I can’t quite believe what I’ve just heard from Jonjo Shelvey…

Jonjo Shelvey had an absolute shocker last night…up until he curled a 86th minute shot into the top corner to take us to penalties, that is!

He deserves credit for stepping up with a moment of real quality just when we needed it, however his performance on the whole was pretty dreadful. Shelvey barely moved after being beaten to the ball before for Newport’s goal and did little other than hoof hopeful punts up the pitch or go backwards to his centre-backs (who then went long!) when he got a hold of it.

That said, possibly the most alarming thing to come from Jonjo last night was his post-match comments on our style of play under Steve Bruce.

He claims that we would’ve just played long balls had we been playing under Rafa Benitez, stating that Steve Bruce instead has us playing the right way – an embarrassing comment to make given we spent most of last night sat watching us play hoof-ball up to Andy Carroll!

Here’s what he told NUFC TV in a quite unbelievable interview after the game:

“We know that we have got character.

“Going back two or three years ago, we probably would have just tried lumping the ball into the box but the gaffer wants us to play.

“We have took a lot of criticism to be fair over the past couple of weeks about not creating enough chances and stuff like that.

“We worked on it yesterday to keep going, keep probing and keep passing the ball.

“I felt we created so many chances and we just didn’t put them away towards the end, we came away with the win though, which is the main thing.”

His goal was stunning, but I’m more stunned by his comments here.

The two clips included in this article may seem conveniently placed to support my argument, however I’m sure most Mags who watched last night’s dreadful display will agree that the football played was pretty atrocious.

Shelvey clearly prefers Steve Bruce to Rafa Benitez – but that’s probably because he’s allowed to get away with murder under one, yet was disciplined or dropped for lowering his standards under the other.

There’s no doubt he has bundles of ability and I also feel we’d lack that midfielder able to create from deep and move the ball forward if you took him out of our side, however his passive display last night combined with his blind loyalty to Bruce after the game is pretty concerning.

Are we the only ones who are seeing how bad we are to watch?

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9 thoughts on “I can’t quite believe what I’ve just heard from Jonjo Shelvey…

  1. My main recollection of the match was watching the ball being repeatedly TAKEN (not kicked) up the left wing by Lewis and the ball being pushed across the pitch by the back line.

    The only consistent “hoofs” I remember were from Gillespie.

    It wasn’t pretty (especially the first half) but it wasn’t just booting the ball up the park,


  2. It makes me so sad to see the toon like this…not that me and every other fan isn’t used to it. I want Bruce to do well, but I’m just not seeing it. I am not willing to slag him off, but I’m sick of the performances. Im sick of his excuses. And I can only see a manager that is out of his depth. I am no expert. I am no manager. I am just a fan. Could I do better? Probably not. But he should know about tactics and he doesn’t seem to have a clue. We need a young, exciting and tactically able manager. Get Bruce out and get someone like Eddie Howe in. This footall is heartbreaking.


  3. Andy Carroll big out dated cart horse no movement always got hands in air complaining just plods around no skill on the ball and no goals. Yet Bruce keeps playing him, Bruce said we played better in last 30 mins against Newport so why not start with forwards that have pace and skill ie Wilson etc or is that to easy why make football difficult or does he no nowt about football he is out of his depth at SJP. TIME TO GO. He stands on touchline looking lost turning away back and forth looking at his watch must be thinking can’t wait for full time then I can give some bull**** story on how well we played ha ha.


  4. I think they all could play for England, they’re always passing the ball backwards
    What are they practising in training?????


  5. Totally agree with comments on Shelvey. Andy Carroll is treading water, not good enough. Newport were the better team all over the pitch. Worrying indeed.


  6. I’ve never seen shelvey as a central midfielder. He only plays good passes when there’s no opposition player on him, he needs that 3 or 4 seconds which is why he spends most of his game getting in the way of the back four so he can attempt to spray long balls of which 1 in 5 come off. He’s Never on the half turn, doesn’t carry the ball well, and can’t tackle. We need a midfielder who’s demanding the ball even when marked, will dictate from central midfield and allow us to build through the thirds and get forward as a unit.
    While I’m hear ranting does anybody else agree we take the worst throw ins in the league! We are like school kids all running towards the thrower, and never ends up in our possession, or we throw it to shelvey who hook volleys it up the pitch?? …..Eh, Howay, premier League?? More like northern league.


  7. Liverpool wouldnt have got rid if they thought he was a 100% player. He should watch Liverpool now and especially Toon old boy James Milner to see what is expected. No doubt he has talent but it has to be for 90 mins not 20.


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