Is it a season to be jolly?

Remember when we beat the Mackems?
It’s now six games since we won a match which is setting some alarm bells ringing on Tyneside, but if we look at the bigger picture, are things really so bad?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not attempting to cover over any cracks. Quite frankly we all knew we were a couple of injuries away from disaster and that is how it is proving to be. The nightmare before Christmas so to speak.

However we are still sat in 7th place in the league, we’re still three points clear of 8th and seven points clear of losing a spot in the top half of the table. Yes we are in the middle of a dip and we’ve not got the results from the last three games that perhaps we should have done, but overall we’re still having a good season, right?

Naturally that could all change in January. We’ll be losing Cheik Tiote and Demba Ba to the African Cup of Nations and some fear that we may lose one or two players for a lot longer, ie indefinitely, if this transfer window treads a familiar path once more.

However lets not lose sight of the start we’ve had to the season. A bit of confidence is all we need. Against West Brom we bossed them for the first 20 minutes until they got that opening goal. Once that goal went in the confidence took a hit and we struggled to get back into it, which we only managed thanks to a Demba Ba thunderbolt. In short, if we’d have scored the opening goal we’d have won that game.

It’s all if’s and but’s of course, but so are the dozens of theories that are whirling about regarding how our season is going to go from now. IF we sell so and so, IF we don’t buy in January and so on. How about IF we go on another run that we saw at the start of the season? We’ve done it once so why not again?

I know things could have been even batter had we got the results in the last few games, but the reality is that we were not going to go on winning game after game. At some point it would end. I’m just as *off as the rest of you but the fact is that we’re still in an excellent position to progress.

Some festive food for thought…

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142 thoughts on “Is it a season to be jolly?

  1. wolfie so what your saying is every 1 at the arsenal game last season @ sjp thought we would win @ half time πŸ˜‰


  2. BATTY, once you are in the ground you are in that ground because you believe that your team can win the game.
    If at half time, your team is 4 nil down, you still hope for a miracle until proved otherwise.


  3. Well fellow bloggers, I’m back in the UK for Xmas, sitting in my Mum’s place in Rowlands Gill. Pressies wrapped and ready for Santa!

    I’m just hoping that we hang on to Krul. Tiote can go for the right price but for me Krul is crucial to our success this season.

    Best wishes to Toonsy (hope you’re missus is well mate) and to all the bloggers on this excellent site!! hope you all have a great Xmas wherever you are!


  4. BATTY , but that’s the thing, you see the next 3 games as us getting no points, so it means you are a negative fan.

    Let me ask you this. Will you be going to the game with a nervous belly?
    Will you be going to the game, hoping we can get the 3 points?

    Or will you be going to the game knowing full well that we are getting no points?


  5. wolfie i alway hope dont we all ,but like i sed i RECKON we will get nowt reckon reckon reckon ,so whats ya point πŸ˜• πŸ˜• πŸ˜•


  6. Cheers lads!

    I reckon 3 points at Bolton – it’s about time we had a win on Boxing day!! draw at liverpoo! Tried to get tickets for manure match but mostly sold out apart from single seats… I think we can get something from that one too! Ever the optimist!

    Cheers all! Howay the Lads!!


  7. arrr gotcha it must be because i called fatty a fat ugly b@stard as tgs thinks we will get nowt @4 and you never pulled him πŸ˜†


  8. Wolfie , will you agree that there is a chance a very small chance minute even that you could be wrong , bearing in mind january is a month away ! Just maybe !


  9. Toonsy – this site has inspired me, and to make sure that I don’t get wrong by Nobby – I’ve done research. lol

    It hasn’t been brilliant research coz I don’t have ALL the facts….. But here it goes anyway…

    01/01/2011. Man City v Blackpool.
    Blackpool lost the game 1-0 to an Adam Johnson goal (I’m showing off here).

    Now the important researched fact. Prior to the game, Blackpool sat 8th in the league, with 3 games in hand due to fixtures being cancelled.
    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out what their points tally was (lost interest) but as I say, they would have played 3 less games by this time last season.
    We all know the end result though!!

    The point I’m trying to make mate is that it’s not about how well we’ve done up to now, it’s about where we go from here. I dont just mean points, I mean how we let the last Month effect us mentally and what we do in the transfer window.
    Blackpool had little to no money to change their predicament in that sense, however we do and absolutely have too!!!

    We have to stay positive, agreed, but we also HAVE to be acknowledge how bad this situation could be. A win against Bolton won’t change everything but it will stop the rot setting in and hopefully get the players back on track.



