For your enjoyment – 206 goals in 26 minutes!

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than seeing goals scored by those is black and white, so in 26 minutes time I should be beaming like the proverbial Chesire Cat after watching all of these!

You may have already guessed what the video contains, but if you haven’t it’s basically a quickfire roundup of ALL of Alan Shearer’s 206 goals for Newcastle United in one handy video. Enjoy!

I feel honoured and privileged to say that I’ve seen the big man in action in person, like most of us have, but some aren’t so lucky. Besides, this is for everyone to look back at a true NUFC great and remember what he brought to us over a ten year spell.

So go on then, which one is your favourite?

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31 thoughts on “For your enjoyment – 206 goals in 26 minutes!

  1. Headers, Volleys, tap ins, 30 yarders, free kicks, penalties, Great hold up play, Outstanding defending the near post, One of the best crossers of a ball ive ever seen, The way he changed his game in later years and how he overcame injuries that would have finished lesser men, The most complete player ive ever seen.

    We will never see his like again… 😥


  2. Great goals, still love that acute volley. Anyone else hear simmo’s apparently rejected another contract offer, time to sell him in the summer, should make £3m odd selling to a mid table team like villa.


  3. Not quite sure which thread to comment on but Im still very down after yesterdays piss poor show…

    I am rapidly losing confidence in our teams ability to compete for any more than top seven.

    Our football is just aweful to watch at times. I admire the grit and determination when playing superior teams, but I just cannot recall us ever outplaying even the lesser teams.

    We’ve now been completely outplayed by teams like Fulham, QPR, Blackburn, Wolves, and even Aston Villa to some degree.

    Yet then we were being outplaying and winning ugly… Now we are being outplayed and losing or drawing ugly…

    Pardew has admitted poor tactics in the past two games… If that’s the case he too needs to wake up… We are playing a far too predictable game.


  4. Toonsy: There is an article in drafts for you, something a little bit different to my usual articles 😆


  5. Off topic but did anyone see the ‘coffin’ ******* yesterday?? Was there this uproar when Fat Freddy wanted to build a new stadium? I think not…


  6. OMG Toonsy, how i enjoyed watching that .The biggest grin on my face throughout. He had it all as C.C@1 so perfectly put it ,and how much do i miss seeing him in a black and white shirt 😥 Hard to pick out a favorote but it was great that 206 came against the scum 😆 Thanks for posting it ,really cheered me up.


  7. Toonsy tell her I said happy birthday, and I hope she enjoys her happy meal or did you splash out and get her a big mac 😆

    Witters a new stadium is completly different than renaming the present one.
    If we build a new stadium I would have no problem and would expect the name to change.
    Now you might call the coffin protest ******* but I think it was just some people way of showing their feelings and dis-satisfaction to the name of our great stadium changed, and I salute them for having the balls to do something about it and it’s their right to do that. The same as its your right to accept the name change and to run them down for doing something about it.


  8. same old Shearer always scoring.. when I feel hacked off like I did yesterday after watching that pathetic display, I like watching the old DVD’s of the Entertainers era etc – they were the days.
    Yesterday was diabolical, it better not be repeated next weekend.


  9. Afternoon Dave, Ice, Batty and everyone. Fingers crossed the Taffs pull something out of the bag today. Couldn’t bear to watch that idiot Dalglish if they won the cup


  10. I would like to see Cesspool lose (can’t stand Dalglish) and the wife is from Cardiff (but converted Toon fan 😀 ). If Liverpool win though it might open up a European place for finishing 7th


  11. Yeah it’s a double edged sword re a potential Liverpool win. See the bindippas have their anti Sun placards up – can’t they give it a rest


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