Sack Steve to Save Our Season

Pundits and ‘experts’ alike love to drone on about managers needing ‘time’ to succeed at football clubs. This noble notion was almost always supported with evidence of ‘look at Ferguson at United’ and ‘Wenger at Arsenal’. The telling difference there though is that those particular examples happen to be two of the finest managers of the modern footballing era.

Those men demanded time because they epitomised forward thinking and footballing progress. Bobby Robson didn’t need time, neither did Keegan. Newcastle gave Pardew loads of time, look what that did…game after game of uninspiring, unimaginative unsuccessful football. Something Palace fans are just getting used to.

There is a ridiculous assumption that Newcastle fans demand a team that plays exciting football and is challenging for the top honours every season.

No, Newcastle fans only ask for a team to be proud of. A team whose players sweat and bleed for the black and white. A club that shows ambitions of being better than what they have become. A club that is forward thinking and strives to progress. A club that is at least heading in the right direction.

Following the abysmal capitulation at Stamford Bridge, McClaren had 18 days to prepare for Stoke and Bournemouth.

He took them for warm weather training and plotted his game plan. And what masterful design did Steve come up with? Play for a nil-nil draw. They failed. They failed in every which way a team could fail. Failed to Score, failed to keep a clean sheet, failed to secure a single point. Under McClaren, Newcastle are headed in one direction, and we all know which way that is.

McClaren cannot be afforded any more time. We simply don’t have it. Ashley should be aware of this. The last time we were relegated Ashley hired Shearer with just eight games remaining to rescue our side…he was powerless to do so. Newcastle need new direction, new impetus, new belief…but they need it now. With plenty of good managers in need of a fresh challenge available, Ashley would be foolish to stick with Steve.

124 thoughts on “Sack Steve to Save Our Season

  1. Honestly, I don’t believe even our shambolic regime can dither this much! Surely they are only delaying because they are trying to arrange a replacement? What else can there be to take this long?


  2. Stuart…Even if Moyes isn’t their first choice you’d still be sounding him out, don’t put your eggs in one basket kind of thing.


  3. Apparently Moncur and Charnley were at the central station this morning meeting someone off a train. picture doing the rounds on Twitter of them having a nice stroll along the platform.


  4. So Eddie Howe with his 8 month’s experience in the PL is saying stick with ex-England Manager Steve McClaren! YCMIU. I have nothing against Howe, I just find it funny that McClaren is getting support from his Junior.

    McClaren should have been saying – better luck next time, but you will do alright kid. Not the other way around 🙂


  5. Looks to me like they’ve been told to go forward and multiply by anybody they had in mind to replace McClaren.


  6. Manager’s Union Eric. Charnley dithering? What a surprise
    – he probably dithers over which toilet paper to order too.


  7. Fans forum members have written an open letter to the club:

    With ten Premier League games to go, we find ourselves in what appears to be a ‘3 from 4’ relegation battle.

    Fans of our club vented their strong views at St James Park during our defeat by Bournemouth.

    These fans have chosen to ‘stick by’ the club and religiously turn up week in, week out despite the horrendous season that we have encountered.

    These same fans are frequently tarnished with the view that we all expect to win the Champions League.

    What NUFC fans want is a team of eleven players in black and white shirts that understand their role to perform to their maximum – week in, week out.

    We have entrusted the board of NUFC to ensure that the right personnel are in place to carry out this basic expectation.

    Our current Head Coach, Steve McClaren, has now been responsible for 28 games, during that period:

    We have won 6 games – this is our joint worst ever number at this stage, only matched by our relegation season in 2008/09.

    We have the second worst goal difference in the PL (only better than Villa) We have scored 28 goals, the worst ever figure in recent history for this stage of the season. We have kept 1 clean sheet since 6th December 2015. We have the 3rd worst disciplinary record in the PL.

    On the 19th September 2015, Steve McClaren said “You are where you deserve to be. That’s where we are. I said judge us after ten games and I would still say the same now. The next two are tough but this is a tough job.”

