Tigers tamed as Pardew goes nuts! Hull 1-4 Newcastle

Sissoko celebrates his opener
Sissoko celebrates his opener
Newcastle registered an impressive victory at Hull City this afternoon winning by a scoreline of 4-1 at the KC Stadium, although it was events on the sidelines which will undoubtedly grab the headlines.

At 3-1 and seemingly in control of the match, United manager Alan Pardew and Hull City midfielder David Meyler became embroiled in a touchline spat in which Pardew appeared to move his head towards Meyler’s.

That meant that the silver supremo had to watch the rest of the game from the stands and will most probably have a touchline ban and severe punishment waiting for him from the Premier League authorities while Meyler picked up a yellow card for his troubles. More opinion on that later…

Back to the match and a scoreline of 4-1 probably flattered us somewhat. Yes we had control of the game for large periods but Hull City had their chances. Ultimately it boiled down to who could take those chances and it was United who were the most clinical on the day.

After a tepid start it was Tim Krul who was called into action first as he to react and make a smart double save from Shane Long. However relief soon turned to joy for the away side who went straight up the other end and took the lead through Moussa Sissoko who finished well at the end of a fine counter-attacking move.

Hull probably should have equalised through Nikica Jelavic or Ahmed Elmohamady who both went close with far-post headers before Jelavic cracked a free-kick off the crossbar.

But two minutes before the interval United were gifted some breathing space when Maynor Figueroa sold his pass back to Allan McGregor short allowing Loic Remy to steal in and knock the ball past the Hull ‘keeper before slotting into an unguarded net.

Half-time: Hull 0-2 Newcastle

A 2-0 scoreline at half-time is always welcome, but it’s also dangerous. The leading side tends to sit back somewhat and if the side chasing the game can get an early goal the balance of the game shifts and the side who were cruising then have to try and up their efforts once more.

Just a minute into the second-half that pattern looked like it would be seen once more as a lofted free-kick was flicked home by Curtis Davies with Tim Krul trying and failing to get anywhere near the cross.

Another counter-attack though restored the two-goal cushion as United surged forward once more. Yoan Gouffran forced an save from McGregor who parried straight to Moussa Sissoko who poked home his second of the game. It’s worth noting that Sissoko had run over 70 yards to catch up with play after starting the move on the edge of his own area.

That goal seemed to kill Hull off and United soon regained control of the midfield. Further chances to extend the lead fell to Loic Remy who shot over once and forced a fine save from McGregor on another occasion before being denied what looked to be a penalty after yet more good work.

Yoan Gouffran also saw an effort cleared off the line and Mike Williamson headed across goal when it was easier to head at the damn thing but in stoppage time United grabbed their fourth after Paul Dummett’s shot fell to Vurnon Anita at the back post allowing the Dutchman to score his first Premier League goal.

Full-time: Hull 1-4 Newcastle

Performance wise I think I summed it up earlier when I said that we took our chances when they came whilst Hull didn’t. Tough on them. However we did play some nice stuff on the break which Alan Pardew revealed post-match was part of the plan and at the end of the day we walked away with a result that few would have predicted prior to kick-off.

Onto Alan Pardew. Yes the guy did wrong, he’s said so himself already, but let’s retain some perspective here. He’ll get punished for it no doubt but that punishment should be no different to what a player receives.

Amazingly some are saying he should be sacked for this which of course he shouldn’t, it’s just being used as a stick to beat him with and ironically some of the people I’ve seen saying sack him are the ones that used to stick up for Joey Barton. Cuckoo.

Howay the lads!

Hull: Allan McGregor, Liam Rosenior, Alex Bruce, Curtis Davies, Maynor Figueroa, Elmohamady, David Meyler, Tom Huddlestone, Jake Livermore, Nikica Jelavic, Shane Long

Subs: Steve Harper, James Chester, Robert Koren, George Boyd, Yannick Sagbo, Sone Aluko, Stephen Quinn

Newcastle: Tim Krul; Paul Dummett, Steven Taylor, Mike Williamson, Mathieu Debuchy; Yoan Gouffran, Vurnon Anita, Cheik Tiote, Moussa Sissoko; Luuk de Jong, Loic Remy

Subs: Jak Alnwick, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Massadio Haidara, Dan Gosling, Sylvain Marveaux, Shola Ameobi, Papiss Cisse

Attendance: 24,903

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123 thoughts on “Tigers tamed as Pardew goes nuts! Hull 1-4 Newcastle

  1. Richie – that’s the hypocrisy of the game. It’s also Alan ****ing Hansen!.
    If that was Brendan Rodgers that done that his response would be – Liverpool are having a fantastic rejuvenation under Rodgers and have a chance of winning the league for the 1st time in however many years.
    The blokes made a mistake, caught up in the moment of leading his team to the title!, he’s been prevocated but you don’t sack your manager for that. Fine him and give him a ban and move on! – we have a title to win!.


