NUFC fans refusing to ‘Boycott Arsenal’ reveal their reasons – See controversial responses here

While several fans have said ‘enough is enough’ and intend to boycott Arsenal, there’s still some who fully intend to attend our opening game of the season.

As a result, fellow NUFC fan group @IfRafaGoesWeGo have politely asked why those planning to turn up feel the need to attend after what has been an absolutely atrocious summer of neglect and incompetence so far.

Here’s what fans planning to attend had to say in response to the following tweet, with some of their reasons sparking huge controversy amongst NUFC supporters on Twitter:

“Won’t let the FCB stop me from going and watching my team I’ve supported for over 40 years ( season ticket for over 20). Income from season tickets is minimal these days compared to TV income.”

“A lot of people take their kids and can’t just stop going and deny them a match day, they aren’t remotely interested in all of the politics and just wanna see football”

“I’ll be there. Think Ashley has done wonders for the club. Kept us afloat. Could have done a Pompey or Leeds without him.”

“I will be there at the Arsenal game, I was there under the Mckeag regime, when thinks looked bleak. Like every NUFC fan I want Ashley out, so the club can move forward, however I simply cannot give up on my team my city. Had a season ticket for 28 years and I will continue to go”

“Been going 20 years, my mam has been going 54 years. She’s been at stockport away to see us lose on new year day and potentially be relegated to the old third division. Theres been bad times but we support the shirt. A toxic, empty stadium wont help the 11 on the pitch keep us up.”

“I’ll be there and don’t have to justify my reasons personal or not. I don’t like Ashley but support a team with a manager and 11 players.”

“My Dad is 66 and I am 31. My Dad has been going all his life and I’ve now had a season ticket 20 years. My Dad was born in Byker but we live in Leeds! It is our time together and our passion. I don’t know how many years it will continue so can’t let him stop our father/son time!”

“A boycott won’t change a man like Ashley. Not going will change the way I think and feel about my hometown club, like I’m letting the club down.”

I do find it quite incredible that some aren’t even willing to miss ONE GAME.

It’s not our decision. Every fan has a right to do what they like with their life and their money, however I must say that the ‘it won’t make a difference’ comments don’t sit too well with me.

After a summer this devastating, it’s quite unbelievable to see some knock a movement that is only trying to free Newcastle United of Mike Ashley and get OUR club back.

If people want to continue going then that’s their decision, but those people must also accept that going and lining his pockets will only help keep him at the club – meaning we will continue to suffer both on AND off the pitch as a result.

Whether you turn up or not, we need to unite as a fanbase and all do our bit to strip him of money – be it via ticket sales, buying our new home shirt or your spending in ANY of his high street stores.

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About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

39 thoughts on “NUFC fans refusing to ‘Boycott Arsenal’ reveal their reasons – See controversial responses here

  1. Those sheep that go don’t have the clubs best interest at heart how can they when they are feeding the cancer that is Ashley MUGS


  2. for anyone who is not boycotting the Arsenal match enjoy the game and dont winge next time ashley laughs in your face as he **** on your feet and pisses up your leg you just gave him permission


  3. Christ what does Ashley have to do before these brainless morons stop supporting him and filling his pockets! Nothing will ever change as long as people like this keep going to matches. Liverpool or Man u fans would never put up with this.


  4. Fucking traitors the lot of them I’ve supported the team for 50 years excuses weak feeble people ashley brown noses the lot of them, don’t worry we will rid the cancer without the cowards help, how they look themselves in the mirror cowards


  5. @Geordie rob get a grip man if you say you’ve been supporting for 50 years you’ll have gone through the McKeag years. A chairman just as bad if not worse than Ashley. Some of the toxicity fans are showing to others who want to go to watch is indicative of the social media muppets of today unfortunately. Oh yeah before you start with the Mackem/ Traitor BS towards me i stopped going when the fat oaf pushed Keagan out but still i don’t have a issue with anyone wanting to go now.


  6. Said it before and i’ll say it again and again and again. it’s the £150 million big ones that sky give the FCB that keep him at the toon. I won’t be at the Arsenal game and will boycott anything that is organised but to look at the comments above for christ sake who gives you the right to have a go at fellow supporters coz they have a different opinion to you. traitors, sheep, brown noses it goes on and on most media sites but get real the gate money is tiny compared to the sly money but we don’t have a go at sky do we. We need to boycott Sky, BT, Virgin sports tat HOF Game and any outlet that gives the FCB his wonga and i bet most don’t but it ain’t the fault of the fans who turn up with kids etc.


  7. Boycout the game or at least go to the game with “Don’t buy Sports Direct” flag, if TV cameras will be filled with those “advertisements” the fat f***r maybe will think about leaving his sadistic toy.


