Sack Him?

Usually I’m not one for getting out the bed sheets and writing protest messages. In fact, if anything, I’m all for giving plenty of time and a good deal of leeway for owners, managers and players to make their mark.

Dead man walking?
Dead man walking?

I’m not the hysterical type that makes pronouncements of doom at the latest defeat or because we didn’t whoop the arses of Sydney and Wellington in pre-season games or because the owner doesn’t run the club the way I want him to. But there comes a point when change has to happen, and somewhere along the line you have to make your feelings known.
That time has come for me now.
I was quite prepared to give this current crop of guys half a dozen games to get their act together. I was quite prepared to see if Pardew could get something out of them. After four games of the current season I’ve lost much of my generosity of spirit.
There appears to be no change in the direction we were heading in at the end of last season. What was clear at the time was that we needed about half a dozen players, and in positions all over the park, and a new game plan. Instead we got some useful signings on paper, some replacements for exiting players and a baffling decision to weaken our very suspect defence. There was also some talk about a new style of play.
I’m still willing to give the players the benefit of the doubt, although the rash of mis-hit shots and air swings by players when in very good scoring positions casts a few doubts about their technique and value, and the link up play is too slow and laborious for the Premier League, and there’s far too much room given to opposition in midfield, and defending leaves so much to be desired that … oh what the hell …? Everything is all f***ed up and unbalanced. Everything.
The guy that has to take responsibility for the way the team plays is Pardew (and Mike Youknowwho, of course, but he’s not selling and is hardly likely to sack himself). We all know our record for this year, so there’s not much point in rehashing it, and we all know about the Pardew Out chants. For me, it’s this that needs to be addressed.
The fans want Pardew to go. Another bad performance v Hull and St James’ Park will become as toxic a site as it was in the relegation season (and didn’t that start against Hull as well?). That toxicity will spill down from the terraces and affect the players. That cannot be allowed to happen; they are already a bunch of question marks running around like headless chooks, they don’t need more pressure on them. Supporting the club is all about the team and anything that gets in the way of that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.
I’m all for a new approach, a regeneration, a reboot, with new personnel in charge. I doubt this is the best time to get rid of the manager, but when is? I say better now than risk a drawn-out battle with the terraces. That can only lead to frustration and anger, and will most likely have a negative effect on the players. A new manager at least gives the players a chance to be born again.
For the sake of the team, Pardew must go.

By Brisvegas

449 thoughts on “Sack Him?

  1. Well he could start by putting more than one player in the opponents half.

    That’s always a good start to scoring goals.

    But at the moment the way our defence is playing we need to score five to win.

    Defence = complete mess
    Attack = bigger mess
    Set pieces = same old ****
    Players morale = terrible

    Is there anything that Pardew is doing right?


  2. Why does everyone want a local manager to take over?

    Have people not yet realised there is far better managerial talent on the continent?

    Hoddle, Sherwood, McLaren? Really??? Step sideways.


  3. Bootsy

    You have just rejigged your own original post and said exactly the same thing again. 😛

    You really are a prize plum. 😛

    My summary is what you’ve said and no matter how many times you rejig it , it all comes back to how I’ve described it. 😉

    As far as name calling goes, I suggest K@@t is a word I would never use on a blog when young kids read them, knowing exactly what you are referring to.

    It shows your mentality. 😉

    I’m far more sophisticated than you being a good upstanding Tory boy. 😆


  4. JJ
    September 18, 2014 at 10:28
    Why does everyone want a local manager to take over?
    Erm, they don’t!

    A more relevant question would be why do people feel the need to come on here and alter, twist or invent what people have said to suit their own comment or agenda? 😉


  5. Georgio

    Tory Boy will never agree a truce with Aussie. 😉

    He’s a scurrilous little man that has more hissy fits than Bootsy. 😆

    To be fair to Aussie though, Aussie thinks about his rants, unlike Bootsy who splurges out complete and utter drivel. 😛


  6. Arsenal are looking at the free-transfer market in a bid to ease their defensive problems. Former Everton defender Joseph Yobo, 34, and ex-West Brom centre-back Diego Lugano, 33, are among the players they have discussed. (Daily Mail)
    The Gunners are also plotting to re-sign their former midfielder Lassana Diarra, 29, who is a free agent after leaving Lokomotiv Moscow.

