Lee Charnley set for meeting with Richard Masters & 13 other Premier League clubs – Sky Sports

According to Sky Sports, the Premier League will hold a meeting with the 14 clubs not involved in the European Super League to gain their views on the breakaway proposal.

The virtual meeting – set to take place tomorrow – will be chaired by Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, with Newcastle United MD Lee Charnley set to be present.

Crucially, the meeting will NOT involve any of the clubs involved in the European Super League – those six being Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.

As Sky Sports’ Bryan Swanson explains below, it’s said the talks will looking to gain views from the 14 remaining clubs in order to determine what will happen next for those who’ve turned their back on the EPL:

It’s already been reported that Newcastle United ‘strongly oppose’ plans for a breakaway ‘Super League’ and you’d like to think that view will be shared by all 13 other clubs in tomorrow’s meeting.

The Premier League must stand firm and come down hard on the clubs pushing for this power grab threatening to ruin football for fans up and down the country, with the billionaire owners involved driven by nothing but greed.

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3 thoughts on “Lee Charnley set for meeting with Richard Masters & 13 other Premier League clubs – Sky Sports

  1. Masters is just now realizing what a fool he is and how he has been used like a tool and played by the big six. No doubt he canceled the Newcastle sale because of urging by the greedy six probably being told they would not pursue a ESL among other assurances. Now he realizes the snakes they are and the double dealing they will do behind his back as they make deals every which way only to still push forward on the down low putting together this farce super league.

    Masters is a damned fool and so are the UEFA negotiators for a revamped champions league to have trusted these vipers. These $nakes only see more $$$$ and will backstab or obliterate anyone in their way to earn them.


  2. Masters and the other greedy vermin like Ashley getting left behind by the box six only now feel a smidge of what the average fan has felt for years!


  3. GET A GRIP – they aren’t on about leaving the Premiership (!!??)

    It’s JUST leaving the Champions league = it’s just about money AS WE’LL trying to stop this!

    Then we have BBC Pundits waffling on about it’s all about money = what Hippocrates = they are fleecing the public (everyone including fans and elderly people)

    Get rid of the BBC should be the politician’s first concern AS THEY are only getting involved for votes to continue stuffing their pockets and claiming back TV Licences, Extra houses that they don’t give back at the end BUT sell the London properties and keep the ££££££££££

    Look it’s just the CHAMPION LEAGUE – BBC Press wagon misleading Public


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