  10. Sharpy17 , I agree investment aswell as retention is necesarry do we push on ! Or make do πŸ™„ not long to find out .


  11. KEITH@96
    I’m not saying I’m right about anything and anything I say COULD turn out different.
    I go on what I see happening and for long enough I’ve seen continued progress and clever dealings by all at the club.

    Look at the club from the kids up , when was the last time we saw that much potential in abundance?

    We aren’t in debt to no one outside of the club and we don’t owe interest to banks which is money wasted.

    We have a team that is capable of competing and willing to work as a unit due to all being happy at the club which creates a dressing room togetherness.

    We have an owner that will not be mugged off either by players, or in the transfer market.
    We have an owner who was willing to bail us out when we most needed it, out of his own pocket.

    The same owner, kept our better players when we were in the championship when he could of sold them but took the wage bill on the chin to give us a better chance of regaining immediate prem status and it worked.

    So what I’n your opinion do you think I could be wrong about, or what in your opinion do you think I maybe could be looking through rose tinted specs.

    I’d be happy to answer your questions.


  12. KEITH@98, we have pushed on, so it’s fair to say we will keep pushing on.

    Naturally with a push on, we will have set backs and it’s not an all steps forward route to success.

    Throughout all this, we will take a few steps forward and 1 back as we go, but we still gain.

    It’s a massive difference from the 1 step forward and 2 back under Shepherd.


  13. Wolfie – I’ve had a call for you, it’s from your planet. They said your mission is complete and you can return home now! Either that or drugs, mate!

    Dont give me the bill shut about every club vunerable to bigger clubs buying their players. Other clubs who sell their best players for big money reinvest, a la Spurs and look where they are now.

    We brought in more than Β£50m this year and we spent circa Β£10m of it. That’s a fcking joke! I wouldn’t mind selling Tiote for Β£25m this window if it meant we could strengthen the squad in all areas, but no, we buy the most expensive fcking under soil heating in history and buy gold plated Sports Direct boards for around the training ground.

    The facts are there for everyone to see, you just seem to twist them into a warped Ashley love in way.

    We do not improve as a club if we sell our best players and refuse to spend the money.

    If you think a bit of piping and a few boards round the training ground is more important than good players you’re a fcking moron!


  14. When it all goes **** up in the transfer window like everyone knows it will people will come on here and say well its what we expected , wolfie will post approx 800 words saying things like “it took time at manu” “baby steps” “the club knows best” “its all part of the plan” yadda yadda yadda , ill say it in a few words , ashley is not good for nufc .


  15. Oi STUART, what you trying to do here? Make yourself look clever or something with your moron jibes and stuff.

    You have a different outlook, fair do’s, your outlook is the downside and mine is the upside.
    You think everything the club does if for the detriment of the fans and the city and your reasoning behind it holds no water as far as I’m concerned but I’ll refrain from the name calling.

    What do you think investment is?

    Investment isn’t just about selling one player for Β£35 million and buying 2 for that price, it’s about the club as a whole, which is , players, ground, training, academy, fixtures and fittings,e.t.c.
    It’s about the full upkeep of the club and it’s ok having your mind of a team full of quality with every penny spent but letting the rest all fall into ruin around them.

    Was Michael Owen an investment? If we was, then my god I’m glad we don’t invest.

    Here’s something for you..

    Go and buy an old rickety football club for a quid , then set about putting it together so that you have a decent club and team to compete and for the fans to be proud of.

    See what you have to do and how much you need to borrow to achieve that goal.

    If you borrow a mammoth amount off the bank, you could get the decorators and contractors in and spruce that place up to top quality standings, then you can get in the staff needed to run the catering, laundry,groundsmen, stewards e.t.c

    Now all you need is the players.

    Use the mammoth amount you still have left and go and buy a team with back up and make sure it’s all top notch to get you off to a good start.

    Now your money is spent and the bank is screaming at you to start your repayments.

    What do you do..
    Easy, you borrow off someone else to pay that loan and keep doing that until, hopefully , your team does well enough for you to be able to allow the club to pay back it’s debts.

    The thing is, it’s hard because you didn’t realise how much debt would weigh on you and the banks and other companies want their money paying back.

    Luckily a club sees a player you have got and wants to buy him.
    You sell that player and pay back your arrears and also go looking for another player that can fill in but cheap with great potential, so you employ a scout and he;s a great scout and gets you one for nothing .

    The nothing players starts scoring goals and everything is looking great and you are now on course into getting your house in order.

