I’m feeling…. Glad it’s over! Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal

No farewell victory for Harps
No farewell victory for Harps
Well I don’t think I’ve actually been as glad to see the end of a football season as what I am right now.

Even after relegation I had an urge to look forward to what awaited us in the Championship, but right now I can’t even bear thinking about next term.

Many things need to change, whether it be in terms of managerial personnel, playing staff, or the way they work together and the form they collectively create. Whatever ‘it’ is ‘it’ needs to change or else we’re just going to waste next season as well. Bowing out with a whimper after recent home troubles against Champions League qualifying Arsenal hasn’t helped matters much either.

Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t exactly much shame in that these days and Arsenal away from home aren’t the softies they used to be. There is a reason why they have the best away defensive record in the league, but the truth is that particular record was rarely under threat aside from a few half-chances sporadically placed throughout the match.

I don’t even think we played that badly and even thought that Laurent Koscielny’s 52nd minute winner was a tad fortunate on a number of levels, but it was our lack of intent that annoyed me the most. Granted we had literally nothing to play for as any relegation concerns had been allayed by ourselves last weekend, but after two home defeats on the spin I’d have liked us to avoid a third one, as obvious as that seems.

Alas it wasn’t to be and now we’ll undoubtedly be confronted with a summer rife with rumours of one form or another. What fun that will be.

I’m trying to think of positives from this season and I’m struggling. At a push we finished above Sunderland and the second coming of Jesus, or Paulo Di Canio as he is perhaps more commonly known, but that is a minor consolation considering that same team beat us 3-0 on our own pitch just a few weeks ago. The Chelsea game perhaps? Reaching the Europa League Quarter Final?

I’m sorry that this isn’t much a match review, but there wasn’t an awful lot to write about really so I’ve gone on a rant about our season instead. For that I do apologise and I hope I don’t end up doing the same next season!

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Steve Harper; Mathieu Debuchy, Fabricio Coloccini, Steven Taylor, Mapou Yanga-M’Biwa; Yohan Cabaye, Cheik Tiote; Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa, Yoan Gouffran; Papiss Cisse

Subs: Jak Alnwick, Danny Simpson, James Perch, Vurnon Anita, Gabriel Obertan, Sylvain Marveaux, Adam Campbell

Arsenal: Wojciech Szczesny, Bacary Sagna, Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny, Kieran Gibbs, Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski

Subs: Lukasz Fabianski, Thomas Vermaelen, Monreal, Gervinho, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Olivier Giroud

Attendance: 52,354

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509 thoughts on “I’m feeling…. Glad it’s over! Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal

  1. @Axel
    That’s what I’m thinking. Tbh I’m more concerned with areas most in need. Could be right on Shola, if we sign someone else he wouldn’t get much game time at all though, more of a contingency. Always think it’s pretty difficult to sign someone for a role nowhere near the first team. I know some will say “we should be signing someone that can challenge for a place”, but that’s just unrealistic, even Spurs/Arsenal don’t have that.


  2. DAVE i said earlier i want him out,but the thought of getting someone like smoking joe,daglish or the dutch world beater ect would be worse as jabba just will not go the extra mile


  3. @Wellington
    Yeah I think this season came a year too soon.
    The next two seasons should be about cementing 7th place, beating Everton as “best of the rest”. During this time we need to build a squad that has youngsters that actually have potential to make the grade. Liverpool have had a few off years, but they now have a young player in near every position that is chomping at the bit for a game, we need to work towards that.


  4. Ice yeah I commented earlier about your posts, we might express our concerns different but deep down we aren’t that far apart and we have the same fears.

    ST I don’t think we’ll be owt like the Dippers in the youngun department as there seems to be something seriously wrong with our set up


  5. ST – Liverpool have been in long-term decline for quite a while, and I don’t think they’ve done enough to arrest it. 6th-best, after the Manchester and London giants, is not unreasonable – and Spurs have a post-Bale transition to cope with.


  6. Wellington-they have a better first 11, better youth prospects as mentioned (and continuously turn out talent, unlike ourselves with…Carroll…) and they will always pay more than we will both in transfers and wages. They are a top side and we will do well to better them. We need to rely on replacing everton first and foremost and then preferably massive decline at Spurs..


  7. Stardy will be on hot bricks in anticipation for his article to be printed. He’s just phoned stating he’s burnt the toast and jammed his pugnose in the toaster whilst trying to retrieve it. πŸ˜†


  8. Welly

    Thats funny hadn’t heard a thing about Bale being sold.. When did that happen.