    On the 17th October 2015, Steve McClaren said “I’m not saying judging me after ten, 11, 12 games or whatever. I guess I would say ‘if you’re going to throw things at me, judge me at the end of the season’.”

    Whilst we still have 10 games to go, NUFC Fans cannot accept the current work ethic of the players. Someone, somewhere has to be accountable and decisions must be made.

    During the recent Fans Forum meeting (22nd February 2016), we asked the club this:

    Why is there seemingly no price for failure at NUFC? For a number of years now the club’s own targets have been failed to be met by those tasked with ensuring they do, both at a coaching and boardroom level.

    The only person to lose their job at NUFC in the last eight years at these levels was the one man who achieved his target and that was Chris Hughton.

    This worrying trend is mirrored in the playing staff, where poor performances by so-called big name players are rewarded by another start for the first team due to a lack of options and depth in certain areas.

    How does the club expect to improve when there is seemingly no price or consequence for underachievement?

    Lee Charnley replied – “The club believes the squad now has strong options in most positions, enabling changes in team selection to be made where the head coach sees appropriate.”

    LC was also confident of Premier League survival at that meeting. Since then, we have lost both of our PL games.

    Last year, during our relegation battle, this Fans Forum talked about ‘Actions NOT Words’. That hasn’t changed. Lessons from that battle have quite clearly not been learned.

    It is absolutely imperative that the club has its fans ‘on-side’ for the remainder of the season.

    We must urge you to review our position and initiate any changes that you see fit to correct the current attitude of the playing staff. Our fans have every right to remind the club what was said last year –

    ‘We don’t demand a team that wins, we demand a club that tries!’Our players frequently look jaded and our playing style often appears outdated. We lack organisation and the players continue to lack discipline. During the Fans Forum meeting, Lee Charnley made it clear that we had a flexible approach to our usual transfer policy, which allowed us to sign two key targets.

    Maybe its time to accept that the ‘Head Coach’ role simply doesn’t work at NUFC and accept that a Manager is required, a person who will not only coach but motivate and manage!

    With substantial increases to TV revenues, players will only become increasingly difficult to manage not easier. Agents seeking lucrative pay-deals for their clients will attempt to dictate further.

    This will result in even less club loyalty unless we can grasp the uniqueness of Newcastle United Football Club and move forward together as one.

    We want fans that don’t even contemplate giving up on season tickets. We want players that are proud to wear the famous colours. We want a manager that truly wants the best for us.

    It’s time for action, its time for accountability.”



  8. I am going off topic, but why do we not wear the famous black and white stripes at away games? There is all this talk about establishing a brand and we do not wear the iconic black and white!!! You would think that a Sports retail tycoon would press for us to wear that shirt and not a black number with a sash or the green thing. How many 2nd teams shirts can they possibly sell?

    They should be playing in black and white unless it clashes with the home team strip. Is it a PL mandate?


  9. Stuart: I just saw it on Ed’s. I agree with every word and think everyone else on here does too. It is stating the ****ing obvious which is why it is so sad 🙂


  10. The longer the silence goes on the less likely anything at
    all is going to happen.
    I despair at the club’s ineptitude. There’s not one good
    thing left at the club.
    And then I’m hearing rumours Llambias is coming back 😳


  11. i see the betting on nigel pearson has been suspended – it’s a pitty as i was led to believe is was gonna be mourinho until the end of the season 😆


  12. It’s ****ing pathetic that the board are fannying about this much. Everyone knows they are having a meeting – it doesn’t take this long!!.

    Either sack him or come out and back him (no please don’t do that!!).

    Seriously though, what is there to discuss?! – the blokes record speaks for itself man!!. So it might cost a few quid to sack him – it’ll cost a lot more if he takes us down!!!.


  13. so who’s in the meeting? charnley, carr & moncur?

    no doubt beardsley will be keeping them supplied with coffee & biscuits.

    deary me what a fcking joke of a set up.


  14. Just a thought, if they decide to move him upstairs and keep him in some sort of dof role, he’s not actually getting sacked so no payoff!


