Jonas signs on until 2015

Happy handshakes from Pardew and Jonas
Newcastle United have announced that Argentine winger Jonas Gutierrez has signed a new contract at the club.

Jonas has put pen to paper on a two year extension with Newcastle which will see him contracted to the club until 2015.

The biggest thing for me is that it shows a commitment to keeping our current players, which is something that the club struggled with over the summer. Granted it’s not a cast iron guarantee that Jonas will not be moving, but it does at least show that we do offer wages at a level high enough to keep current players interested which had been a concern for some, myself included.

Jonas is a bit of an enigma if truth be told. He has unbelievable tekkers on his day and at times can keep a whole defence occupied. On the flipside of that his end product has come in for criticism as it can be lacking at times, but few can deny that the Argentina international doesn’t work his socks off for the team.

However Jonas has revealed that he was only to happy to put to paper on a contract extension. Speaking to the club website, the 28-year-old had this to say:

“I’ve said many times that I love playing for Newcastle. I love the city, the fans and the team. So I had no hesitation in signing a new contract. It has been a good start to the season and this is a great place to be.”

“I am proud that the manager and the board see me as part of the long-term future of Newcastle. I have always given my best here and I will always do that.”

I’m pretty chuffed with this news to be honest. It’s come a bit out of left field but I’ll take it. Is this another sign that things at the club are improving? I’m not sure on that one, but Alan Pardew seems happy enough to have tied down Gutierrez.

“Jonas is an integral part of the future of Newcastle United and we are delighted to have signed a new contract with him,” said Pardew. “As a seasoned international player, he adds a different dimension to our play when he is on the field and is a huge asset to us.”

“Jonas can turn a game in an instant, he has marvellous ball skills, a terrific work rate and in my time here, has hardly missed a game. That’s the sort of consistency, fitness and performance wise, that a manager looks for in a player.”

Great news. Colo next please!

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86 thoughts on “Jonas signs on until 2015

  1. Agree Shamrock about Williamson. He could fill in for a game or two but we would notice Colo’s absence right away. Also Williamson is poor for set pieces in attack, whereas Colo and Saylor are definite threats. We need a good solid CB for cover and RB to replace Simpson going forward. Simpson isn’t terrible so he would be useful cover as Williamson is at CB but neither is good enough if we are to get into Europe.


  2. I’ll join with the others and say you are doing a fantastic job with the site Toonsy. If you add in all your hours of labour as well as out of pocket costs it is a tribute to you as a true supporter of Newcastle United. Long may your blog be on the net.


  3. Was actually excited on deadline day when it looked like we were going to snap Ridgwell up, thought to myself: ‘Christ, we are actaully going to be well covered this year depth wise’. Big let down when that did not happen. Much more than the striker situation in my opinion.


  4. @Shamrock

    aye, al those channels aswell. Me and wor lass, even tho married live seperate lives, one in the living room and 1 in the kitchen. I think it makes for a health relationship – lol


  5. aye, me too. Never really rated Ridgewell although he’s an honest, no-**** footballer I was gutted when we missed out. We’ve been lucky up2now with injuries. touch-wood.. like u say if Colo or Saylor were injured we’d have to dust down Perch 🙁


  6. Lol ladies and gentlemen just do not operate on the same wave length when it comes to the most common forms of light entertainment, so a bit of ‘controlled separation’ is a good thing! Haha


  7. Cant for the life of me figure out why Kadar has not had a sniff of the action… They obviously want to blood the youngsters as they have shown. Can only assume they have identified parts of his game that are just not up to scratch yet?


  8. lol controlled! I have a fob-system set-up in the kitchen, eye sensors and al that.. facebook and heat magazine is a mans saviour, without it I’d have to talk. 🙂


  9. Frankly Toonsy I never really gave a **** if u made money of this site or not. Seems like u don’t Which makes it even more commendable what you’ve done with this. Very nice blog and although I disagree with many on here at the end of the day we will still be singing in the rain cheering the lads on. Or in my case sitting in front of the telly at 3am screaming like a lunatic whenever we score.


  10. Wonder how Enrique is feeling now ? the player that helped him make an impact down the left hand side signs a new deal with us and we are above the club he left us for , because he wanted to move to a club that would challenge for europe . Not saying we will reach Europe this season , but then again will Liverpool . At the minute we have as good a squad as them .


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