On the brink?

The neverending story of Newcastle United.
It was all going swimmingly until the start of the transfer window….

As the 2011/12 Premier League Season approaches kick off the neverending story of Newcastle United has yet again taken another twist and turn.

With the somewhat surprising news that Joey Barton has been transfer listed but as a free has set Toon fans into a frenzy of What? Why? Who?

The fluctuation of debate is diverse, from people asking themselves and others why has Joey come out and said this only now so close to the season beginning, to why should footballers be treated any differently from any other normal person in the workplace slagging off their employer.

Grumblings will have now been heard nationwide, whether that is from the TV, Radio, and Internet message boards and word of mouth – Newcastle United is yet again the talking point of football in the media. As fans start to prepare for another bashing from opposing teams the club yet again can only muster up a two-line statement on the situation, which as usual will outrage the majority as we have seen in the past that transparency in communication is a very major weak point for Mr Ashley and supposed Chief Executive Derek Llambias.

It’s not the first time that the transfer window has brought Newcastle to the forefront of unrest between players and owners. We all know what happened in January so lets leave that as is. The summer transfer has led us to the departure of Kevin Nolan with both player and club coming out with conflicting opinions on who is to blame. Then we have the situation with money. Is it there to spend on players? Or are we being conned into a false sense of hope?

It seems to me that players within the squad are more than happy to keep their mouths shut but then you will always have the stronger characters that are willing to stand up for what they believe. Joey Barton and Jose Enrique have vented their frustrations at a time when as a club you would think we should be rallying together for what is likely to be a difficult and hard slog of a second season in the Premier League.

You also have players such as Wayne Routledge who has kept quiet whilst away on loan duty then come back to training with a frown of how he is being treated and again sort of speaking his mind on twitter by agreeing with Enrique. You begin to ask yourself what is really happening behind the scenes and are we ever likely to find out?

I ask, are people going to forget this little Joey Barton debacle if quality signings are made within the next few weeks to support our seemingly thin squad after the increasing number of unhappy players leaving? Well, if recent weeks are to go by, then we will have fewer players than what we started with even with the four signings.

However, you have to hand it to Newcastle United fans, as a group we are always going stick together with our team now matter how divided opinion is. But people will argue and argue until their blood pressure reaches the sky about our owner and his running of our beloved club but being on the brink of another disaster is always around the corner for Newcastle no matter how hard we try to forget past misdemeanours and get on with what we are to believe as a happy ‘well spirited bunch of lads’.

Thanks to Ethi-toon for sending this in.

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110 thoughts on “On the brink?

  1. Pootle
    August 3, 2011 at 17:57

    “wish there were ways we could get Ashley to either change his behaviours or sell up.”

    Strangely just writing something up about that.


  2. I Love Mike says:
    March 1, 2011 at 16:16
    so 59% reckon it will be around 15-25mill, I would be happy with that like, 4 players or so around the £6mill mark. Or of course a couple of big signings, but I reckon we’ll go for numbers. Couple of outgoings too to trim up the squad, and a couple of younguns in, aye I reckon summer could be a good one, wouldn’t want all these trips to foreign matches to be for nothing.

    Then again, we could sign no one….

    Thats class I love Mike!

    Il stop posting old comments now – just found them interesting


  3. http://www.transferleague.co.uk/league-tables/2006-2011.html
    Try going to the above site to see how much we have spent on transfers 2006-2011. It is even worse than I suspected. We are 20th in spending over that time period, have actually brought in 53M pounds whereas many other teams have spent reasonable amounts (Man City is just ridiculous of course). How can anyone believe we are on the right track. Ashley is just laughing as he pads the account.


  4. Spence- the 25-29.9M thing is bolded on the link so I gess that means I voted for that one? I do remember doing it on the premise of fees PLUS wages. Still a month left in the window as well.

    Either way, it sure looks like I’m going to be wrong.(At least maybe Pootle will now have a little more respect for me. 😉 )


  5. Pootle that is the rollercoaster life of a Toon Fan 😆
    I normally try my hardest to be optimistic in all aspects of my life but I have to admit im finding it harder than ever before to be optimistic about being a fan while the Fatman and Lambsarse are at the Club


  6. wtf!!!

    made 58 million in transfers in 5 years – plus wages saved!!!!

    comon Accounts team in the Ashley firm – pray explain why we are not investing some of these millions back into the team???


  7. @78 Tx- interesting link.

    When you look at 1992-2011, we jump to 8th. That shows how much we used to spend from (1992-2006). Granted there are several CL years money in there…but it also shows where all the debt came from


  8. @81. Though the club has profited from transfers, is has still operated at a loss overall for quite a number of years now…


  9. Pootie

    I’m with you on your last post.

    However, never let the fantasists force you down their route of burying their heads in the sand.

    You’ll only regret it when you fail to see the tide come in and your left washed up like a beached whale. It’s happened to the dream trippers on a regular basis. 😛


  10. Agree with you Big Dave, it gets harder and harder to remain optimistic with the clowns at the top running things. I usually am dying for the season to start but right now I have a horrible feeling we could get off to a nightmare start. Surely things will start to get better. What must Carver be thinking about this mess?


  11. According to MUTV we’re interested in some Ajax player? Don’t care who it is, just bloody buy someone! 😆


  12. Geordie 2: Completely agree with your assessment in post 69, and I wish it was that point were harping on about.

    But your link at post 78… hmm.

