Enrique close to exit as rebuilding job grows.

Jose on his way?
Well most of the talk in the press and on sites such as Twitter seems to be centred around on Jose Enrique and how close he is to leaving NUFC.

Surprised? I’m not as I’ve been prepared for it since about February so I’m already over it. His shocking displays in the final few months of the season where he really did look like shaving his testicles with a rusty blade would be a more pleasurable than playing in the black and white stripes was for him, along with his public tirade (however right he may be) on Twitter with the rather rapid deletion of his account soon afterwards have made it a lot easier for me to deal with.

My only issue is the timing of it all. It hasn’t happened yet so as we speak it’s still what is essentially called a rumour, but if it does happen it leaves us having to find a replacement with only a week and a bit to go until the start if the new Premier League season.

Make no bones about it – there is still a lot of work to do in the transfer market, which is odd considering the fact that I’d have been relatively happy a couple of weeks ago had the window slammed shut and we were left with what we had after the signings of Ba, Cabaye, Marveaux and Abeid. Funny old game.

Essentially I don’t think we really have to replace Joey Barton as a central midfielder as we already have about a dozen or so of them, but we do need to replace him as a right winger. The name of Barnetta has been mentioned which would be decent but I’ll wait and see.

There is no argument about Jose though. If he goes we need to replace him, in fact we need a left-back now even with Jose Enrique still mooching around the training ground! Once again, I’ll wait and see.

What concerns me is the amount of changes that are being made. All that was needed was a few signings on top of what we had. A striker maybe, a right winger and so on. The fact that we are now having to rebuild a large chunk of our first team is kind of alarming, but not as alarming as the fact that we don’t have an awful lot of time to do it before the season starts.

Of course we’ll hear of plans to replace and things like that, but I’m not overly confident that we’ll get the players in that we need so desperately assuming the likely happens and Jose and Joey both disappear into Toon history.

Anyone else worried?

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118 thoughts on “Enrique close to exit as rebuilding job grows.

  1. Aye Bobby but it’s not exactly great negotiation is it?

    Why not transfer list him, fine him wages and make him train on his own….then if no interest or clubs come in, offer him at a cut down price?

    Didn’t even test the water.

    A snap decision made in anger, not a clever thought out plan this club are ‘apparantly’ so good at πŸ™„


  2. I really cant believe that some fans still talk about Sturidge, Van the man etc etc do they not allready know that the Fat Bastard has no ambition higher than survival for us. Im not trying to put them down but do they really think that them type of players are possible, any half decent player that know about our Club wouldn’t even touch us with a bargepole. Cabaye etc were all sold the dream of Euro footie in a couple of yrs Pards even told us that and that getting a shot at Euro was the only way to keep them here, does anyone really believe that we will be playing Euro footie in 2 yrs ??????????.
    I would put money on that the only Euro footie we will be playing will be pre season warm ups


  3. Fans say he was worth Β£4-Β£5m however that was surely never going to happen?
    Exactly right. He announced he wasn’t getting a new contract 2 months ago and where were all of the bids? Surely the club would have dumped him for 2-3M. I think clubs 1) find Barton too risky to invest much in, and 2) figured he’d blow up again and get run out of town sooner or later which has happended.

    He’s going to end up on a 1-year deal or a pay-for-play type deal I bet.


  4. hahaha

    ….Dave, yeah I know mate, I hope I’m proved wrong but am well expecting another disappointing window. There’s still time to be proved wrong. Villas Boas said he wanted to take a look at Sturridge in the pre-season games before deciding on his future so you never know.

    Ameobi speaking out in an interview a couple of weeks back saying the club’s aim this season was survival (or along those lines) made me all but give up on signing any more good players.


  5. Hitman is turning into this blog’s very own cwarr with some of the drivel he’s been posting recently….


  6. Bobby…surely team spirit will improve with Barton out the picture?!? Hissy fits & childish outbursts doesn’t make a leader in my book…

    I also wonder that with the Barton/Nolan/Carroll clique gone it could be better than with them?!?


  7. Witters…

    Better than with them? What like nearly nailing on a top half finish on the first season back in the top flight?
    Like some of the best results I remember as a toon fan and some of the worst when Nolan and Barton weren’t playing?

    Ok in that case we are in for some season WOOOO HOOOOO!


  8. I can’t believe how many people on here slag off jose as much as they do. He has been a very good player for us over the past 2 seasons. Moving on is a part of football-if he stays at newcastle then his dreams of europe and playing for spain are effectively overand we all know he is good enough to compete at that level. Ok he had a go at our board which was a bit overstepping the line but you can hardly blame the lad now can you. We should just give him or best wishes and move on from him instead of slagging offf possibly the guy who has earnt his wages unlike that silly boy barton who had one injury free season and is now in the process of trying to martyr himself


  9. With the season we had last year, a couple of new additions to that side and we would be challenging a European spot…anyone disagree?

    Instead we are ripping the heart out the team and completely revamping it giving us a totally unknown season, in which, I wouldn’t advise anyone to dream for Europe.


  10. Jose was a good player in our CC…he was sh*t first season and he’s been so poor since January I’d count this season as a failure given what we expected of him. Maybe he found his level in the fizzy pop? πŸ˜†


  11. I’ll still dream about Europe though, however I also dream about me and Cheryl Cole…….chances of it happening though? πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜†


  12. Moreno-Aye, if we’d kept Carroll (or bought an equal quality striker) and Barton placated with a few quality additions we’d be in there for Europe.


