Alan Pardew – The right man at the right time?

Pardew proving the doubters wrong
In a few weeks time Alan Pardew will be celebrating one year in charge of Newcastle United.

He’s done well, better than most expected in fact, since he took over from Chris Hughton last December and has won plaudits from fans, press and pundits for the way he has gone about his work at NUFC.

It’s unexpected in truth. I don’t think many fans expected him to do as well as well as he has done and I think it’s fair to say that, at the moment anyway, he seems to be the right man in the right place to help take Newcastle forward.

I sometimes wonder why he bothers though. At times he is put in a tough position by his boss who has a habit of making shocking decisions that rile the fans only to leave Pardew having to take the flak for it in the media. And at times he is put in a tough position by the best fans in the land who have an ability to read something in black and white, twist it, and then use it as a stick to beat him with. Like yesterday where he said we have no need to sell our better players but we’d have to consider silly money offers. There was nothing wrong with that I thought. In fact I saw it as a positive.

All that aside, I gave Pardew a chance right from the off. That is something that I learned from Chris Hughton who turned out to be a fan favourite after obtaining the job in unfavourable circumstances and with a managerial record that was hardly sparkling. Remember, he’d had two spells in caretaker charge, ten games, one win. He proved me wrong, which is why I got behind Pardew from day one.

Many players have come out and lauded Pardew. From his pre-match preparation onwards, we’ve heard many times about how meticulous he is when planning for the next game. In fact John Carver said much the same thing just a few days ago.

Pardew may not have been the name the people envisaged replacing Chris Hughton, but he was that man, and it seems to me that, nigh in one year on, he is the right man at the right time for Newcastle United.

The players play for him, the fans are, largely, behind him, and he has the ability to get the best out of what he’s got at his disposal.

Can you really ask for anymore right now?

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46 thoughts on “Alan Pardew – The right man at the right time?

  1. I was underwhelmed when he replaced Hughton but you could see from even his early games he was better tactically. Some obvious stuff had been worked on at the training ground like free kicks and his substitutions were better (and quicker) than Hughton’s. He needs to be given real credit for what he has done and I certainly don’t buy all the “Ashley’s Puppet” crap. He is a very good manager and hopefully will continue to prove it over the next 4 years (and beyond). Having a stable and talented management team is something we haven’t managed for years unfortunately


  2. what happens if us geordies are proved wrong – and the footballing nation proved right – and we drop quicker than a mackems knickers in a kebab shop?

    Anyway, I’m really proud of what pardew’s acheived so far… if you look at our loss rate under him it’s actually quite low which shows the defensive work that has gone in… we’ve got a decent defence.

    ‘we’ve got a decent defence’… honestly that is a phrase I have never uttered as a newcastle united fan. πŸ˜› 😯


  3. In truth I was far from impressed by his appointment.

    Far from impressed by last season.

    Even less impressed by his broken promises.
    In late August (not that long ago) he made a 100% guarantee to the fans about a striker.

    He has learned to distance himself from the horrible duo.
    I like that he meticulous in his planning and coaching.
    The hard work is paying off.

    I wouldn’t want Pardew to leave.

    Not sure I’m walking in a Pardew wonderland just yet … but the signs are good.


  4. He has done a great job for us. Couldnt have wanted him to do much better. He seems to have a ok relationship with ashley and who ever else above him. They seem to be getting along fine.

    As long as the club keep progressing season after season i want him to stay here for awhile. Its a known fact that clubs who keep there manager longest always do well. Look at Man Utd and Arsenal for example. We need a long manager reign. Like the sir bobby days.


  5. Nobby, you’ve got knickers on the brain today mate.

    …nice analogy though. πŸ˜†

    Pardew does seem to be pushing all the right buttons at the moment, but we’re only 12 games in. Be good to see where we are come next May. Then Pardew will’ve had a whole season with his own players, and any credit will hopefully be justified by a fine season at the helm. HTL!


  6. +1 Premandup
    Very happy that he was completely Ashley’s choice and actually had to work hard to win over the fans, hoping he’s backed for a few years bringing some real stability. Would love for some Pardew chants on his 1 year, he definitely deserves it.

    Going to be so happy after we’ve played Man Utd & Chelsea and are still in the top 6 having played all the ‘hard teams’.


  7. Toonsy good article mate, Pards was never my 1st choice but I got behind him from the start, as I really did believe that he offered a lot more to the club than Hooters did.
    I still find it strange that there is still fans that would jump at the chance to get Hooters back, even though Pards has done better, but then thats fans for ye.
    Solano I agree I think it would be nice to hear a few Pards chants as imo it would only make him want to do better to have people behind him.


  8. Nice quote from the bloke on sky who looks like a 70’s porn start – name eludes me for now:

    “What did we learn about Manchester City on Saturday? That they are a very good football team from front to back. The reason we learnt that is because another very good side, Newcastle, pushed them all the way. But for a couple of great saves from Joe Hart and crucial times, they could’ve pushed them even more. But City have so much strength, the moment they brought on David Silva, you knew it was going to be hard for Alan Pardew’s men to hang in there and get something. But, they came away with their heads held high and I think that in defeat, they showed the rest of the Premier League that they are a good, well-organised, hard-working side with a terrific team spirit. Of course the key is how they bounce back from this, but on this evidence, they should be ok.”

