEN the rat 👿


  22. That’s it Toonsy.

    i do remeber some of us (myself included) having a bit of a go at them to be fair.

    Anyway, thanks for the plug Krishan 😉


  23. Lesh- complained about Owen and how much he cost the club

    “I’m very disappointed. Under Kevin Keegan’s management he was offered a one-year extension at £140K a week which he did not take. He was already on £133K. His time here cost £40-odd million, about £1.3M per goal.”


  24. haha nice to see that wazack Wraith getting slated.

    Steve ‘mouth piece of the fans’ Wraith.

    Hes a leach!


  25. I love Moncur’s Owen-bashing – much more direct!

    “Owen has been disrespectful to the Newcastle fans with his comments. He didn’t do the shirt justice and he didn’t do himself any justice. For me, it is just sour grapes because he was such a flop at St James’ Park.”

    “He failed to do his job when he was at the club. He was paid to score goals for us – and when we needed him to do that in the final few games of the season we were relegated, he didn’t, did he?”

    “Was it Newcastle United’s problem he couldn’t score goals? Was it the Newcastle fans’ problem he couldn’t score goals? Of course it wasn’t – I can understand why our fans are so unhappy and why Derek Llambias has a problem with this.”

    “In many ways I am sick of hearing about Michael Owen, and I am surprised he is wasting his time on Twitter. He has to accept he wasn’t a success at Newcastle and if he does think we were a poor team, then he was a big part of it.”

    “Hopefully this summer we will get some new plasyers in who know what it means to play for such a great club.”



  26. If you would like to get in touch wi Steve,he posts regularly on FootyMad under the username bobby v…. 😈

    Hedging ya bets Toonsy.. 😆

    Besides, in the unlikely event that Wraith turns out to be right it does give us another positive point to look at. I mean all of them players willing to sign for much less than they could have got elsewhere just shows that perhaps it’s not all about money after all and that the club have done really well to secure those players on a wage of £20,000-a-week each.


  27. TOONSY,surpised you done this thread,wouldnt give the guy house room,ego builder why help him 🙁


  28. Ice – It’s not so much about him as such. I just wanted to see how many thought the same about the 20k wage cap. Not many by the looks of it.


  29. Not sure a big club, could unilaterally impose such a low wage cap anyway.Surely it would just mean we could never compete…


  30. Ahhhh that’s made me feel better! I was reading twitter thinking “is this bloke a tool or is it just me?”

    Appears he is a tool. Win. Block.


  31. I doubt very much that there is a wage cap, there’ll be some sort of guideline but it will have flexibility for the right players. Sorry but if anyone seriously believes there is a rigid £20k a week cap at NUFC then imo your opinion isn’t even worth my time 😉


  32. RICHIE ime 100% with you on that,as you say dont have to be on master-mind to work that oot,thought it strange toonsy give it light of day 😆


  33. I needed to rant about something and this came up when I looked on Twitter this morning. Fair play to Wraith though, he took it in the spirit intended and made a joke of it when he could have acted like a spoilt arse instead 🙂


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