    LMAO I am **** ites i laughed so hard.


  9. @Newkie

    It will be interesting to see what Everton do over the summer i think there is loads of talk of there big players leaving now Moyes is gone Felleini might be going to United with him.

    We might not have to do much catching up if things go **** up for them.


  10. Troy put him out of his misery incase he never noticed my post, let him know I deleted it by mistake so I hope he kept a copy of it πŸ˜†


  11. Welly @380 if we can’t have a good cup run next season, compete in the league properly and entertain the supporters then what’s it all about? We have resources Wigan can’t even dream about so to compare us to them is not useful. We just keep exposing our poor ownership with this let’s wait another couple of seasons to improve mentality. I’m tired of it. This should have been a good season for us and instead it has been *******.


  12. Dave,

    Just sent him a text. Its actually a good article.

    I’ve just seen him walking around the estate with a toaster stuck on the end of his nose in a complete panic.! πŸ˜›


  13. I have to agree with the lad on youtube ice pup mate. He knows a ******* when he hears one (Pardew). Things are going to stay nasty with him around as many have said but with that other ******* Ashley as owner it stands to reason we have no ambition.


  14. MM I didn’t know they renamed it to the academy of light πŸ˜† He does have a point, but I don’t think him riding in like a bull in a china shop will help him with so called “Prem Players” that might work with lower league but I think it will take a while to work at the academy of light


  15. @IcePup
    I was enjoying it until he started going on about how we got lucky last year. “Relied on Ba and Cisse”, yeah relying on your strikers, imagine that! Cant be doing with that, switched it off.


  16. Sunderland have far bigger problems than us with Di Canio running around foaming at the mouth Big Dave. Can we show them how to play next season? I hope so and I won’t be forgetting that 3 nil beating they gave us recently until we do. Didn’t watch the youtube rant to the end but got the gist of it. I would love it if our owner crossed us all up and went out and hired someone of real talent to take us out of this mess. Still looking forward to the summer if only to take our minds off this last season.


  17. Santii-Aye, fellani has been coy with his future and his ambitious for CL footie. Baines deserves CL as well because he is a top player. They would struggle to replace those…jury still out on Jelavic, he’s been “worse than Cisse” if I’m allowed to say that.


  18. was just a bit of banter but id not be arguing with him either …. thought ud like it owld dog


  19. Well all shall be revealed in the summer and the coming season. There’s not much more to add from me until we have something new to discuss. I’ll be watching and enjoying all your comments though lads and lasses.


  20. Dave – Troy text me – resubmitted! (It wasnt deleted so I just re-submitted it for preview) cheers


  21. Stardy@406, looking forward to your article mate, and I hope you manage to get that toaster off your nose πŸ˜₯


  22. @MM

    I’ve read the draft. Toonsy gonna have his hands full spell checking and rejigging it. No doubt it will be printed completely different and it will be interesting. Stardy will claim the plaudits still. πŸ˜›


  23. MM – Please use te correct terminology a la Troy. “Pug Nose” thank you. Fire Brigade en route πŸ˜†


  24. Troy@411, you need to settle down big man. It can’t be easy creating a Lee Ryder like masterpiece with a Russell Hobbs Black Glass Touch clamped enthusiastically to the end of your proboscis πŸ˜₯

    Credit where it’s due mate .. πŸ™


  25. Batty@410, Big Dave is holding it back for an hour so Rodzilla can have the first 47 posts on the late shift πŸ™‚


  26. Stardy would I do that on you fella, though Troy is right Toonsy will have his work cut out making it readable.

    Batty your right paddy’s are very slow


  27. Toonsy’s checking with his legal department right now. It promises to be the blog post of the season.. πŸ™‚


  28. DAVE hope you have a picture ready of a little pug dog licking ashleys arse crack πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  29. @Batty

    His tongue stretches from Ashley’s arse to his mouth. I’ve got a photo of Ashley with two tongues and Stardys feet dangling out his arse. πŸ˜›


  30. G2 @ 389

    Regardless of our superiority of resources to Wigan, we were in a relegation struggle with them. We stayed up while going a good way in the Europa League. Adding a domestic cup run to that would have been a bridge too far.

    The main reason I would rather we don’t win a cup next season (we could) is that it would put us back in the Europa League a season too early. You’re bitter about everything right now, so no realistic prognosis will make you happy. For me, stability is a goal worth pursuing.


