Barton ‘forced’ into QPR move?

So long, farewell, and the rest...
Well first off I was at work pretty much all yesterday so I’ve been following the news about Joey Barton and a proposed move to QPR from a distance.

As things stand Barton is understood to have had a medical ahead of a move to Loftus Road. The move would bring us in zero cash and would serve no purpose other than to shave the wagebill a bit more.

To be honest I can’t say that I’m really surprised. I mean Barton has been available on a free for a while now and I always expected that a bid would come in from somewhere. I didn’t expect it to come from QPR however. Well maybe I did as he is a good player and most clubs will no doubt want good players. What I am surprised about is the fact that he is seemingly choosing to go to QPR despite his claims that he had no interest in leaving Newcastle to join another team unless they happened to be in the Champions League.

Last time I checked, Queens Park Rangers were not in the Champions League. It’s funny what a shiny new four year, ยฃ60,000-a-week contract can do isn’t it?

Now from this point you’re probably expecting me to go into some tirade about footballers being “greedy” and how they are “only in it for themselves” but to be honest it’s all old hat. We know the score. If Barton can get the deal he wants elsewhere then I can’t blame him to be honest.

I’ve read a couple of Tweets from Barton. One of them said about his hands being tied. By whom exactly? Could he not just sit out the last year of his contract in defiance like he said he was going to do? Surely someone as strong-willed as Barton is not being forced to do something he doesn’t want to do?

The other tweet that interested me was the one about the lack of a new contract offer from Newcastle pretty much making his mind up for him. Fair enough, but surely someone as intelligent as Barton appears to be would have looked at the form book and seen that when it comes to contract brinksmanship there is only one winner. he could asked his buddy Kevin Nolan, or even Andy Carroll for that matter.

As unfortunate as it is, it looks as though the end of the road is near and Joey Barton and Newcastle United will soon be heading their separate ways. Barton is a good player, but the end has been nigh for a while now so I can’t say that I’m really shocked, angry, appalled or anything. Much like Jose Enrique’s departure, I expected it so I’ve been prepared for it.

Where does it leave us on the pitch though? To be honest I don’t think it leaves much worse off, if any. Dan Gosling is almost a carbon copy of Barton in the sense that he can play in the exact same positions. We have Gabriel Obertan who can play on the right aswell as Sylvain Marveaux and Jonas Gutierrez who can do much the same. We have Yohan Cabaye and Cheik Tiote in the middle with Danny Guthrie as a backup and even Dan Gosling as a backup because he can play in the middle, and we have Mehdi Abeid and Haris Vuckic looking to make an impact this year and…… Well, you get my point. If there is one postion we can lose someone from – it’s midfield.

Whether or not we’ll lose his influence, well who knows. Only time will tell on that one although you could argue that having him around the place for the last few months whilst voicing his “concerns” about the club and, indirectly, his new team-mates is an influence that we could do without. On the pitch though, where it really matters, is where we could miss him the most. His ability is replaceable. He is far from the best English midfielder as he once famously claimed, but he is a leader who gets others around him riled up. We’ll miss that.

It’s been coming for a while though, and whilst the debate will rage on about the rights and wrongs of Joey Barton you can almost be certain that he won’t be our Joey Barton for much longer. One wonders how he will cope with living in the backyard of the London press, but still, it’s his choice.

Obviously that famous bridge builder wasn’t that good after all.

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132 thoughts on “Barton ‘forced’ into QPR move?

  1. CC…6 goals in 28 games last season, not great…still youngish I s’pose but surely there’s better out there fo ยฃ3.50


  2. Moreno
    August 25, 2011 at 10:37

    “Pardew has failed to control Joey for months now. Particularly off the pitch. Is that not so?”

    Bollocks. There is a thing called responsibility which most people have. I would suggest Barton should have used his.

    Does your boss follow you around outside work trying to control what you do? Mine doesn’t. I’m pretty most peoples bosses don’t.

    Maybe Pardew was wrong to assume that a fully grown adult male could be trusted to not have a social carer round the clock?


  3. In any company, if the lower staff (in this case the players) step out of line….who is to blame?

    The director or CEO of the company?