    Your new player is a fantastic INVESTMENT both in ability plus transfer value.

    Over time, more clubs see your players and make you bids you cannot refuse but you are one step ahead as your scout has already touted their replacements and so the deals go a ahead .
    As time goes on, you are so close to repaying your loans due to being very shrewd with your INVESTMENTS, you now have a club that has came from nothing and are now seen as a club on the up.

    In time, your disgruntled fans are warming to you and realise the effort you put in and will soon be in a position to reject advances from teams plus add the odd top quality performer to the ranks to further push you forward.

    Now Ashley was lucky because he didn’t rely on the banks, he bailed this club out…out of his own pocket and all he wanted was for the club to repay HIS personal money back WITHOUT interest when it was in a position to do so.

    Ashleys shrewd moves were to make mugs of Liverpool and use that money to spruce the club up, plus INVEST in cheaper players that were on par or better than he let go.

    His INVESTMENTS will pay dividends and are paying dividends on and off the pitch and will continue to do so because any player that gets sounded out by a top club, will pay the price, meaning he can and will replace with as good or better plus also now being in a position to actually add a bit more depth to the squad because of his INVESTMENTS.

    Can you understand.


  16. @Stuart79 howay man, nee need for that, thats his opinion.

    we cant start calling each other ****ing morons + its christmas. nee prezzies for you!! πŸ˜†


  17. KEITH @105.

    Why will it all go **** up?

    Is is because it’s January and we lost Carroll last January without replacing him?


  18. Well if that upset you Wolfie you need to get out more.

    As for your ‘investment’ dribble, the running costs of the club (fixed costs) like fixtures, fittings, maintenance, salaries, will all be budgeted for in the fixed income and one off income like player sales won’t be taken into
    account in the budget. Well in normal businesses anyway.

    Therefore the use of a one off income to pay for fixed costs would release the fixed income like TV money, PL money, merchandise and tickets sales for other expenditure. Which we still havent seen.

    Whichever way you slice the cake there should be lots left over but its gone missing.

    If it’s taken to pay Ashley back then no problem, just wish they’d tell the supporters so we could make an informed decision when buying season tickets etc…

    As things stand we will never improve the team by selling a player who is valued more than we paid for them.

    running costs will release


  19. Despite Stu’s insult I can’t help but agree with his comments on the club.

    (I’ve heard worse insults to be honest and football brings out passion in people)


  20. Wolfie, you forgot to mention the 50000 fans who pay good money to watch the team that plays, the Tv revenue that gets paid each year, the money paid each season for finishing in a position in the league. That does not include the transfer money.
    I’m almost certain that we are actually paying less in wages now than 5 seasons ago. Progress for only one person?


  21. Wolfie@109, yeh that’s it you found me out its all because of the carroll sale .
    W0W !
    Its crazy all of us thick dimwitted fans sticking 2gether if we could only see that what you are saying is right and us 95 percent who don’t understand football just dislike ashley because someone told us to !
    Imo its all spin and not many are buying it .
    Wrongfull dissmissell of keegan !
    Denniss wise !
    Joe kinnear !
    Relegation !
    Sacking of hughton !
    Lies !
    Selling milner
    No investment in first team !
    Making a profit in every window !
    100 percent over the line !
    Stadium name change !
    Don’t know how nasty we can be !
    Etc etc ect …


  22. First of all STUART, it didn’t upset me at all, I was just reminding you that it doesn’t make your argument sound any better.
    Also I’ve took just about every dig known to man off various posters on other boards and laughed it off, so I hardly think yours was upsetting. hahaha

    Anyway, why should Ashley tell anyone what he does with what money he gets.
    Why should he come out and say “right , the money from Andy Carroll, i’ve took a big slice for myself and sorted a few things out in the club so forget about that”…I mean, would that stop the likes of you having a go at him? Not a chance mate, in_fact it would make you more irate.

    If he said ” right lads, the Carroll money will be used over a period of time and is put aside for the future good of the club”…that would be met with guffaws.

    So what exactly can he say that would pacify fans like yourself.
    As Llambias said, “you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t”

    It’s best for them all to just say nothing really and everything be just on a wait and see basis as it should be really.


