Richard Keys makes laughable Saudi/Staveley claim, predicts takeover twist & slates Benitez

The script is nearly complete and you could have put your house on it.

Less than 24 hours after Martin Samuel wrote a very curiously selective article about Amanda Staveley’s recent takeover attempt, another of Mike Ashley’s media “pals” is attempting to score some PR points on behalf of the Sports Direct owner – Richard Keys.

Watch below as the disgraced ex-Sky Sports presenter makes another desperate attempt to stay relevant, calling Staveley a ‘self publicist’, laughably claiming that the prospective buyers shouldn’t be haggling if they have so much money and predicting a ‘surprise’ twist could be yet to come:

Richard Keys is universally disliked amongst Newcastle fans, and his recent comments, like Samuel’s, smack of yet another journalist conveying Mike Ashley’s annoyance that he hasn’t got his desired amount for selling Newcastle United.

Like Samuel, Keys appears to criticise our would be owners for not digging deeper into their deep pockets, conveniently forgetting that Ashley, a billionaire, has furloughed staff and ran Newcastle United into mediocrity through sporting austerity for 13 years.

“What’s another £20m to them” he says talking about PIF. What would an extra £20m to build a new training ground have been to Ashley, Richard?

Keys also claims that Ashley doesn’t like Staveley because she likes the self publicity is almost staggering. Yes, Staveley felt the need to go public when she allegedly showed George Caulkin proof of her bids after a frankly horrible PR campaign against her from Ashley’s people.

However, has she gone public or given any interviews recently? If it was not for a document appearing on company house, (an action that could legally not have happened without Ashley being informed) would anyone have known anything?

I would suggest, Keys is a little irked that his predictions in cryptic tweets about new owners in the last year or so haven’t come true.

Then there’s his other favourite topic. Criticising Rafa Benitez but let’s not even pay him any attention for them.

It would be worth Staveley re-appointing Rafa just to see Keys reaction.

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5 thoughts on “Richard Keys makes laughable Saudi/Staveley claim, predicts takeover twist & slates Benitez

  1. Keys is a passionate Manure fan, and was hoping they were buying the red side of Manchester instead so tey can compete with Citeh….Unlucky Dick!


  2. Club not sold yet don’t what anyone coming to the club just to make money should only be interested in hard working players who want to play genuine football and earn a honest wage .


  3. Psychotic liar. He claimed Chris Mort, “as Newcastle Chairman” gave him the nod that Shearer was going to be appointed as manager to try and beat relegation.
    However, Chris Mort left in June 2008 and Shearer and the relegation fight happened in April 2009! Someone tweet that to him, the hairy gimp.


  4. What the hell does Richard Keys know about footbal,l never mind the activities of a company he knows absolutely nothing about. Just trying to grab a little limelight – pathetic really. His opinions are irrelevant as is his knowledge of what has transpired. The man is a fool.


  5. It’s always sad when fans let personal hatred write their articles for them, throwing round such claims as “Keys is universally disliked by Newcastle fans” and “Ashley’s pal” whenin fact, in the whole sceme of things they know nothing

    Keys has been saying that a deal will be done for 6 months now, and you have been saying “no it won’t”. You have been saying Ashley will NEVER sell, yet here we are.

    One reply to this article asks “what does Keys know about football?” The man who presents the biggest football show ON THE PLANET, who continually mingles with players, managers and owners. What does he know? Obviously more than us.

    Apart from the fact that you have been very wrong abour EVERYTHING your emotions are driving your writing and as a result you are missing one major factor.

    Keys is employed by the beIN Media Group in Qatar. MBS is the Saudi Crown Prince. Qatar and Saudi have been at each other throats diplomatically for a few years now so isn’t it more likely that it’s a political argument?

    I can’t see how you think what Keys is saying is in anyway backing Ashley. None of it makes sense. You should have a lie down and maybe try one of the red pills before you write.

    Then, maybe you should consider that maybe there is something a bit suspicious about this deal. Ashley, Staveley and the Reuben brothers are all mentioned on the paperwork. So who is not?

    This rampant hatred of Ashley is just so boring these days, and one sided articles are never good.


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