    Nope, their direct manager. He takes the flak. His responsibility and what he is paid for.

    Is that not so?


  4. Rich

    You might change your opinion if the shortlist ive seen on twitter is true… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Nolan Roux, Carlton Cole, Cameron Jerome and Nicklas Bendtner”

    ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜†


  5. Moreno – So if you did something OUT OF WORK, you would expect your boss IN work to take the flak for it?


  6. ” Richietoon

    CCโ€ฆ6 goals in 28 games last season, not greatโ€ฆstill youngish I sโ€™pose but surely thereโ€™s better out there fo ยฃ3.50″

    Richie I wouldn’t be surprised if that was our initial bid. And then we went in with an improved offer of 50p.


  7. Actually,

    You will find that a lot of managers and companies DO check their staff on social media and a lot of companies have clauses in employees contracts to the effect that they can’t bring the company into disrepute.

    So does my boss ‘follow me’ …… more than likely yes….


  8. Troy – his agent Willie McKay is publicly stated as saying Barton had agreed a 3 year deal and once prepared changed his mind and wanted a longer term (timed at the same time Jose and Nolan wanted a big deal – player power?)

    You’re just showing everyone you’re a sad little attention seeker – just like Joey himself – no wonder you empathise – this blog would be better without you – just like it has been the last few weeks.

    Toonsy – please Ban Troy Booby Shinton Stavers Number 9


  9. I wouldn’t expect it, but if I did something OUT of work which was regarding my work and company, then my boss would be dealing with it yes.


  10. Moreno
    August 25, 2011 at 10:44

    “You will find that a lot of managers and companies DO check their staff on social media and a lot of companies have clauses in employees contracts to the effect that they canโ€™t bring the company into disrepute.”

    Bingo ๐Ÿ˜€

    So what has Joey Barton done???? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. For example, if I posted on twitter or facebook that my company was a shambles and treat their customers like crap, I would expect to be called into a meeting regarding it and it be put to bed.


  12. CC….I’d rather have Bendtner from that motley crew ๐Ÿ˜•

    JJ…aye I was getting a bit carried away there like ๐Ÿ˜†


  13. “So what has Joey Barton done???? ”

    The same thing over and over again, due to the lack of management on the topic.


  14. A few weeks back I posted that Barton would end up at Wigan or a similar club…. Like Bobby/Troy, I too can see the future.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


  15. Whumpie @ 50. Completely agree re: his mental health. Always said he is a ticking time bomb. A dillusional character. The ‘intellectual’ quots he has been coming out with recently remind me of some sort of power crazed dictator or serial killer. If he wasnt a footballer with the money, fame, PR and clubs to feed/manage his life for him I genuinely believe he would be a life term jailbird by now.
    After he falls from the top or retires, the bloke will self destruct.
    As for the negative press stuff Moreno, it may have occasionally created a siege mentality occasionally but overall it will have done nothing for us. Potential transfer targets will have been lost by it, we have recently been relegated and we have not a decent cup run since the 90’s. Even then the pressure was too much and we didn’t even turn up two finals in a row. Why? Because we are constantly advertised as a joke of a club that cannot run itself properly and as such will not realise our potential. You tell me when players read that and hear it on SSN week in, week out that they do not begin to believe it?
    It needs to stop.


  16. Moreno, Barton was a meat head long before Pardew came into contact with him and will be a meat head long after he is gone…


  17. QPR supporter here – sounds to me like a good deal for everyone. we need good players. you don’t really need him. joey gets his cash. assuming he still remains a good player that is


  18. Moreno
    August 25, 2011 at 10:48

    “The same thing over and over again, due to the lack of management on the topic.”

    But he has been told to stop. He didn’t. He even got fined for it. He didn’t stop. Just got more cryptic.

    So if you had been called into the office, and been dealt with, and then carried on doing the same thing as you said, what would happen?

    End of the day Pardew was never going to change the mind of the board on Barton. They’ve been wanting rid of him since Keegan managed to stop them sacking him when he went down. As Pardew said there is bad blood between the board and the player and as the middle man you have nowhere to go.