  23. I love the fact that Stu has been sitting at home with steam coming out of his ears and really meant what he wrote. πŸ˜›

    There’s nowt funnier than people losing their cool and the other person not rising to it. πŸ˜†

    Well done Wolfie. πŸ˜†

    Dwayne Mungo you absolute f@ckin tool!!! πŸ˜›


  24. but at the same time Keith

    Wrongfull dissmissell of keegan ! / Keegan was bought to appease arab investors was always gonna go wrong..
    Denniss wise ! / got us Colo and dint want us to lose Carroll

    Joe kinnear ! / total mistake
    Relegation ! / mistake with some players not trying
    Sacking of hughton ! / got Pards who is better. CH didnt control egos imo
    Lies ! / yes thats tru πŸ˜†
    Selling milner / didnt milner want to go
    Carroll / 35mil??? wouldnt you
    Jose / head turned by pool but we could of tried better
    Nolan / granddad who wanted megabucks
    Barton / ****end who wanted megabucks
    No investment / in first team ! Santon / Cabaye / ben arfa / tiote etc etc
    Making a profit in every window ! at the minute, yes
    100 percent over the line !
    Stadium name change ! / might change yet if investors come in..
    Don’t know how nasty we can be ! tru. lliambias is a **** πŸ™‚

    not suggesting your wrong m8 just playing devils advocate, every story has another side.. if u know what i mean


  25. in reply to KEITH.

    Wrongfull dissmissell of keegan !…..depends what dismissal means because Keegan walked out over not getting his own way and was dismissed because he walked out and I’m over the moon it happened.

    Denniss wise ! This had a lot to do with Keegan and as far as I’m concerned he was made a scapegoat.

    Joe kinnear !… Agreed, he was a panic appointment, all part of the early mistakes.

    Relegation !… Not down purely to Ashley is it as he is an owner who took notice of those he believed were in the know so it’s a collective blame including the players who didn’t care, plus the fans pure vileness over Keegans departure, it all played a part.

    Sacking of hughton !…A very shrewd move as far as I’m concerned..I was shocked at first but I could see the reasoning behind it because the bloke seemed to be getting taken over by a section of players who appeared to be wanting to run the show, so hats off to Ashley for making the tough decision.

    Lies !….Ah the lies… yep, no one but Ashley tells lies in football, enough said.

    Selling milner…Milner had his heart set on Villa mate, make no mistake about that and we got a good price for him.

    Carroll.. He called the clubs bluff over his contract, knowing of Liverpools mega offer and wages and the club called no joy and bye bye Carroll and I’m over the moon about it.

    Jose.. Made it plaing and simple that he wasn;t gonna sign a contract and had his heart set on a move…good riddance because I don;t want players like that no matter how good they are.

    Nolan.. wanted a 5 year contract and security even though the latter p[art would have been spent doing Alan Smith, well done Ashley.

    Barton..wanted a deal to suit him and decides to slag off the owner on twitter and thought he called the shots, is it any wonder he went. He loved the club so much that he said he would only leave for a top 4 club…..HELLO Q.P.R…good riddance, well done Ashley.

    No investment in first team !.. Very good investment in the first team as far as I’m concerned, Cabaye, Ba, Obertan, Santon, Marveaux, Elliott, plus Abheid who isn;t far off of late plus the earlier signings of Ben Arfa, Gosling, Tiote e.t.c.

    Making a profit in every window ! Back to Carroll really as Β£35 million makes it all look like massive profit, tell me about the other windows.

    100 percent over the line ! I want to see goal line technology to prove this one.

    Stadium name change ! Welcome to the 21st century.

    Don’t know how nasty we can be ! Good, I’d rather have then like that, than a pack of fannies running the club that bow down to everyone.
    Etc etc ect …


  26. MARK hahahaha I actually laughed when I put this post in. only to see yours and I thought frigging hell have I copied and pasted πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  27. Wolfie, I admire your admiration of the fat one. I hope he comes up trumps, the first 5 year plan has passed us by. I’m not expecting much to change in the coming 5 years.


  28. lol

    who can remember that ventriloquist yrs ago famous for being a radio ventriloquist, ppl loved him until he was seen on camera lol total fail πŸ™‚


  29. JOSTOON. he started a 5 year plan for us to break even. He didn’t promise us anything other than that but wanted to model our club on the arsenal blueprint.
    I’d say his 5 year plan is about completed on that score.
    Now his plan (in my opinion) will be to launch us up the table , competing with the top clubs “consistently”

    This is how I see it and obviously not because I know for a fact. I thought I’d get that in before someone has a dig lol

    I seriously believe that in the next 5 years we will have some silverware, whether that’s a few cups as in FA cups e.t.c or we will gain a Europa.