  8. Sad f…..s must have very sad lives ,me and my son have had season tickets for 20 odd year and we love going to the match as much as anyone but enough is enough ,keep feeding him you idiots


  9. Brainless idiots and sheeplike this make me sick why can’t they not get it into their thick skulls that they are supporting Ashley. How dare they compare Gordon mckeag to cashley Gordon was a family friend and had the club at heart unlike Ashley.


  10. We are aware that match day receipts are a small percentage of the total income stream. However Ashley is here only to advertise SD and if there is a significant boycott of games , especially televised games, there will be media interest and continual debate about his antics. We have to keep strong and keep the media fed with protests, comments on social media and reduced attendances. Maybe Sky will reconsider televising home games which will impact on extra bonus income and the non advertising of SD. SD shares are down and on paper, Ashley is less wealthy than 5 years ago. SD is his baby and with less advertising via Sky, due to our boycotting, protest etc, he may decide to sell the club. There again I cannot see us in the PL 20/21 season and that will put a stop to him using our club as an advertising board. We will not bounce back either.

    All the “support the team not the regime “fans, will of course take a quick break at half time and leave when the game is over; as well as making only positive comments towards the players during the game!??


  11. @Dave great troll mate lmao He had the club at heart hahahahhahaha
    OMG funniest thing i’ve read in ages.


  12. Same seat for 38 seasons in east stand. This is the first time in all those years i feel like staying on bus and going straight to Percy, but i feel for Bruce as he is on a hiding to nothing and to be honest even boycotting the game makes no difference to FCB as he is still raking it in getting his advertisement free and even more if the cameras show empty sections it’s good for him. He has us by the balls as season ticket holders have already paid for half the season anyway (On the hope that Rafa was still here.)
    He is not going to sell it. All the codswallop starts at the same time either just before transfer window or ticket sales. It’s total bullshiot.

    Everyone has to boycott the match, make a cordon around every shop and infest his website with a virus to hurt him. But even then it will probably not be enough to dent him.
    The FA needs to step and and help us get rid of the parasite feeding off our hard earned money as not many of us are rich up here,


  13. ive been going to games last 50 years, my view is go to the game , rip the advertising hordings down, sing you fat ****ney ******* get out of our club fot 90 mins. its our club not his ill go to the match


  14. Cancel your Sky/BT subscription i did it as soon as Rafa bailed so i can truly say not one penny of mine goes to Ashley how many of the people getting at fans wanting to go to the match can say the same.

    noun [ C ] disapproving
    someone who says they have particular moral beliefs but behaves in way that shows these are not sincere:


  15. Morons only go to watch this club saying statements like no one will stop me watching my club

    Ok watch **** but don’t complain about it as you don’t want to stop watching your club

    You lot are part of the disease that ashtray wants

    So go spend your money but don’t complain


  16. I don’t think he will sell the club until we go down a couple divisions. Only then will he feel the pinch, with no TV revenue and about 20,000 supporters, I know it’s a risky game but that will be the only way we get rid of the parasite.
    That or somebody with a stupid amount offered.
    He must be the type of person who revels in seeing us squirm at the mention of his name. God what a sad FCB he is……my blood is boiling.
    I know it’s only paper talk at the minute but if Longstaff, Schar and Dubravka go and no Perez or Rondon………wow……. Sorry but we will struggle.


  17. Due to these fans going to matches,think we are gonna be stuck with Ashley for a long time,brainless Muppets,must be in Ashley’s back pocket,or having dinner with him 7 nights a WK.


  18. stu north shields:
    ivebeen going to games last 50 years, my view is go to the game , rip the advertising hordings down, sing you fat ****ney ******* get out of our club fot 90 mins.its our club not his ill go to the match

    In a ideal world that would be great, but we will get banned with little brother watching our every move if we touch his beloved SD signs. We already know singing against him does not make one difference, i seriously think he loves to be hated. He is poison. Don’t forget that Raffles is owned by him aswell. £500 for a pair of trainers WTFF….Stay out. I do feel for the staff as they are already on minimum wage and probably zero hour contracts as he bleeds us dry.


  19. Jeremy Flood: In a ideal world that would be great, but we will get banned with little brother watching our every move if we touch his beloved SD signs. We already know singing against him does not make one difference, i seriously think he loves to be hated. He is poison. Don’t forget that Raffles is owned by him aswell. £500 for a pair of trainers WTFF….Stay out. I do feel for the staff as they are already on minimum wage and probably zero hour contracts as he bleeds us dry.

    Got Rafa on the brain should be Flannels. On top of everything else the scroat has bought.