    I don’t think we can claim persecution by the press or that they’re calling us lucky or ‘untested’ any more. Definite recognition now.


  9. Pards is ok and I think he has taken a lesson from last January. It’s good he says that if big money comes in any of our players are up for sale. We all now know the script and I can live with that. I hope none leave but if they do at least it will be for top dollar.


  10. I think Pardew has done an exceptional job under the circumstances.
    He came in under a cloud of controversy and had to firstly win over the players, then he had to win over the fans.

    I think we can see that he’s won over the players and quickly got the thumbs up from the players he brought in.
    It’s clear that they warm to his style of play and obviously respect his knowledge of the game and the way his ethics are about it.

    I think he’s done very well in bringing in the coaching staff that he has and all seem to be working in unison which obviously reflects on the team spirit as well.
    He’s done a fantastic job of ridding the club of the player power image and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.
    His players know what he expects of them and I think he’s proved beyond doubt that he’s no soft touch and will only play , players that are up to speed and biting at the bit.

    He has a knack of putting subs on to close games off which more often than not works, when us pretend managers are screaming for him to bring on other players, until we give ourselves a little slap when we realize he was right. lol

    I think it’s clearly evident that he’s won over the fans and only the absolute die hard haters can have anything against him for basically reasons they will make up as they go along.

    All in all, I honestly don;t think we could have brought in many other managers that could have shaped this team up under the circumstances in which Pardew arrived under, so my hat is tipped to the fella and I hope we have many more years under him in the same vein in which he appears to be taking us.

    Wll done Alana Pardew. πŸ˜€


  11. I think it’s way out of order that a loanee is shooting Spurs above us in the league tonight…freaking Adebayor πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  12. Nobby…how ya deein the neet big man ? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Freakin Adebayor……… πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  13. MM – I think we should be more concerned with the TEN POINT gap that has opened up between the BEST (top 7) and the rest!!! πŸ˜€


  14. Sorry – that’s not quite correct. What I meant is we’re 10 points clear of 8th, which is ******* brilliant when you think about it.


  15. Did Tottenham win I take it? They were going to ho above us at some point I guess.

    Like TC said though, there is a gap opening up between us and 7th. A bit of luck with the cups and 7th could be good enough for Europe. You never know πŸ˜‰


  16. Game still going on Toonsy buy Villa are 2-0 down and don’t look like getting back into it.

    Bale is back to his best.


  17. Think we can get 7th as long as we don’t fall apart over next two games, hopefully Man U will pick up some injuries against Benfica and Chelsea look very beatable at the moment


  18. i honestly think we can get in top 6,liverpool, despite winning yesterday are no great shakes,and any injury to van persie will set arsenal right back,hes carrying them this season,chelsea are looking beatable, and they all have to play each other as well.So all is not lost for us yet.


  19. Just got my pet Tortoise back from the upholsterers. Lovely suade cushion on it’s shell.

    It’s great for the winter when it’s hibernating cos it keeps it warm and makes a cheap and decorative footstool. 😯

    Pardew for England! 😯

    Who said that? 😯


  20. Ive no problem with his comments re. selling players for ‘silly money’. The guy has clearly learned from experience – he can’t say unequivocally that any player isn’t for sale. If anything, it shows that he is sensitive to fans’ complaints about lying and misleading behaviour from the board

    Top man, top job – keep it up Alan


  21. Dungarees and muscle top or skinny jeans and slim fit shirt? πŸ˜•

    What a dilemma. 😯


  22. Sorted! Decision made!!!

    Dungarees, muscle top, deer stalker and cowboy boots! 😯

    Off to work and feeeeling goooood. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


  23. Troy not a bad choice but I think the cowboy boots will be cold on the toes,
    As for the tortoise good to see you thinking about its comfort during these cold months, ye dont want the poor wee thing freezing.


  24. Thanks Dave,

    You were right about the cowboy boots being cold on my toes so I nipped back and slipped on my UGG boots. I prefer the look actually. 😯

    I was put Kevin the tortoise first when it comes to comfort. I’ve screwed wheels on the bottom of his shell so it doesn’t wake him when we are move round the room as a footstool. 😯


  25. @Lesh

    The toilet in my flat is blocked so I’ve just been piddling out the window.
    I live on the top floor so by the time it reaches the bottom it’s spread out and hits the pavement as fine spray, so it’s ok.

    The council are coming out today to fix it.

    I think it’s the wife who’s blocked it cos she’s been constipated for a month and let loose yesterday!

    Everyone in the block was complaining aboot the lift rumbling but if only they knew it was mrs stavers filling the pan! πŸ˜›


  26. Troy was just thinkin there did you use castor wheels or did you get the wheels of them shopping trolleys that were lying about round your flat ?


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