Nile Ranger lands lucky move after 3 sackings, 10 months in prison & Sunday League stint

Just a couple of years after terminating his contract, Southend have re-signed former NUFC striker Nile Ranger on a ‘incentivised month to month’ contract.

He previously spent two years at Roots Hall between 2016 and 2018, making 49 appearances and scoring 10 goals.

Ranger has had a very underwhelming career – being sacked 3 times by clubs and facing jail time for 10 months charged with money laundering.

The 29-year-old recently signed for Sunday league side AC United – playing in the Barnet Sunday League – but has now been handed yet ANOTHER shot at EFL football with a Southend side in a League Two relegation battle.

He had a lot of talent as a youngster at Newcastle, which Ryan Taylor backed up when speaking to Gallowgate Shots, however it seems he let himself down listening to the wrong people and not applying himself.

“All he wanted to do was go home and play on his Playstation, go on a night out in town and have a fight. How can you control it? He’s a young boy living the dream, and you know what Nile was a really nice kid. It seemed like it just came from people who he’s with on a daily basis.”

I wonder how long until he leaves this club by mutual agreement after letting himself down for some reason. The contract that Southend have game him speaks a thousand words feels like it’s last chance saloon for Ranger – although we’ve said that before and here we are again!

At least he’s honest, captioning his Instagram post #MoreLivesThanACat…

One of the luckiest ‘footballers’ ever?

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One thought on “Nile Ranger lands lucky move after 3 sackings, 10 months in prison & Sunday League stint

  1. “He had a lot of talent as a youngster”

    Are you suggesting he somehow lost that talent?

    How does that happen??


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