  31. Right I’m getting confused now. Are we saying we musn’t try to win a cup next season as it could land us back in Europe too soon ❓ . Hells bells there are little teams all down the leagues who aspire to win the FA cup ,but apparently it’s all too much for us because of the ramifications of winning the bloody thing. πŸ™„ . Given we ain’t never gonna win the league or probably never get into the top 4 anytime soon ,I’d actually quite like a cup to aim for else what’s the bleedin point of bothering. πŸ™„ Have we really sunk so low with our expectations πŸ™ All I can say is thank god we arn’t in Europe. 😳


  32. Wellie-I don’t buy that. Win a cup at all costs (bar survival) for me. We can’t get CL with this squad but we might get lucky and fluke it (Swansea did for me, Wigan did much better in their run)

    If we get Europa the year after, who cares? We’ll have a cup (ideally the F.A cup as not so fussed about the league one..) we can literally only play the youngsters in the Europa that year (hopefully we’ll have good ones by then..) and if we go out early, so be it.


  33. Also, good to hear about what the club did for those amateur clubs at Wigan. The fans who acted up there should hang their heads in shame.


  34. @381
    Man he’s angry πŸ˜† “banannarama”
    I’ve actually contemplated getting all my coaching badges and overtaking Newcastle with a team that I’ve managed properly, Pardew will still be there at this point and will be playing ****ter football than what my lads are playing. Don’t get this management being hard rubbish, it isn’t. That may sound ignorant and it probably is but organising a team, motivating employees and achieving success isn’t hard. 😑


  35. Kim – just my opinion, I do not speak for the club. πŸ˜‰

    Newkie – a cup will make no little difference to the club’s ability to sign top players and the financial impact is going to be trivial next to league places.


  36. Finally confirming what I thought.
    Wellington isn’t a Newcastle fan at all. He’s the Excusefinder General and Pardew’s publicist.

    If Pardew was a competent manager, Welly boot, he would be able to give us a cup run without almost getting us relegated.


  37. Wellington-Don’t really care mate, I want to see us win something. After the F.A cup we can look on to greater glory πŸ˜‰

    We will not get a champions league spot with Ashley’s current investment and the absolute failure of the youth system. He would have to invest fairly heavily to secure a champions league spot which would see the return. I suppose we will get gradual investment with the bigger TV money? But its hard to say, he wants his money back and he wants that the most direct way possible imo, then we’ll see what happens.


  38. KIM @424 now now its monday,you leave richie in peace you bad lass,now tues is a diff storey πŸ˜€


  39. Oh, Wellington, that’s the first thing you’ve said that I vehemently disagree with. I’d take a cup win – any cup win.

    But I enjoy your tactical analysis. It’s a pleasure to see somebody with some knowledge on here … finally. I’d join in, but I see you’re handling the ‘football manager’ players well enough; besides, I had my say on the subject about a year ago.

    I notice you are getting the same sort of lettuce slap abuse from Pootle as I got. Some things never change. πŸ™„ At least Troy owns up to not being interested in that sort of thing now (“I … can’t be bothered to read people’s opinions about formations or who someone would play in certain positions…” Troy Stavers, May 14, 2013 at 07:45) .

    Keep up the good work, son. Tell it how it is.


  40. @Wellington

    Didnt Pards tempt a lot of our players by the promise of European football? but it seems you would rather wait to win any cup just in-case it propels us into the unknown of Europe which could be disastrous for our club??

    We nearly won the cup was it not for 2 mistakes. I say go for anything you can, just have a bigger squad of players and not one striker.


  41. Bris – thanks. 😎

    Newkie – most other lenders wouldn’t give us such good terms. I would like to see the club lifting something bigger than the Teresa Herrera (more important that is, that trophy is huge :shock:), but I am not confident that Pardew’s methods can be adapted to European competition. Therefore, it would be better for the club to stabilise in the mid-table, congratulate Pardew on a job indifferently done, and replace him with a manager who can take us further.


  42. @Bris

    But Welly does it so eloquently I actually read his posts and he’s got me interested. πŸ˜›

    I did enjoy your tactical formation banter really, just before bedtime. Zzzzzzzzzz πŸ˜›


  43. Brisvegas,

    Do you agree that Ben Arfa is the only player that doesn’t fit in with Pardew’s direct style of play? So you don’t think Cisse, Marv, Anita, Cabaye, Santon would suit a less direct style of football more?

    Do you think that Cabaye does not play a defensive position in Pardew’s formation?

    Do you agree that Shola is dominant in the air and still has a lot to offer?