    Unless we are now suggesting that Pardew has lots of control and isn’t just a first team coach? ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Aussie….then a QPR fan comes on. I’m always the bloke slagging someone down then I turn around and he’s behind me ๐Ÿ˜†


  20. “Unless we are now suggesting that Pardew has lots of control and isnโ€™t just a first team coach? ”

    Okay, you have me there. He is just a coach. We need a manager, as does every club, but we aren’t going to get one under this board.

    Sometimes I think of Pardew as the manager, which is of course completely ridiculous.


  21. Indeed it is, but I think you’ll find a lot of managers aren’t actually “managers” anymore.


  22. I’m sorry but Joey is an adult & is responsible for his own behaviour out of work…no-one else is.

    Good try Moreno but gotta agree with toonsy is this bad boy…


  23. Troy twas good of ye to help pull Stardy’s knife outta my back cheers,
    Stardy as usual puts his opinions across as facts, when like the rest of us are only going on hear say.
    If and when Joey goes I will be gutted but I will understand his decision because it is clear to see he has tried to stay, but is being left with no option.
    I just find it funny that as Toon fans a lot over look what he has done for the team, to focus on the negative and its from the same ones that complain about all the negativity on here.
    As I have said before it probably wont be long before they will be making excuses for why the Fatman had to get fid of Colo or Jonas or both.
    But it will be ok because atleast Fatman will be keeping the wage bill down, as that seems to be the main concern among some (fans) or should I say Fatmans financial advisors


  24. Jamois
    Agree, it could well end up being a good deal for all. Be nice if we could get a couple mil for him though.
    I think Joey just isn’t worth the hassle anymore in truth.

    But good luck with him.

    Ps. Ignore Richie he’s always slaggif people off ๐Ÿ˜ฏ


  25. Witters,

    I just refuse to believe that there was absolutely no chance of intervention and something being done to prevent this spiralling out of control.

    Hindsight and all that though…


  26. Dave, don’t put words in our mouths,

    If Colo went, even Jonas, I’d be pissed. But Joey, as much as he fires up the dressing room on good days, becomes a complete distraction on others. And IMO is returning to the days of being a liability.

    His mind is on his pride and not on his football. And its time for him to go.


  27. “focus on the negative and its from the same ones that complain about all the negativity on here.”

    A very interesting point and well made dave


  28. Moreno…I can see where your coming from I think.

    What I mean is the club took the draconian line in fining & giving him a free transfer which given his past his reaction was perhaps predictable & preventable.

    Im sometimes struggle with giving people special treatment but in Barton’s case he’s had more special treatment than most from the club & his tweeting was the last straw hence the line they took.

    Willie MacKay said Llambias was very supportive of Joey so I bet he was fcuking livid with Barton & I’d probably react the same.


  29. There is another way to look at it could this be the dismantling of the players committee that our then coach hooters allowed to have far too much power because he couldn’t excert his own authority because he wasn’t strong enough to manage senior player ????
    Or is it just a case of all the high earners being culled by the club ????


  30. Witters,

    I am really angry about it all to be honest and that may cloud my judgement.

    Pissed off at the Board, pissed off at Pardew and pissed off at Barton, all in equal measure.

    Pardew needs to grow himself a set of balls as we have a week to go.


  31. Dave at @110

    That’s why I believe there has been a lack of management by Pardew and he has let things run it’s course, as it’s been the plan of the board for ages….the snakes.


  32. Batty @ 15 sorry to criticize you spelling but even the Northumberland pronunciation of Cow is spelled COW. Carlton Cole is as mobile as one. Wonder if Supermac fancies a game โ“


  33. So what can Pardew do to the guys above him if it is their call?

    Nothing. Just like you or I can do nothing if the owners of our company decide to do anything…


  34. Anyway, I remember we used to talk about matches on match days…..

    Match preview is up ๐Ÿ™‚


  35. Toonsy.

    Thing is, Pardew has aligned himself with the board on numerous occasions, if not every occasion. If he took the players side rather than the boards more often he may get more respect off the players and more of a section of the fan base.

    He is Ashley’s man and not NUFC’s


  36. From SSN:

    “Newcastle’s interest is very serious and Erik finds the club a real challenge,” Van der Pol told the Dutch media.