  13. Just a thought Moreno regarding the clique…but I maintain it will improve now Barton as an individual has gone tho

    In other news, I see Steve Wraith is looking to set up a Newcastle group of groups or umbrella group to sort all this mess out…not a chance with him heading it up!


  14. Cheryl isn’t speaking to me as I never called her back as promised…. πŸ™„ I thought we had an understanding but women eh?

    I actually got a pretty good e-mail from NUST today. They are trying hard to communicate with the board but to no avail.

    Interesting how we were the only club not to release our match day prices too.


  15. Moreno spot on a couple of quality players to what we had and we would have been looking forwr to a real good season that could have been challenging with the top 8. But now im just hoping that the new players bed in straight away and we have an injury free season or we could be dicing with the bottom 3. πŸ‘Ώ


  16. Blackley & Brownlie @43: “Pardew has said we need a top striker and we’re in the market for one. Every sensible person knows we need one. I can’t believe we can’t find one in all the world. Yet I can’t see it happening. Do the pro-Ashley camp (a) see the need for one and (b) see it happen”

    As someone who thinks Ashley is a crook, but has the right plan for NUFC and is no worse than 95% of club owners, my answers:

    Yes, I think everyone sees the need. I’ve seen no disagreement on that point from anyone. What varies is the definition of ‘top’.
    Will it happen? Depends on what you call ‘top’. I think a reality check is needed by many who are happy to slag off the regime but offer no suggestions as to exactly what they can do instead.

    We are not a top club at the moment, so we won’t get a top striker. We are about to start our “difficult 2nd season”, we’ve won nowt in generations, and we are always in the press for the wrong reasons. If you were a striker at a CL club, would you be interested?

    That’s why we’re aiming at realistic targets like Erdinc and Ba. Enough to improve things so next summer we can move up a notch and so on. That’s why it’s a five-year plan.

    I cringe when I read posts from those who clearly have no idea how difficult it is to find and sign the right players; it’s clear they haven’t thought it through at all – not even the most obvious considerations like “would they want to come”


  17. Newkie, there’s no mediterranean in me, it’s me who’s in the mediterranean πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  18. @whumpie

    You really haven’t thought this through have? πŸ˜•

    I’ve said for months we won’t attract a decent striker because we don’t pay good enough wages. Strikers quite rightly demand bigger wages as goal scorers are a premium.

    Unless we break our wage structure we will not get one and if anyone can’t see it then they are
    in fantasy land.

    That is why I scoffed when the dreamers believed we would get Gervinho, gameiro and zoggy.

    You clearly believe we will get a decent striker but I’m afraid you’re wrong. The players out of contract, injury prone players and disgruntled players appear to have been snapped up already, by us.

    So why don’t you get realistic and face the obvious we won’t pay enough to attract a decent striker. πŸ˜•


  19. Big Dave- Just got PS mate, works a trick.

    Also just put your’s in post πŸ˜€

    Also got my new Newcastle shirt.

    On the label is says, “wash this when dirty”, must have got it mixed up with the mackems πŸ˜› πŸ˜†


  20. Bobby- Would you not class Ba as a decent striker? Despite the fact his knee is about to explode.


  21. Whumpie says:
    August 3, 2011 at 14:20

    So how do we improve every year so we get in a position to bring in a top striker? Do we have to get lucky with every cheap player we buy?


  22. Look at Spurs, they sold Berbatov and Carrick, reinvested all that money and ended up getting CL football yet they still didn’t break their wage structure. Wonder why we couldn’t do something like that with the money we have recieved – Β£42m and counting will be nearer Β£50m when Jose goes.


  23. @Spencer

    I don’t know whether Ba is good or not until I see him for a season however history tells you it may take 3 seasons to see a season. πŸ˜•

    I did say in my post that we only seem to get players by default, whether it be injury prone, out of contract or having taking a player on loan as in HBA.
    Cabaye being an exception to the rule but I didn’t see much competition for his services.

    I would imagine all the players who were available by default worldwide have been snapped up already by us. 😯


  24. @stu

    However, Spurs wage structure was another level above ours.

    Ours is in par with mediocre clubs in the premier which is the level we are competing at.


  25. Army69 says:
    August 3, 2011 at 13:10

    πŸ˜€ i cant waaaaaaaaaaait until jose is gone!! im tired of his moany face being at newcastle!! dont want tools like him at our club!! please go 2day jose!! adios!! wud much rather have a left back in like feguson who is keen to learn and plays with a smile on his face!!

    It was bad enough reading that stupid comment the first time around, and then dear old Army69 (aka ross armstrong) had to go and post it again just three minutes later on Ed’s blog

    ross armstrong // Aug 3, 2011 at 1:13 PM

    i cant waaaaaaaaaaait until jose is gone!! im tired of his moany face being at newcastle!! dont want tools like him at our club!! please go 2day jose!! adios!! wud much rather have a left back in like feguson who is keen to learn and plays with a smile on his face!!

    Anyway, just got in lads. Have we signed anybody yet?


  26. Here’s me thinking he’s a servant of the crown fighting for our freedom!

    He’s actually Ross Armstrong who is a pillow fighter! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


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