  15. If we didn’t know better, we would assume they are just waiting to tie up all the loose ends with the new guy before we sacked him. Unfortunately we do know the characters involved and they probably haven’t got as far as even printing the agenda of the meeting out yet!


  16. i don’t think the cowards can agree on which one has to tell steve he’s sacked.

    they’ll probably end up asking beardsley to do it.

    – peter when you’ve made that cuppa can you give steve a ring & tell him to leave his car keys in reception & not bother coming back –


  17. Mourinho that’s not going to happen Stuart. He only goes to big champions league team’s. He wants the Manu job.


  18. Roy: 🙂 Beardsley was a great player, I wouldn’t have him even call bingo. He is a bit thick.


  19. Kim…I think the other way, they would have said if he was staying….bloody hope so anyway!


  20. eric

    he’s let himself down badly with being such an arse licker.

    footy wise – one of the best i’ve seen.


  21. The Chronicle understands that behind-the-scenes are still ongoing, but McClaren seems likely to present his case to managing director Lee Charnley ahead of the next game to Leicester City.

    It remains to be seen whether he gets the nod to begin preparations for the clash at the King Power Stadium next Monday but players are due in for training tomorrow morning.

    Newcastle have taken a step back from the heat of the 3-1 loss to AFC Bournemouth as they look to make a calm and collected decision on what happens next. Other factors such as the club’s failed recruitment system – which has left McClaren short-handed – are believed to be under consideration.


  22. So now they are going to switch it on it’s head and blame the recruitment? We have some good players if they can be arsed to play. Carr had been a power-grabbing conman but all of his recruits have not been bad. In fact, I think I could put together a decent team with the players he bought.

    Might need a decent manager to get something out of them though.


  23. What rubbish from the make it up Chron – failed recruitment
    at this stage of the season? That is right but now?
    Just sack the guy or move him upstairs. If nobody wants to
    come give Cathro a go


  24. I think Carr has made many mistakes but we have a decent squad anyway.

    He was manipulated by Agents and Mondial but we still have a decent squad.


  25. Nine years of drivel and the club are trying to determine what went wrong? Everything went wrong from the minute Ashley bought us. Lee Charnley is the wrong person to decide whether to keep McLaren. He should have been sacked long ago (Charnley that is). Ten games is very little time with the problems we have but why not try? If Charnley won’t sack McLaren then Ashley should. It’s a last gasp effort but worth making. I’m not optimistic anything will be done. If not, we’re going down.


  26. Michael Owen might get the job for all I know. This is Newcastle after all. Any reject will do. Moyes, Rodger’s, Benitez, Mourinho out of our price range. If only the board went after G2’s player’s in Burundi we would have a better team than we have now and saved about 79 million 😛


  27. The Leicester match could be a huge embarrassment if the usual suspects give up half way through. I’m thinking 3-0 to them. They’ll shut it down once they get a 3 goal lead. And then the derby. A must win if ever there was one.


  28. It would be unthinkable to lose to Sunderland again it would increase their lead over us and start building the gap to 17th place. Probably the final death blow for us as a team this year. So it must not happen. If anybody in our club still has his plums this will prove it. A big win in a huge pressure situation is needed. They have West Brom at home and Norwich away coming as well.


  29. Apparently McLaren is taking training tomorrow. That’s it then. We’re sticking with Wally. 😡


  30. How sad for people like Moncur. Becoming a lap dog for Ashley. Beyond sad. How will Ashley recover from this in the summer? Another pile of ******* in front of the TV cameras if we stay up and disappear if we go down?


  31. If SM stays, I’ve given up on Newcastle until we show real signs of improvement.

    Which I dont expect under the fat leech ruining our club.

    Please someone email me when we’re back up and running 😈


  32. Being exposed by Leicester’s pace again is going to be cruel. A poor time to play them away with our away record. Sunderland’s next match is us I think. So they have plenty of time to prepare. They have a difficult run in other than West Brom and Norwich. It’s going to get horribly tight.


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