    Yobo and Diarra could be just what we need.


  7. Georgio, I was joking about KK but your lack of humour probably caused you to miss that..
    regarding Troy, he loves nothing more than himself and I have tired of his hissy fits.. Icedog had him jumping through hoops the other day, it was rather comical watching him flap about like a flounder in a bucket.


  8. Not seeing much of big Dave on now,maybe he’s on hard times,I remember he used to go shopping with a quid come back with spuds,eggs,three loafs of bread,tea,coffie,cakes ect he cannot do it now,
    to many bloody security cameras 😀 😀


  9. Georgio…As far as I know you can’t make changes to your 25 man squad outside of transfer windows. Arsenal and other clubs can sign as many free agents as they like but they won’t be able to play them…not in the Premier league anyway, unless they’ve changed the rules! 😉


  10. Story of my life cuda…. bloody tablet, once it gets pst a couple of hundred posts, it is a mongrel to actually type and post the comments. I generally dont bother once the thread is too old.. does my head in..


  11. Well I think jabba has two managers to pick from IMO,the Derby manager because he will be quite cheap to buy his contract out and I think he would come,or the Ajax manager he’s used to having his best players sold from under him and still won four titles,thing is he will want more than four Bob a week so could rule him out


  12. JJ…Not really, ya can be ugly and fat but if the lasses think ya have money however 😉
    You must struggle though, you don’t even have the money thing going on 😆

    Aussie…As Ice says write another bloody thread…if you do it JJ style it doesn’t even have to be true 😉 😆


  13. Cheers Ice.. been under the pump so haven’t had a chance to sit down and nut one out.. might get a chance tomorrow. ?
    Richie, don’t single JJ out… he isn’t an orphan when it comes to making **** up on here… 🙂


  14. “Cheers Ice.. been under the pump so haven’t had a chance to sit down and nut one out.. might get a chance tomorrow. ?”

    Life can get a bit crazy, but I usually find time to nut one out just before bed time.


  15. aye gan on Aussie
    get the missus to write another thread for you, so we can twist it around to mean something else completely, just to score points.


  16. JJ…The fact that Aussie found someone to marry him…now that’s something you really couldn’t make up 😆


  17. Both sets of supporters could be chanting Steve Bruces name at SJP according to standard wanky regional journo writing for Hulls local rag 😆

    Its also hard to see us getting out of this mess apparantly; 4 games into the season where a win could take us into the top half and two points of the champions league spots

    Where do they find these pricks ??


  18. Bootsy,

    This is your original post;

    September 18, 2014 at 07:16

    It wont be easy to find a replacement for Pardoom if he does get the boot soon, unless there is going to be a change of policy at the same time.
    Just cant see anyone else coming in and agreeing to the same **** Pardoom does. (It beggars belief that any right minded person would agree to it in the first place if I’m honest).
    So for me that means only one thing for it. Promote from within the club.
    Not Carver or Stone, but Beardsley could be persuaded I reckon.
    Would be the last roll of the dice for Ashley though, in the hope he could stave off relegation.
    Would the fans turn on a past legend
    Clearly not.
    Could he save the club from the drop
    I doubt it.

    Let’s get this right so we are all happy with how you want your original and previous posts interpreted;

    1. You believe Pardew is out of his depth as a premier league manager and want him sacked. You have wanted this for years. Fair?

    2. You have a go at me constantly, because I suggest Ashley will just replace him with another puppet. Fair?

    3. You then suggest in your post, that no right minded person would agree to work under the same conditions. Fair?

    4. You then suggest that unless Ashley changes his business ethos, the most suitable option is to promote from within and suggest Beardsley might be the one that does, despite having no first team management experience. Fair?