  20. Go to that match and you’re as big a ******* as Ashley is and you deserve everything you get.


  21. Prediction-The week of the Arsenal game club will announce it is very close to being sold.Supporters will cancel the boycott,then obviously nothing will happen.FCB has zero intention of selling.Including free advertising hes making more in 2 seasons than than the 350m he would receive if he sold.I have a season ticket which I paid for in full in Feb.I am writing that money off and will boycott every game until Ashley goes.All fans should do the same in my opinion.He doesnt want anempty stadium as proved when he fabricated a fake take over deal when there was a boycott arranged in March.


  22. Paul you are a true supporter. Try to get your money back as you are not going to attend. There must be a legal precedent to this end somewhere, have a word with a solicitor.
    To all those bla blas who say ” I have supported for x many years,” I say I have supported this club since a boy in 1952. I would dearly like to see an end to this creatures reign in my lifetime. That is why I am chucking it in, unless a miracle happens and he goes.


  23. @Paul you going to cancel your SKy/BT/ boycott the pub that shows live matches as well or you just gonna feed the biggest income for cashley ? He doesn’t care about the fans lmao if they go or not he cares about the 100+ mil he gets from the tv money. The sooner people realise this and stop paying for it he’ll be here forever.


  24. ~damn phone missed bits out the last part should of read – The sooner people realise this the better otherwise he’ll be here forever.

    Why isn’t there an edit function come on olly get with the times 😛


  25. What is an empty stadium going to do for the morale of the players have any of you thought about that before this so called boycott it is not their fault that they have a guy ( FCB), that is a leech that is why I am going to the game to support the players but have said I will NEVER buy anything from any of his outlets or at the stadium again but please don’t call us traitors, brown noses or anything else derogatory until you come to your senses and realise that the players need our support more than ever and having an empty stadium is not going to help them.


  26. The “commenters” have referred to those who refuse to boycott with the following language;
    Sheep; MUGS; brainless morons; Fucking traitors; weak feeble people; ashley brown noses; cowards; cowards (again); Brainless idiots and sheep; Morons; brainless Muppets; a *******.

    Sadly this shows the intelligence, or complete lack thereof, of a small (very small) minority of the fans of this great club.

    If you are in any doubt that you are a minority go ahead with the boycott. See how many empty seats we can see. But don’t come back with the “there’s going to be a takeover” garbage like you did when you chickened out at the Wolves match, because you knew your impact would be so minimal as to be embarrassing.
    How many fans turned up for the great revolution meeting last month? 250?
    Let’s pretend all were season ticket holders (and we know they weren’t) 250 is probably about 0.7% of the fans who turn out for every game. As I said. Small minority.

    If you can’t even accept for one minute the viewpoint of the greater majority of fans without being abusive then it’s probably best that you do cancel your season ticket, or boycott the matches, because you’re the kind of fans nobody else wants there anyway.

    As for those who say boycott, or cancel and can remain civil, we hope to see you back there later.


  27. If Ashley had anything about him he would put Sports Direct stickers on every seat in the stadium.

    Then when the boycott brigade don’t turn up they are actually giving Ashley more “free” advertising.


  28. @Porkpie – cancelling your subscription takes not a single penny out of Ashley’s pocket.

    Sky and BT have already agreed their 4.5 billion for the matches, and regardless of who pays what now, Ashley’s cut is pretty much guaranteed for the year.

    If it makes you feel better, fair enough, but I don’t think Ashley’s worrying about it. You might as well be paying and watching the matches.


  29. This is hilarious!

    On one side we’ve got fans saying ‘boycott the home matches’, but they’ve already paid their season tickets so it doesn’t affect Ashley’s revenue. In with that lot are the ones saying don’t buy a season ticket, and their tickets are immediately snapped up by those on the waiting list.

    On the other side you’ve got people saying don’t pay the TV companies to watch the matches, but the TV companies have already bought the match coverage, so that doesn’t have any effect on Ashley’s revenue either.

    You might as well stand on your kitchen table wearing a tiara with a Sunderland flag up your arse, humming the theme tune from Game Of Thrones for all the impact it will have on Ashley’s personal wealth.


  30. @big Archie you missed the point completely. Fans don’t shop at SD or any other of his retail outlets as it gives the horrible man cash but quite happily pay one of the biggest revenues he has whilst slagging other people off. Bit hypocritical ,….. Just saying.


  31. The boycott has to happen. It’s not about the money Ashley does or does not make regarding tickets, beer, food or whatever else is purchased. This is about sending a message, making a statement. Around the world people will see an empty stadium that is regularly full to the rafters. They’ll want to know why the boycott and which its against. The negative publicity will be crippling for this money grabbing, modern day Fagan. It’s only one game. It has to happen.


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