Jonas: “It’s honestly a pleasure to play for the fans”

Jonas loves the Toon!
Jonas Gutierrez gave us some welcome yet surprising news the other day when he committed himself to the club until 2015.

The news was both welcome and surprising as it demonstrates that the club can actually tempt current players who signed before the apparent clamp down in wages to stay at the club and has led to refreshed hope that a new deal for Captain Fabricio Coloccini could be on the cards.

Things are pretty sweet at NUFC at the moment. It’s seems strange that I’m not spending my time writing about one catastrophe or another and to be honest it makes a nice change. It won’t last, but at the minute results are good, performances are getting better, we sit 4th in the Premier League table and, most importantly, the team spirit that has served us so well over the last couple of years appears to be intact. Don’t take my word for it however. Just listen, or read I should say, what Jonas Gutierrez has had to say today.

“The spirit which many people talked about last season, and in our promotion season, is still there and indeed, may even be stronger, and that has served us well too,” Jonas told the Journal. He continued: “We have shown that in all our games this season, particularly in the two Cup ties, the game at QPR where we fought really hard for a draw and at Aston Villa where we had to come from behind.”

“On Tuesday we all went paint-balling up at Slaley Hall. All the players and coaching staff went, and for some of us it was a brand new experience. And it was a super day, too. Cheick (Tioté) was the star, he was great, but it was just one of those days that everyone enjoyed.”

“This team has such a good spirit, we’re all really good friends and love each other’s company. It certainly helped all the new lads settle in even more, not that they needed to really, but also those type of things just help bring fun to the team and bring everyone closer together.”

I don’t think the team spirit can be denied. It’s on show when we score a goal and the whole team celebrates together. It’s nice to see and with that kind of atmosphere amongst the players it’s no surprise that the new players seem to be settling in so quickly.

The big question mark will be when we lose a game and how we bounce back from that, but the better the team spirit is the greater the chance of us seeing a positive response from the players.

I think the fans play a massive part in things at Newcastle to be honest. At times we can be the masters of our own downfall but for the most part we are vocal in our backing of the team. This is something that is not lost on the players according to Jonas.

When asked about his new contract Jonas replied: “That is terrific for me, I am 28 now, so will have four more seasons at St James’ Park where I hope to give my best to the team, the manager and the supporters.”

“Physically I am in very good condition so over the next few seasons I aim to perform to my absolute maximum potential.”

“I love playing for this football club. Ever since I joined in 2008 I have felt a special bond with the city and its supporters. They are like nothing I have experienced before and it is honestly a pleasure to play for the fans.”

“I think the rest of the players think that, too. I know Colo very well of course and he thinks the same, he was so proud to be made captain and in my view, I think he is playing the best football of his career – we both have a lot to thank the manager and board for.”

We seem to have a group of players who are keen to prove a point and are keen to play for the club, the fans and the city. Andy Carroll could have learnt a bit from these Frenchies and foreigners!

The start to the season has defied the critics who tipped us to struggle. I even recall the fat, lardy, kebab munching simpleton who goes by the name of Matt le Tissier tipping us for relegation. I never even contemplated that personally although by the same token I didn’t expect is to be sitting 4th in the table after six games. What do the pundits know again?

Whilst the start to the season has been surprising to some on the outside, it appears that on the inside the word surprising is not the word being used at all. Demba Ba said the other day about how he wasn’t surprised at the way we’d started with the players we have, and now Jonas Gutierrez has joined that particular bandwagon.

“The team has had a great start to the season and maybe has surprised a few people. As players we really believe in ourselves and so it is maybe not so much of a surprise to us that we have not lost a game yet.”

“Of course we realise it is very early in the season, and there are a lot of very hard games ahead, but so far we have done well and won the games we would have expected to.”

“We have a lot of talent in the squad, Yohan had done very well and the other new lads who have been brought in by the manager look very good players too. And of course having Hatem back is a great boost for us all too.”

Make no mistake, there will be tougher times ahead, but at the moment I don’t think things could be much better. I mean we could have won all of our games I guess, but being realistic our start is about the best we could have hoped for. The good thing is that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Hopefully our run can carry on a bit longer!

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37 thoughts on “Jonas: “It’s honestly a pleasure to play for the fans”

  1. “On Tuesday we all went paint-balling up at Slaley Hall. All the players and coaching staff went, and for some of us it was a brand new experience. And it was a super day, too. Cheick (Tioté) was the star, he was great, but it was just one of those days that everyone enjoyed.”

    What did they expect if they gave a gun to Mr T. 🙂


  2. DJG i was just looking at that, now we know why he doesnt have to take out his frustrations picking up those yellows

    Midfielder Cheik Tiote was the star of the show, displaying the same drive and commitment on the paintball range as he regularly shows at the heart of the Newcastle midfield.

    Can see him stalking through the trees like a guerilla 😯 scary thought


  3. PS wonder if Nile Power Ranger was there 😈 doubt it but he seems like the type to stand in the open shooting like the gangsta he is and getting pounded from all sides


  4. Ranger took his own gun. 😯

    I like Jonas and is important to our squad but his crossing, final ball and shooting has not developed since he arrived and he needs that competition for places which he has at the moment.


  5. I know they need to prove them selves here first but I was just thinking before, when we were in the Championship and had Pancrate etc who would of thought we would have Santon and Ben Arfa in our team, very good recognized players from around Europe.