  2. Think the fine and warning is right. Amazing the club have acted so quickly but it is right they have done that. Don’t want to see a Toon manager behaving like that but the media will be creaming over it and demanding he is sacked. Inappropriate, unprofessional behaviour no doubt but not a sacking offence. He will need to watch his step now though. Verbal warning and two written warnings and the club can sack him with no compensation.


  3. Pardew gets credit for the result

    Decent all round performances from all of the players today.

    The performance looked like an improvement from last week but it is still not at the level that it should be for a club like ours – especially when we’ve had the same manager & players for 3 years!

    We don’t seem to have gotten better with time. This is what Pardew’s peak performances look like. If you’re delighted with what you saw, good for you.

    I saw a 1-4 win scoreline that flatters us.

    The result is not fantastic, it’s decent. We played Hull City Tigers.
    Beating Bayern Munich would be fantastic.

    Overall, we were the better team. A 0-1 win or a 0-0 draw would have been a fairer reflection.

    All of the goals scored from both sides were poor with slack marking, passing & defending.

    Still, 3pts is crucial to ensuring we finish comfortably midtable 🙄


  4. My guess is the club have acted quickly in order to try and show the F.A and the press we’re being diligent and taking the matter seriously enough that maybe they won’t drag our name through the dirt. Won’t help though.


  5. Yeah it’s nice to see the club can show a bit of urgency when it wants to isnt it – pity the same wasnt said in the transfer windows like!.

    I do get the feeling though the fine is a direct result of the profits posted this week. I think Ashley has been pissed off we didnt make a cool ÂĢ10m and has just been looking to make that 100k up somewhere 😉


  6. Not sure why some people think it’s not a big deal.

    It wasn’t a ‘proper’ headbutt but the intention was to intimidate & make Meyler flinch or alternatively react in an act of self defence by striking Pardew (& therefore getting a red card).

    “I tried to push him away with my head” – That’s Pardew’s excuse 🙄

    I suppose if he was in the town centre on a Friday night & had a fist fight with a bouncer, he might use the excuse “I tried to push him away with my fists”

    Actions like that are thuggish.

    It’s not needed at this club. It’s not needed in football. It’s not needed anywhere.

    You could not imagine someone like SBR doing something like that.

    SBR epitomised what a great English gent should be like.

    Pardew, pushing linesman, trying to headbutt players & cheating with the wives of his players, does not.

    Pardew, Carver et al are old school thugs. We seem to have a persistent thuggish culture at the club.

    From back to the Dyer/Bowyer days to Carroll & Ranger, Donachie, Carver, Pardew – morons like these need to be removed from this club.

    Should players & managers be sacked for displaying acts of violent intent – Yes.

    Will it happen – No.


  7. The problem with tough guys like Pardew is that there is always someone tougher.

    Would Pardew have done the same if he came face to face with Roy Keane??

    I doubt it.

    It might have been ok 20 years ago but the game has moved on. It is still moving on & dinosaurs like Pardew are not welcome.

    Displaying acts of violent intent, racism, homophobia etc is not ok.

    I’m in favour of seeing a more sanitised game if it means wiping out the cloggers from the game.


  8. Whey a smashing 1-4 win, Pard’s chins an ex mackem, just need the scum to get beat tomorrow and it’s been a good weekend all round methinks :mrgreen:


  9. He nuts who he wants, he nuts who he wants, Alan Pardew he nuts who he wants.

    Hand bags at ten paces!!!!!

    p.s. he should have dished the same treatment out to the team after the SAFC shambles!


  10. On another note, Sissoko was completely unmarked when he ran into the box for his first goal ðŸ˜Ŋ

    Slack marking & defending from Hull but the other point is the quality of his finish ðŸ˜Ŋ ðŸ˜Ŋ

    I thought it was impressive as Sissoko does not come across as the technical type. Perhaps it’s something he’s been working on in training or it was just that he caught it well?


  11. I do have to ask – if we had sacked Pardew and put Kinnear back in charge and he did this, would everyone be so forgiving on here?

    I don’t really want him sacked over this, like others have said, if that’s a headbutt then I’m packing 12 inches but he has made botch after botch like this his whole career and often at Newcastle.

    There will be a cut off point soon, there has to be.


  12. @MDS

    It wasn’t 2 guys, it was Pardew being the tough guy.

    Acting violently, being racist or homophobic is anti-social, so yes all of it should be stamped out.


  13. I agree with FUNKYJESUS.

    If it had been Kinnear or Suarez, would anybody feel differently.

    Would anybody be feeling as sympathetic to Pardew if we had lost 4-1??


  14. Also being fair – where is the UK press outrage at Mourinho trying to rip out Tito Vilanova’s eye in Spain a few years ago?

    Fucking Southern ****s. They can all cup my balls.


  15. KK…first of all, the guy pushed pards first. The two things you mention require a bit of hate. Having a go at a guy who pushes you is just a natural reaction. Why weren’t you speaking out against Remy when he did the same thing last month?


  16. It wasn’t a head butt, it was a head push!!!! not good but not worth all this over dramatic BS!!!!!


  17. sorry but the hysteria is going way over the top.
    He ****ed up
    he’ll get punished and fined.
    end of as far as I’m concerned.
    The Lads played well today and that is also down to Pardew.
    Get over it and move on


  18. @MDS
    We had a comfortable lead.