    5. You then suggest you doubt that would work though. Fair?

    So in summary, you’ve bleated on for years, even when we were comfortable in the league, for the sacking of Pardew, yet you now state no right minded person would work under the same conditions but suggest an ex-player who has no managerial experience as an option and clarify this idea as doubtful to work.

    Bootsy, please tell me if this is a fair interpretation of your views?
    If not, tell me which part I have got wrong.


  19. What will be the clubs response to this:- are now in a position to announce finalised plans for a large-scale protest at St. James’ Park this Saturday afternoon, during Newcastle United’s home match with Hull City.

    The aim of this is to display a united front against Alan Pardew and the current malaise at the club, for which we believe he has not assumed an acceptable level of responsibility. As a result:

    – We are protesting against his increasingly poor results over the past two years.

    – We are protesting against his deceit and empty promises.

    – We are protesting against his mismanagement of the club and the playing staff.

    – We are protesting against his misrepresentation of our hopes and expectations.

    – We are protesting against his decision to continue on in what is now an untenable position.

    We have 30,000 A4 sheets with “” in red and blue text on a white background, plus 100 larger banners adorned with our black and white logo, all of which come complete with fire certifications and can be collected for free in Newcastle city centre on the day of the game.


  20. Tory – you’ve got it all wrong
    I give up fella
    you win if you want
    whatever makes you feel good. 😳 😳 😳
    ftsotb 😕


  21. Bootsy

    It shouldn’t be hard to put me right. From what I see, it’s a very accurate interpretation of your opinions.

    You chose to call me a K@@t 😆

    As Bootsy runs away because he has once again gone in a huge rant of nonsensical drivel and when asked to explain himself, he goes in the huff. 😆


  22. Dear Newcastle United Fan’s,

    I don’t understand what all the big fuss is about Alan. You are very lucky to have such a talented manager at your club. You must not worry because Alan has the ability to turn thing’s around. Get off his back and support him! He needs your support and I know Troy is with me on this one. These players need time to adapt to life in the premiership and don’t be so bloody morbid about relegation. Fan’s our not helping the team’s morale one bit! You make me so angry but Troy seems the level headed one like me. Mike cares and wants the best for the team.

    Love from Joe Kinnear Former manager and former director of football


  23. Georgio 😆 yep pretty sure unless they’ve changed the rules, but the 25 man squad only applies to the league so maybe would be ok for Arsenal as they could use them in Europe and cup games but for us I can’t see Mikey splashing out wages for 1 or 2 cup games.


  24. Ashley should think carefully about what he has done to this club during his tenure. There have only been a handful of owners such as the Venky’s who have been as bad. He must know by now that football ownership is not for him. His vision (if he has one) is for himself only. More money any way he can get it. How much is enough Ashley? And how much ridicule are you willing to expose yourself to in order to get even more well off?


  25. The issue with the managers people want to replace Pardew, is look at some of the managers that people were suggesting last summer. Hughton, Di Canio (shocking!), Solsksjaer, Di Matteo, Laudrup, Clarke, Jol, Mackay etc. I bet many of those would have loved Magath! There really aren’t many outstanding candidates!

    Some would say Lambert but he had a shocker last season and no way would come when he’s got things working so far this season. Some said AVB but he flopped twice in the PL. Those saying Benitiez should know that he’d only come if we were going to spend a lot of money. McClaren? That idea would have been laughable not long ago and doing ok in the championship (with his experience) is hardly a ringing endorsement.

    There don’t appear to be any outstanding young candidates like Martinez and Rodgers a couple of years ago so what are our choices? Stick with Pardew, get in Moyes (who will deliver the same dour ****), Get another average PL manager in Bruce, take a gamble with an unproven Championship manager or take a gamble with an unproven foreign manager.

    There’s no obvious option here lads…I’d rather we just got 3 points on Saturday.