    I firmly believe we will be flirting around the title in 5 years or so or maybe less but I’m not saying we will necessarily win it but I definitely think we can challenge for it in that time.

    Bold statement by me I know but I have got massive belief in what he;s trying to do , but I’m looking at it from how I believe it to be happening and I’m not for one minute saying I’m right and others are wrong in what they believe.

    I’m also not in the “i told you so” clan if something does come off because I know it’s what all fans deep down want, it’s just that quite a few won’t want to even contemplate something as good as that due to the massive comedown if it didn’t come off.

    I got sick and tired of mercenaries playing for this club on sickening wages for a paltry effort and to me , Ashley is a massive breath of fresh air.


  30. Mark , you agreed with most of it so he’s a bad owner ! We have not replaced nolans
    goals .
    Wolfie , so the bad things that have happened were not his fault and the good things he can take the credit for as I thought … Wow just wow
    Think what you want wolfie everything I and every other level headed fan have said will happen in january and you will spin your spin so that ( in your mind) the master plan rolls on .
    Imo very silly
    Imo no just no !


  31. STUART, all teams lose form. Look at the run Arsenal had last season, getting beat at home off W.B.A e.t.c.
    Same as this season, Arsenals early season form was terrible but look at them now .

    Chelsea couldn’t but a win last season for a while and even Sunderland done them over at their place.

    It happens.


  32. KEITH@ 128.
    You tell me what will happen and I’ll counteract it and let’s see how it marries up by the end of January and it will give us both a good indication of how we both think the club is going and who is thinking more on the right lines.

    Put up all that you think will happen by the end of January.


  33. No, Wolfie, his first five year plan was ‘to challenge for everything’. What happened to that? What the about following the Arsenal model? Or then the Villa model? The only model we’re following is the Wimbledon model! He’s even failing at that, they won something!


  34. Wolfie@130 ,
    Ok its a duel te he he ,
    In january fatty will sell at least 1 player (maybe 2 ) in the tune of around 20 million or more .
    Fatty will buy 1 maybe 2 players for the maximum of around 10 million probs less 7 or 8 , so make at least 10 mill profit ( added to the 50 mill in player sales alone recently ) the player players we get in will be young and unproven as we pass our reliable proven stars on and everytime we do this there is a risk to the team but not ashleys profit …ching ching on gaurd wolfie ( that was swordplay ha )
    Anyone agree !


  35. @keith

    i agree with most. I think we’ll see 1 (tiote)
    bring in a decent centrehalf + maybe ridgewell and a leftback on the cheap
    and perhaps a half decent forward πŸ˜€


  36. see 1 going doesnt include Colo who I think well lose because of contract fu**-ups, so aye 2 perhaps πŸ˜†


  37. FairPlay Wolfie you have put across things as you see it, everyone has differing opinions with our owner.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  38. KEITH. in reply to 133.

    This is my genuine thoughts for January.

    We “could” maybe lose 1 quality player if a Carroll type bid comes in but if we do, I believe it will all be spent bringing in 4 quality additions.
    We could possibly lose the odd fringe player or players on free transfers or loans.

    If we don’t sell a quality player and only lose a few fringe players, I still believe we will sign a minimum of 3 players plus maybe a loan signing or a out of contract back up player…something like that.
    I believe that we will spend in excess of 20 million, maybe 25 million depending whether we get a few million for some fringe players.

    I don’t expect krul to leave and I don’t expect Tiote to leave unless some ridiculous Andy Carroll type offer comes in.

    All told, I expect the squad to be strengthened and not weakened, regardless.


  39. Jean-Michel Aulas is the president of Olympique Lyonnais, and he had this to say to OLTV today:

    β€œWe’ve signed Mouhamadou Dabo to replace Cissokho’

    didnt say where Cissokho was going but maybe its the toon! 😯


  40. I think we will sign a centre back for between Β£5-Β£8 million. No-one of any consequence will be sold in January. That’s my shout, though I would like a striker as well I don’t think we will get both.
    To be honest I would be OK with that and think it would be enough to get us in the top 10 which was the objective at the start of the season. 7th at Xmas is a great result and still think we are in with a shout of that at the end of the season if we get in a centre back


  41. keith wolfie
    thinks thinks

    players in – 1 or 2 3 or 4

    players out – 1 or 2 0 or 1 (caroll type bid )

    money spent – 7 to 10 mill 20 to 25 mill

    profit made
    for fat man – 10 to 20 mill none ( all be spent bringing in 4 qaulity additions)

    Is that about right wolfie !
    Wonder what people think is more likely !


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