    Hull were losing.

    The ball went out of play & Pardew tried to show off his ball control skills.

    Meyler tried to restart the game as soon as possible by getting the ball (that’s a good thing btw)

    Pardew was in the way so Meyler pushed him out off the way with his eyes firmly focused on getting the ball – impolite, yes, violent, no.

    Pardew took offence (natural & understandable responce).

    He swore at Meyler – not a good response but no big deal.

    Pardew then tried to headbutt Meyler – this is not ok.

    Also, Remy’s ban was justified. He deserved it. However Remy gets more slack than Pardew because he was physically involved in the game & he is a player.

    Pardew was not involved physically in the heat of the game.


  19. What are we actually disagreeing about?

    Pardew has said he shouldn’t have done it.

    The club have punished him.

    The FA will punish him.

    The matter is over.


  20. KK I said above that pards deserves a suspension but no more than 3 matches just like any player would get. You want to give him 5? I won’t complain. Just saying that comparisons to racism or homophobia are out of order


  21. Quite frankly the only disappointing thing from todays game is that Pards didn’t stick one on Steve Bruce 🙂 Storm in a tea cup!!! Move on and give AP a break.


  22. @CARTER

    My point is Pardew deserves to be punished & he will be punished, so nothing else to discuss – unless you feel differently?


  23. @CARTER

    Why would you support him if you agree he did something wrong? ðŸ˜Ŋ

    He did something wrong & he will be punished – he doesn’t need support.

    You need to provide support when there is an injustice, not when somebody is guilty.


  24. @MDS

    Physically responding to a shove is what Remy did when he was banned.

    He shoved Johnson, Johnson shoved him – no big deal.

    Pardew swore as a response to being pushed, squared up to Meyler & then attempted to headbutt him.

    I’d say that is anti-social because i wouldn’t want to see youths behaving like that at the end of my street.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree.


  25. Aye. KK you’ve always seemed like a good dude over the yeats. let’s just agree to disagree on this one


  26. I didn’t think it would be long until the Pardew Outers would be on.

    I for one am delighted we’re sticking with him. – he’s doing a great Job – look where we are in the league with the spending restrictions he’s been under…

    He’s passionate for the team and I like that – yes it’s been poor form but good grief he only led with his shoulder so not sure what the problem is – although ÂĢ100,000 fine is a bit much!


  27. Football does make me laugh mind. What some people see is beyond me.

    “Meyler went to get the ball, Pardew blocked him so Meyler nudged him out the way, pardew got pissed off and they went head to head, Pardew headbutted him pretty hard. I sit 5m from where it happened and Pardew was entirely at fault, Meyler did not deserve the booking at all


  28. A lot of people see what they want to see, based on their prejudices and which barrow they want to push. Similarly, media outlets.

    Do we focus on a 4-1 away win or some fracas on the sidelines? Well, I’ll leave it for others to decide which one football lovers will choose and which one drama queens and ‘news’ outlets will lap up.


  29. For all the stick Cisse has got about being offisde, Remy has the most offsides in the entire premier league this season with 29 and it doesn’t even get mentioned. He’s just ahead of Benteke on 28 and Suarez on 23.

    I get that the fact that Remy is scoring makes a difference to people but how many times have we seen statements like “someone needs to teach Cisse the offside rule” on this blog? Remy is offside more this season than Cisse was last season when he was actually playing and absolutely nothing is said.


  30. Great effort from the lads, fantastic away win! Great headbutt from Pardz, well done, everyone knows they shouldnt **** with him just ask that linesman fella! He barely made it out of the stadium after Pardz had toweled him up! 😆


  31. I thought Anita was our best player today.. although his efforts during the mÊlÃĐe were a little poor, he should have backed Pardz up with a bit more aggression and vigor!
    All the same, really pleased he got his first goal!


  32. Paulos, you provided the answer as to why no one is questioning Remy and his offsides… He is scoring goals! That is the big difference between him and Cisse last season!


  33. KK –
    “You could not imagine someone like SBR doing something like that”.

    Yip, I’ve been waiting for someone to give it “you would never have seen SBR or KK do that!”. 😆


    “Racism & homophobia are also anti-social”.

    Is incorrect mate, they’re crimes. If you made a racist comment to someone down the quayside you’re more likely to get locked up than doing what Pardew did 😆


  34. Sharpy17@51, Pardew should be fined heavily and will receive a long ban mate. He could in fact be sacked, but with Ashley in charge he won’t be. The FA will not be in a position to legally force Ashley to sack his manager… end of story.

    More great headlines for the toon though 🙁 If we had ANY nationwide sympathy from other fans, we have lost it with this incident. Bizarrely it probably won’t prevent Pardew being linked with the England job ðŸ‘ŋ ðŸ‘ŋ


  35. KK@80, agree with you there. Two really poor teams, and 1-4 was flattering. At the end of the day we can only win the game.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic after the win, but our football at times was poor. Hull were utter garbage.


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