Mike Ashley now ‘privately confident’ Saudi takeover will be passed by Premier League – Report

Newcastle chiefs are ‘privately confident’ that the Saudi-backed takeover will eventually be given the green light by the Premier League, according to Football Insider.

The new report claims that the governing body’s hostility towards the £305m deal has recently cooled, stating there is hope behind the scenes that a takeover could be completed as early June.

Football Insider state that a ‘well-placed financial source’ has informed them that both parties remain committed to the deal and that optimism over a positive outcome has risen in recent weeks.

It had been mooted around Christmas time that we may hear something in February regarding the arbitration hearing, but with two months now passing, the end result in all of this has remained unclear.

The club are currently embroiled in legal proceedings with the top flight as it looks to push through a £300m deal it believes was unfairly blocked by Richard Masters & Co.

The situation has gone quiet – which could be positive rather than negative news – as the emphasis has been placed on Premier League survival; something that can only help the current deal.

Most fans will be bored of the tiresome takeover rumours and would rather not read about them, but one thing is for sure, the deal clearly remains very much on the table and a verdict will be delivered one way or another somewhere down the line.

5 thoughts on “Mike Ashley now ‘privately confident’ Saudi takeover will be passed by Premier League – Report

  1. They said themselves last year it was no longer commercially viable, this is all about compo for Ashley and to sell season tickets,
    Gayle given a three year contract, Murphy to be offered the same tells you everything you need to know
    Wilson and maxi replacements already here


  2. Which company is buying NUFC exactly because the one PIF set up was dissolved last year. If a purchase is happening in June they better get their skates on … but oh no, it isn’t so no point setting anything up.


  3. Im a nufc supporter and have been for 45years i have to say richard masters if it was a london club the deal would be done (fact) look at chelsea ❓


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