Our greatest strength or our greatest weakness?

A strength or a weakness?
With many fans of NUFC having a go at the lack of investment (money wise) this season despite apparent available funds, I personally foresee, another even greater enemy for the club this season – the “fans”.

Now, while I’m only targeting a certain group, that group is large enough to be a very destructive force to our club.

I believe they had a major role in affecting team morale during our relegation season, with their antics in the stands and marching with bed sheets down the streets but I feel that the single most contributing factor, to their negative influence on the club is the enormous pressure they put on our players.

Yes, I realise, pressure is part of being a professional footballer, but I honestly believe that our fans take it to another level with unrealistic expectations, and a major lack of patience shown in players, especially foreign players first arriving at the club.

A great example of this was shown, when players like Coloccini and Enrique, now massive fan favourites, were labeled, “slow”, “weak”, “off the pace”, “foreign mercenaries”, “inconsistent”, “unreliable”, “not hard or determined enough”, “too insistent on playing pretty football”, and most importantly “not good enough for this club at this level” – bollocks!

Even our own ex Andy Carroll, had been written off by many and was almost sold for around a million pounds. Leon Best, is another example but injuries forced the fans and manager to give these players a chance and they came through.

Had it not been for our relegation, these players would most likely have been replaced like many before them, and left to rot in the reserves on massive wages, as a major drain to our club. Yet relegation, forced our hand, and they were played and allowed time to adjust.

After promotion, the same fans came out and said, “these players have just found their level, they will struggle in the Premier League”, and again because of the time they were given to gel and settle, they proved to be quality players. This time was probably only afforded to them, due to Ashley’s refusal to spend.

I accept there are players that are never going to cut it, but I truly believe that fan pressure and a lack of patience may well have destroyed many a decent player that has come to our club in the past.

This is something I would hate to see happen again, but is very likely, considering the number of new imports we have coming into a new team and a new league this season.

Some players, especially the French it seems, need to feel loved and wanted to perform. With Yohan Cabaye, Hatem Ben Arfa, Sylvain Marvaeux, Mehdi Abeid, Demba Ba all coming into the team, I can only hope that our fans give these undoubted talents the time to adjust before writing them off.

It took Premier League greats like Marc Overmars, Robert Pires,, Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Didier Drogba and Nemanja Vidic at least a season to demonstrate their full potential. What makes our own new players any different?

Anyone who has played football and watched football (or any sport), knows just how key confidence is – its what gives teams such a boost at home games. I can see things turning sour very quickly, both on the field and in the dressing room, and the “fans” will only have themselves to blame.

I believe much of our success last season, came through the fact that we had so little expectation, and most of the fans just wanted to survive.

If we continue to back the team through thick and thin, and show a lot more patience, this club will fulfil its potential at a far more rapid pace.

My question to you is, do you think our fans will have the patience, with manager or players, to allow them time and confidence to gel and play to their full potential? Or will we again, be our own worst enemy?

Thanks to JJ for sending in this article.

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94 thoughts on “Our greatest strength or our greatest weakness?

  1. I’ll be two-timing NUFC tonight. My local team, the onerously named “Red Bulls” are on at 9:30, stateside–kicking off one hour before my true love, NUFC.

    What time does the game start for you poor souls in England? It’s right around thirty-seven o’clock, if my calculation is correct.


  2. Thanks, Toonsy. Much appreciated.

    Only 9am here at the moment. And I have nothing to do but watch the Copa America and whatever I can find on the net on the Newcastle match.


  3. Sorry i was just testing out the sweary thing, didn’t think it would actually post. My mistake toonsy. Hahahahaha.


  4. Haha yeah. Never attempted to post a swear before so was just seeing what happens. Not alot by the looks of things. Has left me giggling away to myself like a naughty school kid though. Highly imature but made me laugh.


  5. eff is better, you can always just call someone a tommy tanker as well. i think thats better than winker.


  6. @Toonsy. 70

    Here is the quote from Cabaye:
    “I am going to play in the best championship in the world for a club who want to get back into Europe within a year and one who are building an ambitious team.”

    The quote has appeared on several news sources. If you are going to state with authority that something I’m saying isn’t true you might at least make the effort to check your facts.


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