  26. What have the bottom team of the Premier League and the joint bottom team of the Championship got in common ❓
    They both have Wonga on their shirts. 😳 😳 😳


  27. TDS – “…I’d rather we just got 3 points on Saturday.”

    wouldn’t we all?
    The point being, this is Hull, not manc city or whatever, but you wouldn’t want to bet on a win with Fraudew in charge.


  28. BB

    We’re definitely not big or rich enough to expect to beat City (even at home), but you’re damn right, we should be expecting to beat a club like Hull at home.

    I still think the protesting isn’t good for the team and surely the only way to break the deadlock is for Pardew to go. But Ashley doesn’t strike me as the kind of man to give in to the demands of others. He’ll only do it when he’s sure it’s the right decision.

    I just want the players to try on the pitch, to go for the 3 points and provide the entertainment. I really want to get back to a point that we don’t have stupid discussions about the owner, finances, sponsors or the behaviour of the staff. It isn’t any bloody fun…


  29. Can’t fans just protest outside the ground before the match though? Then once they get in, try and roar the players on to get 3 points? If they don’t get 3 points and they play like a bunch of muppets again, then fair game to voice displeasure again. But not nice for the players seeing banners slagging of their manager, who picked them, trains them and tells them what to do.


  30. So here’s the thing…if Pardew was sacked on Sunday, who would you want in before the following weekend?


  31. I would like to have Pardew ,Carver and Stone replaced with Lee Clark , Steve Watson and Alan Thompson.
    Couldn’t fail to improve on the negative football Pardew gives us.



    They might get the club as they’re Geordies, but are they any good? Clark hasn’t been brilliant for Brum has he?

    I’m struggling to think of a single attractive and realistic alternative…


  33. Spurs team in the Europa League…definitely 2nd string, as I said it would be. Sad indictment of modern football when a club like Spurs are more focussed on chasing 4th than a trophy…


  34. TDS, you do realise there are a plethora of talented managers on the continent. It’s been well documented that the British coaching system is in tatters, hence the poor quality if coaches. I’m sure Carr has plenty of good coaches to suggest.


  35. BUDDY

    Nope, I don’t realise that. I know there have been lots of failures from outside of Britain though…Solksjaer and Magath sacked today…

    Not sure if Carr is an expert in selecting managers either.

    Even managers with fantastic track records like AVB and big names like Laudrup have failed.

    I just don’t think it’s all that easy. Wish it was. Gonna be a gamble whatever we do…but we might have no choice!


  36. Id take Pulis, Neil Lennon, Lee Clark or Steve McClaren, but Pulis 1st.
    I wish AP had balls to put Abeid, Sameobi and Ayoze in line up for Hull Game


  37. I wish Graham Carr, put more pressure to bring ENGLISHNESS to create balance, and to give us more mental toughness and leadership, at the end of the day, we need type of players who see NUFC as a massive opportunity to have a shot for England, Colback is alone. Or we need players like Elgago Jonas who was always full of pride to play for Nufc and stayed loyal.


  38. Id also like to see us take a gamble on a promiscing young english manager, who knows that its a big opportunity to manage NUFC, but be serious and stop talking about Galtier at Newcastle, that would be a massive Joke


  39. BB

    I was agreeing with that article until that list…which I could pick apart without even breaking sweat…sadly another example of facts being twisted or ignored to suit an agenda.

    I totally agree they have a right to protest and should be respected for getting off their arses. I just happen to believe that a pre-match protest in the stadium is not beneficial to the team.


  40. How would fans react if we appointed someone like Lee Clark and we struggled? A gamble worth taking or another screw up?


  41. TDS – ideally there should be no protests in the ground until we go behind.
    Back the team from the start etc
    Unfortunately the ‘mass hysteria’ could be out of control by then.
    Its gonna be a strange day


  42. Spot on article that , BB. Nothing happens at NUFC unless Ashley says so, so if we are relegated it will be down to him – 100%.


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