Arsenal first for Newcastle (+ full fixture list)

Same again?
Newcastle will kick-off the new season by welcoming Arsenal to St James’ Park on the weekend of August 13th.

We, rather memorably in fact, managed to take four points off the Gunners last season including a 1-0 win at The Emirates and that rather immense 4-4 draw at St James’ Park is a game that will live long in the memory of many a Newcastle fan after we came back from four goals down to somehow rescue a point.

Just a week later comes the first Tyne-Wear derby of the season as we make the short trip to the Stadium of Light on August 20th with the return match at St James’ Park being scheduled for March 3rd. We then round off the opening month of the season with a home game against Fulham on August 27th.

More notable fixtures include a week in Manchester where we will face City and Man Utd on their own turf within the space of seven days on November 19th and 26th respectively with a trip to Chelsea set to take place on December 3rd.

At Christmas time we are on the road again as we head to Bolton on Boxing Day with a trip to Anfield set to take place on New Year’s Eve. Just three days later we welcome Manchester United to SJP for an early New Year fixture. Andy Carroll will make his first return to Newcastle on March 31st whilst we end the season at home of his Merseyside rivals. Everton.

Full fixtures are below but please be aware that all dates are subject to change as Sky haven’t weaved there magic with the fixture list yet.

13 Arsenal (h)
20 Sunderland (a)
27 Fulham (h)

10 QPR (a)
17 Aston Villa (a)
24 Blackburn (h)

1 Wolverhampton (a)
15 Tottenham (h)
22 Wigan (h)
29 Stoke (a)

5 Everton (h)
19 Man City (a)
26 Man Utd (a)

3 Chelsea (h)
10 Norwich (a)
17 Swansea (h)
21 West Brom (h)
26 Bolton (a)
31 Liverpool (a)

2 Man Utd (h)
14 QPR (h)
21 Fulham (a)

1 Blackburn (a)
4 Aston Villa (h)
11 Tottenham (a)
25 Wolverhampton (h)

3 Sunderland (h)
10 Arsenal (a)
17 Norwich (h)
24 West Brom (a)
31 Liverpool (h)

7 Swansea (a)
9 Bolton (h)
14 Chelsea (a)
21 Stoke (h)
28 Wigan (a)

5 Man City (h)
13 Everton (a)

So there you go. What do you make of it?

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53 thoughts on “Arsenal first for Newcastle (+ full fixture list)

  1. on first hand prediction: 28points by end of the year. πŸ˜•

    33 points by 2012?

    toal:61points? :mrgreen: πŸ˜†


  2. toonsy – I think my iPhone might have autocorrected Arsenal to Norwich. Honest guvnor! πŸ˜‰


  3. I’m annoyed. how can in 3 premier league seasons we get Man Utd, Man Utd and Arsenal? And even in the Championship season we got WBA, the best team in that league.


  4. On the flip side though Jobey is that we could catch them cold, esp if they have a few new signings. A lot of teams start slowly and it means we get it out of the way for later in the season when they are smoking. Take that away and look at the next 10 or so fixtures and they are ones we should get something from. We could be in for a decent season.

    Esp if Berba and NZog come in!!! 😯


  5. @8, i know, we’ve got a chance. but i’m wondering how whoever decides the fixtures can put us with them season after season?


  6. Moreno
    Posted June 17, 2011 at 10:01 AM

    “You’d think it was randomized by Alex Ferguson most seasons…”

    You’re not suggesting that Manchester United seem to get more things go for them than against them are you? 😯 😯 😯


  7. Toonsy,

    All I am saying it that the draw was done in the penalty box in the Stretford end. πŸ˜€


  8. Moreno…No mate it’s defo random, Fergie emails the Premier League about 6 fixture lists he wouldn’t mind having, they then randomly choose one of them, all above board πŸ˜‰


  9. i dont think it matters a toss tbh.. we all play each other home and away in a season.. so what. there are no easy games as al lthe teams proved last season, loosing the so called easier ones and winning the harder ones often happening. LEts just buy some players and be reasy thats all. With Carroll, nolan abd BEst all gone or going.. thats our three top scores out the door from last season! i hope AP has a plan that is better than Ba cos the chances are that Ba will be under the knife by mid point of he season with a shagged out knee.


  10. It is defo not random. It was confirmed in an article on the BBC’s football page last season (which I now can’t find). A fixtures list comittee plans the fixtures along with Sky and the police.


  11. hey thats no being negative saying we will win 8 out of final 12!! i said final 12 lads, not all the year ffs…. if you think we will win more than that out of last 12 you need to give me some of the gear you lot are on!


  12. craig…

    sorry mate, that’s not what you said….

    ”we will win” and ”winnable” are completely different


  13. Nice one toonsy – Back to the fixtures its a shame we will have to dent arsenals title hopes so early on in the year this time πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  14. also each premier league team has the option to appeal against any fixture and have it moved or re-arranged to a different date. Seems **** eyed to me, but it explains why there are always ‘Super Sundays’ when you may have 3/4 derbys on one day. Often falling on a bank holiday etc…

    I’ll keep looking for the article….


  15. Still gutted not at home on boxing day, it’s the only date I’m defo over home for πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯


  16. yes i agree moreno…judging by the law of averages.. i do not think that 12 games out of 12 are winable for us at this time – never gonna happen, no way. But i look at the run in of them 12 and i think, ok, saying as only an idiot woudl say we can win them all, i think that we could do 8 of them. if you think thats negaitve then that leaves no room for anyone voicing their views without being called doom and gloom unless i say i think we can win all 12.. do you tihnk we stand a chance of winning all 12 mate.. in all honesty? What did we win under AP’s 22 games or whatever?… was it three of 4? i cant recall although i am sure toonsy wil lahve the stats on that one…gimme a break morenao instead of nit picking and ripping holes out of what was basicallty a positive statement… i dont get any more positivg than hoping for 8 out 12!


  17. To be fair to craig, saying he thinks we could win 8 out of the last 12 is pretty damned positive!

    What Moreno is saying, and rightly so too, is that every game is winnable – as last season proved.

    But saying we have 12 or 38 “winnable” games is not prediciting a 100% record – it just means we have a chance, probably a better chance than a lot of other teams, but we’ll still more than likely end up losing more than we win.


  18. “cos the chances are that Ba will be under the knife by mid point of he season with a shagged out knee.”

    haha! such optimism πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  19. I wasn’t getting on your back craig, put yer dummy back in man.

    ou said only 8 out of 12 were winnable which I disagreed with.

    You then decided to change it (as you do) to we will win 8 out of 12.

    That’s fine mate but if I am not allowed to disagree with you about 8 out of 12 being winnable (which I noticed toonsy and jobey did as well) then me and you best just ignore each other pal


  20. I must admit, with all this optimism around I’m gonna be mighty pissed off if we finish we anything less than 100 points! πŸ˜›


  21. If you look at August and September you would have to say we have the chance to get off to an absolute flyer. I know there are no easy games in the premier league but out of those games we need to pick up some points because there will be harder fixtures later n the season. I would say it’s now more important than ever that we get players in early and have a good pre-season.


  22. I see big Ek has the villa job then, Villa would be one of the teams we will be competing against for a top 8 so thats a boost for us i reckon


  23. Actually it’s a really nice fixture list. You would have to say there is always a nice home game around the corner every month and not a ‘nasty month’. The only thing that worries me is the last 5 games could be quite hard, if we were to be sucked down towards the bottom at that stage.


  24. After a few decent season i think Randy Lerner is losing the plot. After a famous banner of theirs once said Who’s their new messiah now!


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