    “I don’t know the exact numbers of Newcastle’s offer, but I’m pretty sure that the transfer will go ahead.”


  37. Dave – that wasn’t a knife in your back – it was a hook in front of your nose – which you grabbed with gusto! ๐Ÿ˜† Boobys left his but I will leave it in the water for a bit longer ๐Ÿ˜†


  38. I think it’s more about removing the negativity that comes with Barton the individual which is a positive step IMO

    The team will be worse off but that’s Derek’s call unfortunately…


  39. Witters,

    Negativity? In the media? Don’t care about

    Against the board? Don’t care about

    On the pitch? Nope, one of the most positive and determined players we have and that’s where it matters most

    In the dressing room or training ground? Comes across as being positive to me, has the odd word when things aren’t right, as any leader should in my opinion.

    Anyway, balls to it all, so disillusioned with this club at the minute


  40. Moreno…criticising the clubs, new signings, hissy fit at Leeds

    Unfortunately the only way we’ll find out is with hindsight & by then it’s too late


  41. ….for all those calling Barton a money-grabber, the MEDIA made up the 60k a week. Warnock has since been on Sky Sports News laughing that amount off. If he moves I’m sure he’ll be on less than he is at NUFC. I’ll be sorry to see him go, but I’ll pas further judgement when the transfer window shuts, although I’m expecting it to slam and shatter again.


  42. @Moreno

    You are right in what you say. Don’t let them drag you down!

    The board dragged down Barton until he was FORCED OUT, irrelevant whether it was this season or next, ultimately there was no contract on the table to sign. Everyone knows that to be FACT.


  43. ” From SSN:

    โ€œNewcastleโ€™s interest is very serious and Erik finds the club a real challenge,โ€ Van der Pol told the Dutch media.

    โ€œI donโ€™t know the exact numbers of Newcastleโ€™s offer, but Iโ€™m pretty sure that the transfer will go ahead.โ€”

    Lol. If I were him I would wait until he sees the exact numbers of the offer before deciding how serious it is!


  44. Troy, Barton ain’t daft either. He knew the writing was on the wall BEFORE he started spouting on Twitter. He knew he had nowt to lose.

    I don’t condone what he did via Twitter, nor what Enrique and others before him have – this can only unsettle the club they’re at, but he was obviously frustrated as many of us are. In this day and age it’s becoming progressively easier to get yourself into trouble through spontaneous electronic outbursts. Fatty has clearly had issues with Barton for quite some time though – I doubt his tweets had much to do with it.

    Barton going can only be detrimental to the squad, in my opinion.

    ….he’s just turned up at QPR for the 2nd part of his medical btw.


  45. Pootle, that’ll be a real coup for us if we get him for the reported 4M-ish we seem to be offering.


  46. I find it incredible that fans can blame Barton for taking this opportunity.

    Take it with both hands and look after your family first, as you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


  47. Ice, surely they mean 100k a day! …the money-grabbing tw@t. ๐Ÿ˜†

    The media always assume clubs owned by multi-b/millionaires will spend big on their squads. I know I used to as well. ๐Ÿ™


  48. Aye, Barton does seems to have done himself over with the whole loyalty thing. But meh, didn’t really expect much else. I still think he owed us another year and should have gone after that, the fact that we’re getting nothing for him is almost embarrassing, not much to be done though, will be missed.


  49. MOTM: Tim Krul – You could tell he was growing in confidence. Made a couple of smart saves. Only negative was his kicking and that one time where he dropped a cross

    Flop of the Match: Dan Gosling – I thought this was gonna be his break out game. But he couldn’t get up to pace. Passing was piss poor. Only positive was he did get into good goal scoring positions.

    Honorable Mentions:
    S. Ameobi – Wonder Strike! But drifted in and out of the game
    Vuckic – Skilful and Calm. He’s undoubted talent for all to see.
    Marveaux – Gonna be a key player for us. Great ball control and most importantly has an end product to his passes. But clearly lacking in Match Fitness.

    Anyways, i dont understand why some people on other blogs and Twitter were slagging Best. He won 80% of the headers and held the ball up well. Sure he wasted a couple of excellent chances. He’s just lacking match sharpness. I expect a 10 goal season from Best.


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