Has Tim Krul strengthened his case for the No1 spot?

Krul for #1?
The last article made me think to be honest. Perhaps TheDimpleboy is right and we don’t give the keepers that we have at the club the credit they deserve?

I guess in a way this article is a direct response to that article.

Tim Krul is now a full international. He’s been away with Holland and has made two international appearances as a reward for his very long trip to South America. The first of his caps came against Brazil, in which he managed to keep a clean sheet, with the second cap coming against Uruguay. No clean sheet on that occasion, but lets have a little analysis of those two performances.

Playing against Brazil is never easy. Brazil are Brazil and you know what you are going to get when you come up against them. Keeping them to a 0-0 was a good result for Holland, as it is for any team against Brazil, but as I’m not Dutch I’m not overly fussed about their national team. What does interest me is the performance of our own Tim Krul, and on that front I can report some good news.

Against Brazil, Krul didn’t have too much to do but what he did do he managed to do with minimal fuss as he carried off a string of decent saves.

In his next match against Uruguay you could probably say that he should have done better for their goal. He was there where the ball was but he just couldn’t get a hand to it and the ball hit the back of the net as a result. Holland equalised late in the game however which sparked a pre-agreed penalty shootout between the two sides.

This, in my opinion, is where Krul came into his own. Watch it first though so you can understand where I’m coming from.

You’ll notice that for every penalty against Tim Krul, he always went the right way, well apart from the one that was smashed down the middle. It takes a brave keeper to just stand there and not move though mind!

Overall, two fairly decent performances that, if nothing else, Tim will have learnt from which will make him a better player in the long run. I mean lets face it, the two matches aside, training with the like of Huntelaar and Van Persie surely has to be that bit more challenging than training wih Ameobi and Lovenkrands.

I just happen to think that Krul will be a better player for his international experience, and in turn that may tip the balance in his favour when this much anticipated battle for the starting goalkeeper spot at Newcastle takes place in pre-season. Being a full international will give him that bit more sway, but will it be enough?

Personally, teamed with last season, I think it will be.

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56 thoughts on “Has Tim Krul strengthened his case for the No1 spot?

  1. It’s his too lose now imo, I feel sorry for harper, but dont think Krul isnt too far behind on quality and think Krul could catch him next season and turn out to be a top keeper.


  2. I was really excited for today. But now all we’ve been able to talk about us our good keepers. Pretty disappointing if the transfers don’t come in soon


  3. Lille director Frederic Paquet has confirmed the club has rejected a €12m from Tottenham for Ivorian winger Gervinho

    Paquet: β€œToday we recieved a concrete offer from Tottenham, which we have refused in the last few hours, in fact, that is the only official contact we have recieved”


  4. cwarr07 Colin
    Cabaye will announced in the next hour #nufc

    Let’s hope so. Would be nice to get the first one in the bag.

    As for the thread, my thoughts are totally similar to Andrew’s. Always been a fan of Tim Krul and hope he’ll be number one from here on in.


  5. I’ll never forget when Krul, who was unheard of at the time, appeared for us in a Uefa Cup match and performed a magnificent save. Who was it against again?


  6. Tim is an outstanding prospect. He did annoy the **** out of me last game of season, his kikcing poor , when it was 3-3 he seemed to be timewasting! but think he defo worth a shot at num 1

    Be great if cabaye is annouced , wonder if we will get any more transfer news from the club. Prob not as not really our policy any more is it


  7. The Cabaye story seems to have been around for weeks. I wish they would hurry up and announce it on the official site. If the Sunday Sun is another rehash of the ageing Cabaye story ill be seriously bored. πŸ™


  8. AndrewNUFC

    You must have posted that in about 5 seconds because I checked the official site lyk 30secs before that. πŸ˜†


  9. We signed someone? Cabaye? I didnt read we were even linked to him! What a shocker πŸ˜†

    Great News By the way!!!!!!!


  10. Not a fan, Krul is a good shot stopper but he drives me mental with his rashness, running around in and out of his box and he flaps too much, the less said about his kicking the better. Could well be that he’s trying too hard to impress possibly


  11. AndrewT
    Posted June 10, 2011 at 6:10 PM
    Interesting that he didnt have a number on his jersey yet

    Maybe they are anticipating a departure. πŸ˜‰


  12. I’m assuming number 19 but I’m delighted that he’s signed. Welcome aboard Yohan Cabaye. A full french international and he’s playing for the toon!


  13. hitman πŸ˜†

    Had the pleasure of meeting him before I got on the bus to Villa away…I asked him who does he support, he’s one of us πŸ™‚


  14. Andrew, on that topic do you get on the club coachs?

    How much does it cost roughly.


  15. Well after reading what Oliver Bernard had to say about our new signing then i am looking forward to seeing him play with Tiote next season . Bernard reckons he is the same sort of player as Kieron Dyer who he played with , so he should know . Pace and skill all over the cm mext season πŸ˜€


  16. Spencer the club don’t do them… πŸ™„

    Theres a proper supporters one called The Back Page which leaves next to the ground, you arnt allowed to drink on it though. I usually use my local branch which is the pub down the road from me.

    Prices depend on where and how far it is.


  17. Oh, sheff U and sheff wed orginise them for their fans…

    I suppose ill soon find one…

    is it like 50 for london, then gets cheaper as you work ya way north..

    And not alot of coachs let you drink on them



    BSN9 is on Northumberland Street right now, marching his way towards Fenwicks window with his pants around his ankles. πŸ˜†


  19. Just checked there and the back page charged Β£36 for Chelsea away, so no more than 40 for teams in London.


  20. Not bad then I suppose, just another thing to add to my list when i move, find a coach for away matchs πŸ˜†


  21. STARDUST πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    thats me staying away from that street,perish the thought of that


  22. He does not have a lot of pace but what he has is a very good pass. He certainly can pick a pass and he is more in the mold of Xavi (clever movement and can pass) than Dyer (pace and full of energy).


  23. Axel, bernard’s words in the chronic were very affirming. Gave me that little bit more excitement about him. Welcome to the Toon


  24. interesting that in fact no one has even gone in for gervinhio out of the teams said hahaha… of course spurs have .. that makes sense as they were the ones that er.. .were not even mentioned! ffs … reporting in papers is shocking man.. it should carry a jail sentence.


  25. The one problem I have always had with Given and Harper is the fact they are small compared with your average height premiership keepers. Both great shot stoppers but always had problems dealing with crosses.
    Krul fits the bill regards his height and after securing the keeper spot for Holland you have to think he will progress in the right direction. For a keeper he is very young and only time will tell how he eventually turns out but my gut feeling is that he will go from strength to strength so regards next season he would be my No 1 choice.


  26. Actually, penalty training with Ameobi is probably one of the hardest things a keeper can do, say what you like about Bambi, but the man can take a ****ing good penalty, one to rival Shearer. Compare that to Robin Van Beckham….

    The other thing I will say is that its easy for a keeper to dive the right way if he’s going that way after they’ve shot…the key thing is to anticipate and actually save the shot…fairplay to Krul he made a good save one the one of them, and you can’t ask too much from keepers for spot kicks, but I don’t think it was anything to get massively excited about.


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