Three deals being worked on – Pardew

Pardew hopeful on new signings
Alan Pardew has come out today and said that three deals are being worked on by the club as they look to add depth and quality to the squad in preparation for the new season.

Naturally the naming of names is something that has been avoided although I’d imagine we can pretty much guess who the three players are – Andy Carroll, Mathieu Debuchy and either Vurnon Anota or Douglas. Or maybe it’s none of them?

The other pleasing thing is that Pardew says we are considering all players who become available over the summer. That’s not to say we’ll suddenly be spending swathes of cash, but instead we will consider of a player is of any value to us and whether it’s worth trying to make a deal happen for.

“Any big player or good player that comes to the table, we need to be involved in it,” Pardew told The Chronicle.

“We need to know what is going on. What is the price? Can we do it, can we afford it? If we can’t we go somewhere else.”

“We want the best quality players and at the moment we have three possible transfers actively being pursued in terms of bids and trying to get a deal where the other club gets what they want and we get what we want.”

As it should be, only the best for Newcastle United, and if they can pull it off I’ll be happy enough with what has been achieved in the transfer market.

Anyway only a short one today folks as I’ve got a bit on today. Who are the three and have we a chance of actually seeing the turn up at St James’ Park? Is three enough?

Comments, as always, welcome…

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119 thoughts on “Three deals being worked on – Pardew

  1. The other thing people need to bear in mind is players lie all the time. I mean, how many times do you hear “Big big club, massive history, always wanted to come here, dream come true” literally every person that every signs for a team nowadays trots out that ****.

    Just like LDJ saying he only wanted CL and Germany and whatever, if the deal is right they’ll go where they want and say that’s what they wanted.


  2. Lesh! Same old 😆

    In answer to your rhetoric. Yes – they do.

    Maybe one in ten thousand rumours are correct through inside info. The rational conclusion with high odds means ingnore every rumour, await real news – and when it comes accept it with the view decisions were made for the betterment if the club. Not for today, tomorrow but for the medium to long term.


  3. my my, the famous Newcastle transfer window panic and paranoia is start to get into full swing now 😆 😆


  4. The transfer window should be renamed the transfer mirror. It seems that fans look into it and see their own hopes and fears 😆 😆 😆

    In fact it seems that most of what they see at Newcastle United is a reflection of that very same mirror, and people mistake what they see for reality. 😉


  5. Aussie Magpie Fan
    1 hr, 34 mins ago
    whoa, that is deeeeep Vegas !!

    😯 😯 😯 😯 😯



  6. People still expecting a signing.

    Didn’t Pardew say there wouldn’t be a signing until perhaps the last week of July?


  7. I think there’s some evidence to say that Debuchy is a deal being worked on. Although there’s so much ****e going around I can’t remember if what I think are quotes from player and pards are real or whether they are just more lies from media sites.

    I don’t think there’s any evidence to say that a Carroll deal is being negotiated. There appears to have been an initial query, but how far that has gone is anybody’s guess. And of course anybody is guessing all over the place.

    It would seem as if we missed out on De Jong. Why? Who knows? We can only guess.

    Anita’s agent mumbled something about Newcastle once. But agents do that, don’t they?

    Apart from that, I can’t recall any hard evidence linking us to anybody. Can anybody add (or subtract) from that?


  8. Not quite sure why some are getting a little panicky here. There is nearly 6 weeks left of the transfer window. I’m sure there’ll be players in, whether they’re the one’s we want we can debate at the time but it looks like there’s money available so we just have to wait to see how they spend it.


  9. Alan Pardew’s side fly to Austria on Friday night and will take on Turkish giants Fenerbahce on Saturday evening (7.30pm kick-off local time) as the final friendly of this leg of the tour.

    Shit, I got really excited for a second there.. 😎 😆 😆


  10. Woo hoo hoo hoo . . . . Yawn. 😛

    Aussie Magpie Fan
    1 hr, 34 mins ago
    whoa, that is deeeeep Vegas !! 😯 😯



  11. Yep agree with Stuart, we’d all like players in early as I’m sure Pards would too but it doesn’t always happen like that. Players and clubs wait for bigger and better offers, the top 4 can get players in quicker in general as “bigger and better” offers isn’t likely to apply once they go in for a player. We can’t/won’t compete with those clubs wage wise and even if we could offer more cash than the top 4 or a better chance to win a trophy so the player still wouldn’t come here unfortunately. We can’t even compete with the likes of QPR when it comes to wages and the fact that Ashley is a rich ****er is completely irrelevant if he won’t spend his own cash like the Arabs or Roman. The other clubs have made some signings but the majority of them are of a quality I wouldn’t be happy getting in . Last season we were the 5th best team in the league, so to try and improve on that we need to sign quality and ‘cos Ashley can be a tight ****er it has to be quality at the right price which isn’t easy to come by, all we can do is wait and see where we are when the window has shut……….then we can start chucking our toys out the pram if needed 😉