  44. Bris

    Do you agree that Ben Arfa should have been hauled off at half time against Arsenal for being ineffective?

    Do you agree that getting into Europe isn’t important and that winning a cup is not important because it may hinder our league progress the next season?

    Because IF you agree with all these statements. Then you agree with Wellington. Then you are clearly in denial.


  45. Mark – again, I don’t speak for the club. I also don’t have any insider knowledge about contract negotiations.

    Anything further on tactics? I didn’t see a reply to 359. πŸ˜•


  46. ” I am not confident that Pardew’s methods can be adapted to European competition. Therefore, it would be better for the club to stabilise in the mid-table, congratulate Pardew on a job indifferently done, and replace him with a manager who can take us further.”

    That was the best yet.

    Pardew isn’t good enough for Europe. SO lets try not qualify for Europe and aim for mediocrity for the sake of stability so that Pards can keep his job. And THEN get a manager who is good enough to take us further.

    In the meantime, we’ll just pray he doesn’t get us relegated and set us back another five years (at least) and hope our top players don’t continue to get their heads turned by more ambitious clubs who actually want to TRY and win trophies!

    You can’t make this **** up… πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ™„


  47. JJ, even I don’t agree that, “that Shola is dominant in the air and still has a lot to offer”. πŸ˜‰ You also misrepresent my reasoning on cups and Europe – I just don’t think Pardew can hack it and don’t believe we’re going to change managers for next season.

    The rest is fair, although it would be nice if you gave reasons for disagreeing rather than just hostility. πŸ™


  48. Wellington,
    I would be happy to risk a young manager that is more suited you our technical style of players.
    I honestly think we could attract the likes of Rudi Garcia to Newcastle.
    I think Martinez would do a better job than Pardew with the players we have.

    The reason I think it is worth the risk is because if Colo leaves and we don’t get players in more suited to his direct style, I think we will be flirting with the relegation zone again next season.

    Also, I think we have good enough players to challenge a top six place. AND win a domestic cup. Which would be HUGE for the club. So I want a manager who makes that a priority and doesn’t breed negativity with silly tongue in cheek statements to the media.

    The right manager would get the best out of the likes of Cisse and Ben Arfa. And I would rather lose Pardew than lose them!

    If you lose a manager yes, you lose stability. But if you keep losing top players, that too can have an adverse effect on stablity.

    Especially when your recruitment system is to get cheaper European options that often need a season or two to adjust. It means our team will be in a constant transition stage… How is THAT stability?

    Top players WANT to win things! They WANT to be in Europe. Don’t be surprised to see some big names leave this season because they have realised that they got fed bull**** from Pardew.

    Not long ago he was bragging to Sunderland about being in Europe! An excuse for the 3-0 defeat at home!
    A couple weeks later he says “thank God we aren’t in Europe”, an excuse for his piss poor league performance!


  49. Welly…

    I don’t need to reply to your tactics posts as it was a little patronising m8. Its pretty obvious the tactics arent working despite Pardews flexibility 😯 to switch Jonas from flank to flank. I have been watching the toon for 30yrs mate and yes I do watch every game and do see with my own eyes that players can sit too deep, not press very well or play too defensive, do not support Cisse as much as we should, without analysing it too deep. whats to analise about **** results. Given Sunday was a little better but nothing to brag about.


  50. There is no garauntee that the next manager is the right manager! Not now and not in five years time. No matter who it is…

    But what is clearly evident to most. Is that Pardew isn’t the right man for us ANYMORE. Probably due to our recruitement policy of getting techincal players from Europe that are completely lost and unsuited to playing under his negative tactics.

    Its not only his results. Its the fact that the players don’t seem to suit his direct style and the fans don’t want to watch his direct style of play. So why would you settle for suffering simply to postpone the risk element that is inevitable?


  51. Welly, you seem to have a lot of info on stats, formations etc. do you by any chance play football manager?

    football is pretty simple to follow m8. you should try the pragmatic approach and say what you see..


  52. Hello Everyone,

    I am just taking a moment to thank everyone for their support and to keep the faith in me and the lads. We have some exciting times ahead and I can promise you that my attractive attacking style of play will be on display again next season. I can see a few signs of discontent on this blog which is a surprise seeing that I got us into Europe this year. I don’t want to use the word fickle because I believe our fans are better than that.
    Keep up your wonderful support.


  53. @Jj I agree with the Martinez bit m8.

    Where would we be if Martinez was our manager this season and where would Wigan of been by November if Pardew was their manager? Relegated?


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