    I read that table as: a club has made a net profit on player sales, digging itself out of near-bankruptcy, while moving from relegation fodder to 12th in the prem.

    That makes it GOOD doesn’t it?

    Would you rather be Liverpool, who have LOST £87M and dropped out of the CL spots in the process?

    I see it as twisted logic to use that table as an indication of anything but a stupendous few years of transfer dealings.

    Tell you what: Pretend you own NUFC. I’ll give you the 2006 squad back if you give me £53m.

    Good deal?

    No. Thought not.


  13. MDS – look I honestly wasn’t aiming that lot all at you!
    I was replying to your post but not speaking about you in particular.

    Big Dave contrary to what people seem to assume I’m all for optimism 😯 as long as its grounded in the real world.
    Daydreaming does nobody any good though.


  14. Just pointing out the site Whumpie. Anyone can interpret it any way they wish. Of course I would rather that the club wasn’t previously run by that fool Shephard but that can’t be changed. Of course the club has to show some financial responsibility but the vast majority of that money has come in since Ashley took over. Take a look at the state of the club now, not financially but where we stand with just over a week until the season starts. The handling of the Barton affair has been a farce. Twitter doesn’t help but where are the responsible adults? Ashley acts more like a little child having a tantrum. Why give Barton away for free if all you care about is money? Ashley is sulking because several of the players have exposed what is going on at the club. I’m no fan of Barton but the truth about the club has come out and the stench is pretty bad.


  15. MDS- 🙄 😆

    Aye, theres still time 😉

    Shame there’s no evidence to make me think we will spend, at the point I though Ashley has learnt.


  16. Newkie said:

    there’s defo more to it than simply the old “in out, in out”

    Fcuk…that’s where I’ve been going wrong all my life! 😀


  17. spence- you’re right there is little evidence. But I said i’d judge the wondow when’s it’s over and that’s what I’ll do…



    that table just sums up Ashleys time in charge and supports the theory that he’s after his money back asap.

    Im sure he’s heard of accumulate to speculate, afterall he’s a billionaire so he must know something about business building..


  19. 😉 Spence- I’m……………..trying…………………….so…………………..hard……


  20. But Mark that money was to help pay back crippling debts left by shepherd…we’ve hardly started paying back what we owe Ashley!


  21. Actually all we can do is wait to see if Ashley does anything worthwhile before the window closes.
    God knows, we need him too.

    Based on what we’ve seen so far I would try not to build your hopes up though lads, the disappointment will hurt less that way 🙁

    If the fiasco over the handling of the Barton and Enrique situation forces his hand and he doesn’t scrape the barrel for replacements (Kuqi) then I suppose at least some good will come of it. That was almost optimistic 😕


  22. For those that are slagging off Shephard, he was only operating the way every other EPL does and thats by having a huge debt spent on players and wages, the difference is that our owner has opted for the opposite approach hence the feast and famine we are experiencing.
    Yes we were sailing close to the wind with the debt but when you look at Man U who pay close to 70m in interest payments alone each season, do you think the fans give a flying ****, no of course they dont, they demand the best players in return for the cash they pump into the club.
    Give me the scrapper from Walker any day, at least we knew what he was about, warts and all.


  23. I put the link on for people to think about. It has clearly worked. Pass it around to people on other sites. In the end we have to wait until the end of the transfer window but don’t be surprised if we’re all fairly disappointed with what we get. Why go for Neil Taylor if the intent is to get a first rate LB to replace Jose? Because NTaylor is cheap and won’t expect much in wages. The same will be true for every incoming player. They will only come if they will accept wages lower than they could get elsewhere or if they are too young to have established themselves yet. Cabaye was an excellent buy but Erdinc didn’t come because the wage offer was probably poor and probably like Gervinho he has ambition to play Champs league football. We didn’t sign Zog because he was expensive and would ask for a decent wage. This will eventually be a squad built by a bin man. He goes through the transfer bins looking for other people’s discards.


  24. Toonsy, I just took at that link to the poll. I was gonna vote but I noticed all the values indicated outgoing sums. It looks like you need to add an option for -£10m to £0 the way things are currently going!


  25. Will you be all like nodding dogs saying that the accounts are in great shape when we get relegated?


  26. Robert says:
    August 3, 2011 at 18:54
    For those that are slagging off Shephard, he was only operating the way every other EPL does and thats by having a huge debt spent on players and wages, the difference is that our owner has opted for the opposite approach hence the feast and famine we are experiencing.
    Yes we were sailing close to the wind with the debt but when you look at Man U who pay close to 70m in interest payments alone each season, do you think the fans give a flying ****, no of course they dont, they demand the best players in return for the cash they pump into the club.
    Give me the scrapper from Walker any day, at least we knew what he was about, warts and all.

    I wonder if Portsmouth fans feel the same?……


  27. @witters

    yes, that tru enough m8. But we have enough money now to try and turn the corner (we might yet but I doubt it)

    I was quite prepared to give Ashley another chance last season and was optimistic before the transfer window opened. Now I’ve went back to the hatred Kinear dark days where everything he touches turns to poop.

    Its a shame because if we could spend next to nothing and build for the future I’d be well chuffed as the Shepherd days were drastic.

    If we don’t sign any1 this window we will struggle, if we buy in Jan it’ll be another season wasted.


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