  12. I won’t be upset if we sign only two defenders and that was it… I posted yesterday that I would be happy to see our young guys get a good run this year, even if it means we drop a few league places.. They need to develop and there is no better way than game time…


  13. Aussie,
    I honestly think all we need is two defenders, and maybe a young pacey striker with a lot of potential.


  14. I agree JJ….. the thing is we have tried every avenue for success over the years… other than giving our youth a real go… O.K there have been times when our young guy’s were simply not up to the task but I don’t feel it is the case anymore.. We have some real talent hungry for some game time, so I think we should role the dice a little and see how it goes.. it won’t cost us any silverware 😕


  15. I’d go for 3 defenders, but I’d be happy with 3 defensively minded players, and 1 offensively minded player… and another Cabaye.


  16. I won’t be surprised to see a Gamerio/Erdinc bid go in to test the waters… We need a small, quick striker to offer something different going forward.. Cisse times his runs superbly but they are when we are already pushed well forward. We need someone that when we release a ball quickly over the top of a flat back 4 they can chase it down.. Obertan has been asked to do that type of thing on occasion but he isn’t a natural finisher in my opinion…


  17. I think some people need to take their rose tinted specs off when looking into this mystic transfer mirror!

    I’m sure there will be players in but when, and how many will be Pardews first choice option?!
    It Carrs job to scout the players, it’s Pardews job to decide who he wants in his squad, and it’s DLs job to bring them in.
    Carr and Pardew have done their bit, but if DL doesn’t do his bit til the last week of the window and these players coming in take time to settle in, meaning we have a slow start to the season, who gets the blame? – who’s job is at risk?

    We are light in defence and up front, and we need these players in sooner than later, not for impatient fans but for the benefit of the team


  18. I don’t understand the panic anyway. Our squad coming into this season is considerably stronger than last. For me anyone who strengthens the starting 11 would be a bonus. Still would like a few more in.


  19. I think one of the reasons for some of the panic is that all the teams that were around us last year have added and strengthened, and atm it looks like we’re standing still if not going backwards a bit as we have 5 – 6 players less than last season.
    And the longer they leave it the less time the new players have to bed in with us before the season starts.


  20. Aussie – I’d agree with that, that type of CF would be a good addition.

    Prem – I don’t read ‘panic’ comments, I read concern and frustration that teams around us are building and improving and giving their new players time to settle in before the new season begins, and we aren’t, it’s that simple.
    I also don’t see how letting players go and not bring players in can’t make us ‘considerably’ stronger?! 😕
    I know we have brought in 2 young midfielders but we lost Guthrie and Smith, we also lost Loven and Best up front, and have nobody coming through the ranks ready to take their place. That to me makes us ‘considerably’ weaker as a squad


  21. Sharpy again I agree with you mate 😉 I just can’t understand how other fans can’t understand why some are concerned.
    Even Pards came out and said he wanted to get some trasnfers wrapped up before the Euros, so it must be important to him to get them in and bedded in so maybe they could question him on why it was so important to get them in early ?


  22. Sharpy this French Youth National they got on trial would be a useful addition to replace Loven.

    Can score, pacey, can play on the wing or up front. 19-years-old and he has done well.


  23. Dave….it’s not so much a case of not being concerned, it’s more a case of not getting into a blind panic over something we can’t control as it’s early days yet….the club know what Pards wants/needs and the earlier they’re brought in the better but it’s not always that simple. De Jong wasn’t totally the clubs fault as Twente moved the goal posts and the player himself opted for UCL footy, Douglas, if we get him will probably be August because of his changing nationality thing and Debuchy, Lille apparently want a replacement first, so nowt the club can do(if true) until that happens. Maybe if we offered more deals would get done quicker(or maybe not) or possibly the money saved by being tight ****ers may get an extra player in, who knows? yep other teams have strengthened but as I already said the big payers and clubs can always strenghten quicker because of what they can offer, the other teams below us have added players but most are players who wouldn’t get in our team(imo) so I’d like to think we’re looking at and will get better quality than those players. If we can keep what we have and add a FB, CB and striker I’ll be happy……if we don’t then some ****er needs there arse chewing …. imo of course 😉


  24. Dave..nowt to to with PR, call me old fashioned but I like to base things on what I know or have more than a good idea about…..for instance if somebody asked me for money for one thing and I gave him some money but found out he’d spent it on something entirely different, then I’d say he’s a dishonest c@nt and had obtained that money under false pretenses…… based on the facts 😉 😆


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