Emotional Steve Harmison sends must-watch message to Rio Ferdinand – Nail on the head

Once again a so-called professional pundit rounds on the Newcastle fans. Is it any coincidence that this latest one is an ex-Manchester United player that probably has massive respect for what Steve Bruce achieved at his Club and is likely a friend?

It’s Rio Ferdinand’s turn on the bash the NUFC fans rota and he has said this – “Whether the Geordies don’t like it, a lot of them hate him, but round your money up and take over the club then.”

Absolutely abysmally absurd from someone that has his own house to put in order before he should step into a house and neighbourhood that he clearly knows little about and understands even less.

Here’s what Steve Harmison had to say back to Ferdinand in a brilliant response to his pathetic comment:

Look, I daresay that if someone in our fanbase had the wherewithal, time, money and energy to orchestrate and lead a fans takeover we’d certainly get enough fans interested. However, we know that such a movement would be impossible to rally especially if you consider this.

My hand is up. I’d be willing to invest if a trustworthy and reputable leader/consortium could be found. How much? Well, here’s some figures for you. Let’s say the asking price is still £350m and I was asked to donate £100.

That would just leave us needing 3,499,999 others to follow suit. Unrealistic. Ok then I’ll up my stake to £1000. Then we’d still need 349,999 more to get us the Club. Remember too that for £1000 I’d probably demand a season ticket but then we only have 52,000 seats.

So, let’s ask 52,000 to donate to get the £350m. That would mean £6731 each to guarantee them a seat. But then we have to give away fans tickets and so the price goes up and up. Look, I know this Maths lesson is all pie-in-the-sky but at least I’ve considered it – which is more than we can say Ferdinand has when he throws around his flippant comment.

Is it a coincidence that Ferdinand’s far from flattering or quality clothesline is sold through Ashley connections? I think not.

He’s another one of those pundits that opens his mouth and doesn’t think about what comes out and seems to think getting at genuine people is both justified and funny. It isn’t and it’s not. But my last thoughts on this matter go back to Steve Harmison’s brilliant response on talkSPORT.

Harmy nailed it 350,000,000%! A North East sporting legend coming from an Ashington sporting family of local repute where virtually the whole family played either cricket or football at a high level and in a lot of cases both.

From a hard-nosed Northumberland mining community that clearly does understand it’s people and their need to be part of a community that lives and breathes people and living together in harmony. They know what it takes and what matters.

I know Harmy and have met him a few times. What I know about him is that he’s totally genuine and a real true fan of NUFC. He still lives in Ashington and supports his local community fiercely and his views are well worth listening too and are a much better response to the situation.

Gets the passion. Understands the pain of Ashley’s regime. Is spot-on about local players not being recruited. His punditry is far from lazy and his question to Ferdinand, “do you really want a Premier League without Newcastle?” That deserves an answer!

Harmy I bow to you and your fantastic response where you got it spot-on! One of the 52,000 guaranteed!

3 thoughts on “Emotional Steve Harmison sends must-watch message to Rio Ferdinand – Nail on the head

  1. I appreciate that you are probably only about 7 years old, but if you were older you would be aware of what happened when the NUST was formed, with the intention of collecting money from Newcastle fans to buy the club from Ashley.

    The Trust was put together and that was it – they were going to buy the club!!!
    Their aim was to raise enough to buy the club. But apparently they forgot to include things like running costs, salaries, buying players, stuff like that.

    Turns out they managed to raise just enough for a 6 day caravan holiday in Rhyll, North Wales and a six pack of Stella.

    From the outset, these groups have been completely clueless, to the point that now they are clamouring to jump on Harmison’s bandwagon slagging off Ferdinand, when the Man U legend is actually suggesting that they should do what Newcastle fans have claimed they are going to do for years.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are young and your experience doesn’t go back that far.


  2. Harmison has changed his tune. It wasn’t that long ago he was supporting Ashley and Bruce asking why us fans were complaining. The bloke is a disgrace and it is embarrassing that he’s having a go at Ferdinand who is himself a lowlife. The pair of them should crawl back under their respective rocks.


  3. Steve harmison spot on 100%
    Pundits can say whatever,and do when sitting on the fence looking in.
    Yes I’m a newcastle fan and I’m probably going to repeat what thousands
    Of other tormented nufc fans have said so I’m going to put it out there and say to all professional football pundits or statistics,or even better sky sports Jeff stelling ?,do some archive digging into all possible NUFC business dealings from sponsors to player sales and players bought wages contract length every detail possible since Ashley’s ownership, put together what you find,and see for sure what Mike Ashley has put into Newcastle United,to be honest Mike Ashley is a very very good business man clearly,NUFC is a cash cow (feeder) for his other dealings,if you go back for argument sake 1997 when our club owners splashed and invested in players to the request of their manager,yes the manager not someone on a Dennis wise type role(embarrassing time).
    Club might have been in debt but *** they played football,you score we score 1 more,I think my biggest gripe is when Ashley took over nufc,being a brilliant business man and all that, massive club ready to go billionaire filling the beer pumps in the strawberry,false promises,crazy appointments and ideas,getting fans on seats I feel,just put more love passion money into nufc,you only get out what you put in Mike,fans don’t expect you to have a cheque book the size of man city’s or who ever you woffled about just need to try care show willing,your business sense should be slapping you round the head at the possible opportunity
    When its run bad from the top it only filters down.
    Oh and Rio Ferdinand on a level honestly if you were a supporter of Newcastle United would you be happy with just surviving,paying thousands of pounds a year to watch your loved team have no ambition whatsoever,knowing fine well the owner is still rolling it in and rubbing it in your face every opportunity
    Done ?


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