Poll – Will the name change again?

The cathedral on the hill. Let me first warn you that this article won’t be very long. You can be pleased with that or not. It’s up to you.

Once again it’s about the name change at St James’ Park, and I say St James’ Park (once again) as that is all it will ever be to me regardless of the signage that is used on it.

Anyway, I noticed yesterday, and it was picked up on by a few others, that this hard, defiant stance about “wiping our history” softened remarkably when a name like Nike was mentioned. It happened the day before when O2 was also mentioned as a prospective sponsor.

This has made me start thinking what the real problem is. Is it purely because of the name change? Is it the current “showcase” sponsor? Is it the fear of the current “showcase” sponsor being more than just a showcase?

Anyway, I was asked over the weekend to make up a poll to gauge who thinks the name will change with the introduction of a new sponsor and who thinks it will stay as it is. I’ve been at work all weekend so, a bit delayed, here it is.

[poll id=”47″]

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90 thoughts on “Poll – Will the name change again?

  1. RICHIE aye your reet (as normal 🙁 ) theres quite a large area on the edge of the park its a grazeing for cattle with a foot path through,also a few flats on there for students,sharp knock that doon like 😀 😀


  2. Ameobi subbed and Belgium score twice to win the game

    The name change might be ok if its something like the O2 arena, anythings better than sports direct – tbh I can’t see anyone buying the naming rights with all the bad press its getting


  3. Ritchie I knaa mate. You’re spot on. I realises after I first posted it wasn’t the town moor. 😳


  4. Fair to say that nee body is happy with the name change. We can keep talking about it but nowt is going to come of it. The council refusing to change their signs and Jeff Stelling saying he will never call it SDA is enough for me. Nee body is ganna call it SDA. Move on from this I say and let the barrow boy get on with his spastickry.


  5. The results may well be very different if the ‘No’ answer was phrased differently.

    I believe that if someone came in with money, the name would be changed. I don’t think anyone will, because of the negative goodwill it would bring.


  6. of course its going to change he wouldnt do it otherwise. Stop whining about it its only a name change its not that big of a deal. Mike Ashely has proved he knows what hes doing by the position we sit in the table

    keep it up fatty


  7. Heard a rumour that NHK the spark plug manufacturer are in talks

    St James’ Spark??

    It could be worse – actual clubs have changed their names before…


  8. To me it’s SJP, always has been, always will be.

    But the fact is that the name changed in 2009 to “Sports Direct @ St James Park”, so the wheel was already turning. Nobody was interested in that so they have gone the whole hog.
    I think your right though toonsy, I think it’s the “showcase” that has drawn the bulk of negativity.

    If, for example, they had knocked up a couple of glossy brochures and sent those off to the likes of Nike and O2, showing them that way what could be done, then announce it when they had one of the on board and could say, right were getting 10m for the next 4yrs – it would have had less of an impact…. people would still be angered by it but I think the board could justify it better, coz at the mo, with all the negative feeling towards it, I’m not sure the likes of Nike and O2 would want to touch it.
    The other plus to the glossy brouchure is that it would have been cheaper and wldnt have pissed the olympic commitee and council off.

    My final thought was, it Nike want to invest, where does that leave Puma…..?


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