    When Santon gets in the team and gets up and running we’ll have a great player on our hands and he’s only 20! 😀


  6. Speaking of Jonas, he is valuable player for us but anyone that goes to the home games have you noticed when you go through our pre-match warm up etc and we get Cabaye and Tiote in the middle and fire it out to Obertan and Simpson on the right to whip it in to the strikers and then fire it out left where just Ryan Taylor is….

    Jonas goes down the tunnel when we practice crossing, you would think Jonas would want to practice that 😆


  7. IF colo gets signed up aswell then what a start to the season it has been… when that age old question of ‘ambition’ comes up again we only have to look at the core players and see the future of the club has been tied down;

    Colo (hopefully) Saylor (5yr deal) Willo (5 yr deal) Santon (5 yr deal), Fergie (5 yr deal)

    Cabaye (5 yr deal) Tiote (6 yr deal) Marveux (5 yr deal), Obertan (5 yr deal), Jonas (4 yr deal), Abeid (5 yr deal)

    Ba (4 yr deal), Ben arfa (4 yr deal)


  8. Troy, at the end of this season Best will have one-year left. He signed a three-and-a-half year when he joined and hasn’t signed a extension.

    Ba signed a three-year deal when he joined as well I’m sure.


  9. Troy you escaped like me then from that dark place on the other server! 😆

    Will be interesting if best gets his renewed then; he certainly has done anything not to.

    Why is everything going so well atm? I sense a hammering by wolves….


  10. @dan

    if Best keeps banging them in this season he is in a win win situation for a lucrative contract from us or another club.


  11. Definitely, it looks like he loves the club and wants to stay and he won’t be on huge money so I would of thought at the end of the season he will get a new deal.


  12. Dan4toon

    It is hilarious watching Jonas warm up. On any runs he is always ten yards behind everybody else and just seem to do his own thing half the time


  13. Toby, I usually get there for them warming up and in the two and a half year that we’ve done this particular warm up he jogs off down the tunnel when it’s about to start.

    You would think someone i.e. Carver or Stone would say stay out there and practice your crossing, even if it was cutting back on his right and whipping it in!


  14. Liam… do my eyes deceive or have you left Shola off your list (@ 9)?

    Didn’t he sign a 30 year contract a few weeks ago?

    😉 🙂 🙂


  15. @Lesh – quality mate!

    What a fantastic interview. What the faack has happened at our club? I think we are all hoping that the club has finally turned a corner. The current situation begs a lot of questions about the negativity of our outgoing players.


  16. just playing devil’s advocate, but, what if MA is only giving our
    older players longer contracts so that he can get more for them,should anyone come shopping!


  17. Clinath – that is the logic behind all contracts for all players. Though your logic is the wrang way around. They give out contracts to ensure they get market value for players and not less than that.


  18. Always had a soft spot for Spidey.

    Would love to see him on the right though. He’s been slated by many since day one over the old ‘end-product’ tag. I honestly think this is down to him not being a crossing type of winger from that side, he always seems to want to cut in onto his right and he ain’t got the best shot on him, and when he does score it’s with his right foot. From what I’ve seen anyway.

    Right wing, or even right back. I’m sure we’d see a lot more of him from the opposite flank, and I think for our squad anyway that’s where we’d benefit most as a team.


  19. Limavady United look to take Tevez on loan
    Well, it’s closer to Buenos Aires than Manchester!


    Yes, the tiny Northern Irish League club have made an audacious big to take the troubled Argentinian on loan until the end of the season.

    Vice-chairman David Brewster faxed a formal offer to Manchester City in a bid to keep the suspended striker fit, as long as City continue to pay his £250,000 wages.

    In a radio interview Brewster explains, “Frankly Tevez has said one of his problems is that he’s too far away from his kids and Limavady is closer to Argentina than Manchester, so he might be attracted.”

    And when asked how the club would deal with the attitude of a player like Tevez he says “He’s got too big for his boots and needs a dose of humility. Our manager David Platt is not someone who’s going to take any sulks of hissy fits from players refusing to play.”

    Listen to the radio interview

    The fax reads:

    “Pursuant to the well publicised comments of your manager yesterday evening to the effect that Carlos Tevez would not be permitted to play for your club again, may I on behalf of Limavady United FC indicate our willingness to assist you with a difficult problem,” his fax reads.

    “We would be perfectly willing to take Mr Tevez on loan for the remainder of the season or until transfer, thereby permitting him to play football but without the risk of being cup-tied for the Champions League.

    “Naturally, our club would not be in a position to discharge Mr Tevez’s wages but I am sure you can see the advantages of keeping him match fit prior to any possible sale.

    “We look forward to your early reply to permit us to complete the necessary paperwork with the Irish Football Association if the matter is to proceed,”

    Good luck to Limavady United, and if they don’t get Tevez, then at least it shows there’s still people with a sense of humour in the game!


  20. Just when you think things can’t get any better…

    lee_ryder Lee Ryder
    #nufc Shola Ameobi likely to miss trip to #wolves with shoulder problem



  21. TC, I wonder if the injury is related to the excessive amount of weight he’s had on them over the years.


  22. Mick G 😀 😀

    Wonder if tevez would come jonas and colo argies! he might like it here!


  23. haha. Mental innit. He’s been doing this for years. My guess is this time he’s fkd. 3rd time unlucky Titus!

    His ‘alleged’ coke parties would explain his total and utter inconsistency. World beater one minute, wife beater the next.



    P.S. Nice one for the new streamlined smiley column, El Toonsio. 😎


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